Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Carenado 1900D Released!

FSX/P3D. As a huge fan of the Discovery Channel's "Flying Wild Alaska" television series which is no longer in production, one aircraft I am looking forward to flying between the growing collections of Alaskan airports is the Beechcraft 1900D in development by Carenado. I absolutely loved the PMDG 1900C and D aircraft in FS9 and it's about time this bird made it's debut in the FSX/P3D world. Carenado is up to the task of developing a larger range of aircraft and this beauty will make a very nice edition to the collection. Here is the latest update!

New Milviz Beechcraft King Air 350i Screenshots!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. If there is one turboprop aircraft I'm particularly looking forward to, then it's Milviz's upcoming Beechcraft King Air 350i. Milviz's 350i VC will feature a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21™ integrated avionics suite, and, with its ability to operate out of runways shorter than 3.000 feet, is bound to be a new favourite for 300–600 NM trips.

Bandwidth Warning! 37 High-Res Prepar3D v2 Screenshots!

Monday, December 30, 2013

NLS To Resume A380 Production!

FSX. Hot on the heels of an apparent ongoing fraud situation, NLS have stated that they have resumed production development on their A380 project canceled earlier this year. This should come as warm news to those who were looking forward to this project. Hopefully this time, the team will have the means to see it through to fruition. ADX will keep you posted on it's development as always. Here is the official statement:

LatinVFR San Juan 2014 Preview!

FS9/FSX/P3D. That's right folks! LatinVFR's next destination is Puerto Rico! 2014 is already getting off to a good start and it isn't even here yet! It's been a very long time since we had a decent TJSJ San Juan scenery and i'm going way back to ImagineSim's version completed years ago. These are very welcome previews to me and I am very much looking forward to making this a prime destination next year. Check it out!

ADX FirstLook: Orbx Fairoaks!

P3D. Digital serenity. If I could come up with a better terminology to best describe the quality and environment Andreas and Heiko has created here, it would still be an understatement. Sure, we are here to fly. But sometimes a scenery comes along that is so good, it is almost just as satisfying to walk around, sit on a bench, listen to the sounds, and watch the world go by. The attention to detail and accuracy is right on par with what I have come to expect from the guys at Orbx over the years and Fairoaks hit's the nail right on the head of what I consider to be the "ideal" GA airfield. Come along with me to an area just outside London and discover a prime destination that is as fun to look at as it is to fly into. We are off to Fairoaks! Bandwidth Warning! Lots of digital photography inside!

QualityWings 737 Classic Now In Development!

FSX/P3D. Do not adjust your picture, what you see is real! Announced just moments ago, QualityWings has officially announced the Ultimate 737 Classic Collection to their future product lineup! Now you might be asking, will it be good? We'll based on QW's previous performance regarding quality, the answer is a "no-brainer" it will be good. But the icing on the cake? This is the resumption of the Enigma Simulations 737 project and I am not surprised. After all, the Avro/Bae project was rescued by QW from another development team. I am personally excited to see the Enigma 737 project continue and there is no better team than QualityWings to see it come to fruition! Great news!
ADX>>Our top news!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Orbx Vernonia!

FSX/P3D. He is the youngest and one of the most talented developers in the business. He started out merely curious about FS deveploment and when another developer took him under his wing, he flourished. From there, he joined and contributed to the success of OZx and the rest is history. Or is it? You see, his internal demand for a higher level of quality became far more than the level of what OZx produces. Driven by his own internal passion, he set out to develop his first payware product with highly successful results. So much so, that for his next development he joined Orbx in an effort to ensure his next project would be better than ever. And it is! I am talking about the venerable Misha Cajic from Down Under. He is 15 and he is incredible. Come with me up to the state of Oregon where I explore his latest masterpiece, 05S Vernonia Municipal Airport! Bandwidth Warning!

Milviz KingAir 350i Update!

FSX/P3D. With the exception of Carenado's 1900D in development, the 350i is likely the most highly sought after Beechcraft by flight simmers. Lucky for us, Milviz has set out to meet the demand and based on the provided screenshots thus far, this is one impressive looking bird! Here are the latest shots on this one! Try not to drool... I know I did...

ADX FirstLook: Sim720 Inverness And Stornoway!

FSX/P3D. With the 2013 Christmas holiday nearly over, I can finally try and get back to work. There were several releases in the past week and we are scrambling to cover them all. So much work, so little time. Today, I head back up to Scotland to get a look at Sim720's latest 2 releases: Inverness and Stornoway. With the former of the 2 being their best release this year, my opinion of course. This team has hit the ground running with 5 releases just in the past 3 months and several more in the pipeline. So come with me as I hop into my little Iris Jabiru and make haste to Scotland! Bandwidth Warning!

Iris Jabiru J-160 Released!

FSX/P3D. Iris has released the small, cute, yet sturdy little Jabiru J-160. I myself hav been playing with this baby during the beta process and I must say it's a terrific addon! If you are a fan of lite sport aircraft, this should have a home in your hangar. I will be featuring it in an upcoming ADX FirstLook! as my above screenshot shows but till then, head over to Iris and get yours!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Aerosoft Mega Airport Oslo V2.0 Released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Yep, we're still on the ball here and we have news for you that Aerosoft's very latest Mega airport is now available at their Download-Shop. This is most certainly going to be a new favourite Scandinavian destination, even more so at this time of year if you happen to enjoy low-visibility IFR approaches. And best of all, if you own the previous Mega Airport Oslo you are entitled to a 40% discount!

Orbx FTX Global VECTOR Released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Ha! Orbx released the long awaited second edition of FTX Global titled VECTOR and it only missed Christmas by a few days. The fact that PILOT'S are on board as developers is the icing on the cake! Could this be the last big release before the end of year? We are all over this one and it's downloading as we speak so look forward to our coverage during the weekend. For now, head over and check it out! And yes, the P3Dv2 installer is included. Great stuff!
ADX Update>> Animated Comparison GIFs Added

Christmas Holiday Sales!

[FS Sales] This post is perhaps a bit late, but even though it's only Christmas Eve, developers are just now rolling out sales! There are so many going on, it can be difficult to keep track of. We will do our best to track all of them. Be sure to read the terms and conditions on each website. Simply click the images to go to the developer websites and let us know if we have missed anything! Get cracking! Time is running out!
ADX>>Keep checking for updates! More deals added!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Carenado B1900D Update!

FSX/P3D. I was truly hoping this baby would be ready by Christmas, but clearly Carenado have different plans. Will it be a New Year's Day release? Hmmm... in the mean time, the team is showing off the night lighting system, exterior and very impressive main VC panel. Have a look! Hope all of you are having a great holiday!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Orbx Kenai (PAEN) Municipal!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Shortly before rushing out the door yesterday, I managed to take a whole bunch of screenshots of Russ White's latest masterpiece, Kenai (PAEN) Municipal Airport. I apologise in advance for any anomalies you may detect, since I no longer have any add-on scenery installed in FSX or Prepar3D v1 and had very little time, I used Prepar3D v2 exclusively for taking the screenshots for this article.

Bandwidth Warning! 67 High-Res Prepar3D v2 Screenshots!

Milviz Bell 407 Released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Firstly I wish to say Merry Christmas to everyone! As D'AndrĂ© has already pointed out, we're going to be doing our best to continue to provide you with news and updates over the holiday season. 

One of the most anticipated helicopter releases of this year is surely the outstanding Milviz Bell 407. The Bell 407 is an Allison Model 250 powered multipurpose light utility helicopter, with an advanced four-blade main rotor and is basically an updated 206-L4 LongRanger IV.

Stargate BELL AH-1W Released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. By now, we all should be aware of Ares51 Simulations. Over the last several months, the Area51 team has been promoting Stargate Studios HK which is a company aimed at developing simulator addons and games accorss several platforms. The company has just released their first addon, the BELL AH-1W Super Cobra. For $10 bucks, be sure to stuff your stocking with this bad boy! Their next FS aircraft will be the C-141A Starlifter.

FSPilot Magazine Issue 9 released!

FSPilot has released issue 9 featuring 158 Pages of reviews of the latest add-ons and freeware. Is Prepar3Dv2 worth a migration from FSX? The guys cover that and much more! Check it out and enjoy a nice holiday read!

Happy Holidays From AirDailyX!

It's been an amazing year full of incredible addons. If there was any previous thought from anyone that this hobby might be slowly dying, 2013 has certainly showed us it's not. We have seen lots of new developers arrive, many current developers massively improve their skills and quality, and clearly, you are spending your money! It's hard to imagine our hobby is growing much these days without boxed products on store shelves, but ADX has seen major growth and as long as the people want us, we will be here! Thanks to all of you who have shown your support over the past year and on behalf of the guys here, ADX wishes you all a warm Holiday and we look forward to an even more prosperous 2014 full of amazing FS fun! Unless you're using P3D, then I wish you a great year of learning... lots of learning! wink.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Orbx Kenai (PAEN) Municipal Airport Released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. If you've been dreaming of flying over Russ White's very latest Alaskan masterpiece for Christmas, then your wish has just come true, Kenai Municipal Airport is now available. And in the spirit of Christmas, Russ is currently offering a 10% discount to purchasers, so hurry while this offer is still valid.

AES 2.34 Released!

FS9/FSX. Everyone in the development community is working super hard to get things out by tomorrow! It's crazy the number of releases we are seeing right now. So much good stuff, so many choices, so many Dollars, Euros, and Pounds...choose wisely! In the mean time, there is a new version of AES now ready to serve your aircraft for departure! Grab it and have a safe flight! 

QW Avro/146 Service Pack 4 Released!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Just when you thought these guys were done! The QualityWings has just released Service Pack 4 for the QW Avro/BAE146 series aircraft. To top it off, the Avro is now on sale for the holidays! Great news all around! Be sure to get your update! Thanks to ADX reader Jens Cassel for the tip!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Russ White Shows PAEN Kenai Release Trailer!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Well if all those stunning screenshots that Russ and Iain posted weren't enough already to wet our appetite, Russ has just posted a release trailer showing off his marvellous scenery for Kenai Municipal Airport. With full winter season support built-in, this really is going to be absolutely amazing whatever time of year you choose to fly at.

Orbx Fairoaks (EGTF) Released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Hot on the heels of Orbx's 05S Vernonia Municipal Airport release, Orbx Fairoaks (EGTF) Airport is now available too! This is the first EU airport developed by Heiko Glatthorn and Andreas Hegi. Fairoaks is set in the beautiful English countryside between Chobham and Ottershaw in Surrey, England. The airport is mainly used by light aircraft, some of which are operated by its two resident training schools - Synergy Aviation and London Transport Flying Club, and as a maintenance airfield. Orbx's EGTF also models the well-known McLaren Technology Center, which is just a stone's throw away from the airfield and features its own heliport.

LH Simulations LHBP 1.2 Now Available!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Just in time for Christmas, LH Simulations have released v1.2 of their magnificent rendition of Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport. This is the long awaited update that brings full support for both Prepar3D v1.4 and Prepar3D v2. We also have good news for all of you that do not yet own a copy, LH Simulations are offering a 25% discount right now, meaning that instead of EUR 20 you can get this stunning scenery for only EUR 15, a total bargain!

FS Global VECTOR Availability Update!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Many of you are probably wondering why Orbx's website is showing a SOON! for Fairoaks and Kenai airports and nothing yet for FS Global VECTOR. I've just received an update from Stefan at PILOT'S in Austria, the developers of FS Global Vector. At present it looks like PILOT'S will be wrapping up their side of development by December 26 at the very latest, with a planned web-download-release of FS Global Vector on December 27 through Orbx's usual eCommerce download channel.

Berlin Brandenburg update!

FSX/P3D. As we start Christmas and begin the wrap-up process for 2013, I would like to remind our readers that there is already a great and plenty to look forward to in 2014. One area is in the Mega Airports category with FSDT Houston, FlightBeam with Denver and an unannounced airport, FlyTampa with Toronto, Copenhagen, and Sydney, and of course, the 29Palms/LimeSim Berlin Brandenburg project! The guys have released another set of previews so check them out as we look forward to a new year! Of course, as always, AirDailyX will be here every day to keep you posted!

C7's Heringsdorf 2013X released!

FSX. For those of you who have downloaded and have been using it in FS9, Captain Seven's Heringsdorf 2013X is a stellar freeware project of great quality. We have been following the project since it's first previews and now Volker Wegner has returned to deliver the project in FSX! I'm currently working on several ADX FirstLooks: Orbx IRL, Sim720 Inverness/Stornoway, Wilco TBM850, as well as the latest offerings from Orbx... Super busy on my end, but i'll try to squeeze something in for you all. But hey, why not check it out right now? After all, it's free! And just in time for the holidays!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Alaska Flying Part 1: Bar Hopping.

FSX. Greetings from the Frozen North, and I do mean frozen. This is the first of a series of articles using FSX to recreate some of my real world experiences flying in Alaska. I will be showcasing the fantastic Orbx Southern Alaska region as well as a number of different add-on aircraft commonly used and abused in the real world up here. In this first installment, I'll be bombing around the SAK region in some of my favorite fat-tired bush planes landing at a few random off-airport locations. In upcoming stories I'll do some float and ski flying and some commercial flights as well. So tighten your seatbelts and ride along for some Alaska flying fun. To protect the guilty, names and places may be altered. BANDWIDTH WARNING!

QF757 on sale! We highly recommend!

FS9/FSX. The QualityWings 757 is a terrific product and is loads of fun to fly! Looking for a great virtual stocking suffer? The QW757 is now in sale for a whopping $20 bucks! You just can't beat that! You have till the end of the year to take advantage of this great price so feel free to wait till after Christmas in case you go broke with all your spending!

CLS 747 Classic. It's alive!

FSX. This is without a doubt the longest project in development in the history of Commercial Level Simulations. According to the team, the 747 project is finally on the finishing stages with release around the corner. Will this be yet another Christmas release? We have already seen many releases alraady with more to come. Mind your credit cards folks! Thanks to ADX reader Jordan Shamblen for the tip!

Some More Stunning Orbx PAEN Kenai Shots!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Iain Emms sure is keeping busy posting first and last shots of various projects in the pipeline at Orbx. Adding to the imminent release of Fairoaks Airport, Iain has just posted a bunch of new screenshots showing off Russ White's magnificent rendition of PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport. 

I'm guessing we can expect some last shots of PAEN from Iain fairly shortly too, as the PAEN Kenai product page on Orbx's website is now live as well. This really does look stunning and is surely going to be a very sought after addition to the other airports already available for Orbx's SAK region!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

REX4 Texture Direct Released!

[FS Weather Utilities] We were the very first news site to announce the initial information of REX4 Direct (thanks to our readers for tipping us off) and now the REX guys are back to give us an inside look at the features and the all new GUI interface. A very professional appearance indeed! As more information becomes available we will keep you updated as always. REX4 Direct is designed for FSX, P3D, and P3Dv2. So who is holding out on purchasing ActiveSkyNext? Anyone think it will be release in the next week? Well, for now have a look!
ADX Update>>Released!!

Orbx Vernonia (05S) released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Just in time for some pre-Christmas weekend flying over the Oregon countryside, we have news for you that Misha's newest masterpiece, and his first to be published by Orbx, 05S Vernonia Municipal Airport, is now available!

The scenery includes the entire airport area and is modeled with meticulous detail. The airport is situated in a hilly region, features a runway just under 900 metres in length, and is bound to provide many challenging and fun approaches.

Aerosoft Austria Professional HD - East Released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Just in time for Christmas, Flugwerk Design's Austria Professional HD - East has been released through Aerosoft. Austria Professional HD - East is based on aerial imagery and promises a flying experience over Austria with incredible detail, unfortunately with summer textures only. The scenery features rivers, lakes, streets and railway lines, as well as landmarks such as castles, churches, transmitter towers and power plants for orientation.

Final Fairoaks (EGTF) Airport Shots Before Release!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. The release of Fairoaks (EGTF) Airport can't be far off now with Orbx's final shot wizard, Iain Emms, having just posted a final set of amazing screenshots. We're expecting Misha's 05S Vernonia and this stunning rendition of Fairoaks from Andreas Hegi and Heiko Glatthorn to be released any moment now and will update you once they're available.

RAZBAM SA227-BC Metroliner III released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. The much-anticipated RAZBAM Metro has been released into the wild. If you're into screaming Garretts, here's your chance to get your fix....I know I've been looking forward to setting "speeds high" in this bird. Lots of liveries to get you started, including passenger and freighter versions with separate load managers to sort things out.  Not much more to say about this rig that hasn't been said...just go buy it already. And I know, a bit late on this....hey, we have jobs and stuff, too.

A2A Piper PA-28 Cherokee WIP Teasers.

FSX. A2A has put a couple of screenshots of their WIP Cherokee up on facebook, and it looks like another winner. Now the question is: will it be the 140, 160, or the 180? Maybe all three? Or possibly the rip-snorting Cherokee 235? Lots of expansion possibilities with this. And although it wouldn't be a PA-28, how cool would an A2A Chunky-6 be? The mind is boggled. Please guys, two screenshots are really not enough.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

FlyTampa Vienna (LOWW) Now Updated To v2.5!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. FlyTampa is BACK! Whilst they continue progress on Sydney, Toronto, and Copenhagen, the team is also finding time between projects to upgrade their older products. We already saw a very nice and needed update to St. Maarten and Saba (please update St. Barts guys) and now Vienna is back with its second major update. You may remember the last update when the new terminal was complete. This airport scenery needed new life with LH Simulations' Budapest and Taxi2Gate's Bratislava so close by and FlyTampa has delivered. It feels brand new all over again! So of course you're wondering, what was changed, what was improved? Check it out here then go get it! Thanks to Manuel for the tipoff!

Sim720 EGPE Inverness Released!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. The Sim720 guys are on a total roll! They have released 4 airports under their own name in the past months and AirDailyX is covering them all! Their forthcoming release: EGPE Inverness is making its way out of beta and will be released either today or tomorrow. Have a look at these shots and stay tuned! Also as a reminder, the team still has a few releases in the pipeline via Orbx. Stay tuned for updates on those as well.

SkyHighSim Tivat X Released!

FSX/P3D. Christmas is almost right on top of us and the developers are clearly feeling the pressure of its weight! They are really pushing to get their products out and I expect we will see lots of good stuff between now and Dec 25th. SkyHighSimulations just released their Tivat X for FSX and P3D. The FS9 version was quite good and I am sure this version is much better. If you happen to pick up a copy, pop in and tell us about it!

Metroliner Release Expected Tomorrow!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Yes indeed, it has been a heck of a wait for this puppy, and I have a strong feeling this wait is going to pay off big! Today Razbam announced that their Fairchild/Swearingen SA227 Metroliner III will be released on the 20th of December and you are all welcome to the release party! All of us at ADX are behind on things this month because it's Christmas season. We are all dealing with long hours at work, weather, and of course, spending time with our families. That said, we will do our best to cover all these products before Santa arrives! So many toys!
ADX>>This post will be updated with the release information once available!

Update From Airline2Sim!

[FS Training Utilities] It's been quite a while since we have had an update from the A2S guys. Many of you have followed our live Twitch events showing off this amazing program and thus far, community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! So when exactly is release anyway? What can we expect from the cadet program? Ben and Ron spills the beans and give us all the details. And yes, release is soon!

Russ White Introduces Stunning PAEN Kenai Municipal!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Well this is one heck of a surprise! Russ White, known for his incredibly detailed high-quality scenery, has just posted tons of screenshots introducing Orbx's PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport. PAEN will compliment PAJN Juneau International as the second medium sized Orbx airport for the FTX SAK region, and with the arrival of PAEN Kenai Municipal Airport, the southern Alaskan region will have two substantial bases.

And to top it all, PAEN Kenai is now complete and in final testing, Russ says that we can expect to see it in a matter of days!

Final 05S Vernonia Screenshots Before Release!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. It looks like Misha Cajic's latest masterpiece, 05S Vernonia Municipal Airport, is on the home stretch. Orbx's resident final shot wizard, Iain Emms, has just posted a new batch of screenshots and they look fantastic.

Adding to the already very immersive FTX Global night lighting, Misha mentions that he's added some ambient sounds, so at night, if you sit at the airport with the engines off, you'll hear the crickets softly singing in the background. We can't wait to check that out ourselves!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Supercomputer Visualization Of Global Weather!

This is not specifically flightsim related, just really cool weather related technology. Once the above graphic has loaded, you should be able to see a world map of current wind conditions.

The globe is turnable if you hold your left-mouse button down, zoomable by using the mouse wheel, and left-clicking on any point will give you a reading of the wind conditions at that point. A full-screen version is available at their website.

FS Global VECTOR Ganges Delta And Northern India!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Stefan from PILOT'S has been kind enough to update me on FS Global VECTOR progress and has sent along two screenshots showing the vector data detail that we can expect for the Ganges Delta and Northern India.

Nemeth Designs $9.95 Christmas Sale Week!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. Nemeth Designs have decided to celebrate Christmas with a special holiday promotion week. All of their products, except for the newly released EC-130 B4, have a discounted price of $9.95 until Sunday, 23 December 2013. If you don't already own their superb Eurocopter AS-355 Ecureuil II, check out this short video showing the AS-355 in the French Alps, I can highly recommend this particular helicopter.

Nemeth Designs EC-130 B4 Helicopter Now Available!

FSX. Nemeth Designs have released their latest Eurocopter model, the EC-130 B4. This new addition to their fleet promises the usual high quality and features a detailed exterior and interior model, custom dirt and rain windshield effects, custom effects and animations, night lighting and custom gauges, to name but a few.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Saitek X-55 Rhino is revealed!

[FS Hardware] The Saitek guys aren't saying much about their latest gem due for release but based on the first teaser shot, it doesn't look much more far off that their X65 HOTAS system. I can clearly see the flight stick has a full movable axis and the throttle quadrant although extremely similar, has more buttons and switches on it but that's it. At least on a visual perspective. I surely don't think I will be trading in the warthog for this one but perhaps the X-55 will compliment my current setup and im sure it is a much more affordable alternative for many. After all, I do own multiple flight sticks which enable me to get a different feel for the different aircraft I fly and that Warthog solid metal can sometimes feel awfully cold and killer for something as simple as a  C172. I am excited to see the full feature list and will drop the info soon as it is avail! Check it out!

Challenger 605, I am very impressed!

FSX/P3D. I have been following this project since it was nothing more that a few lines in a 3D program and buy how this flower is blooming and flourishing. With each new preview the Bombardier Challenger 605 project shows more promise and the visuals are spot on. Lots of respect for Ozzman and his efforts and I wish him continued energy and strength as he sees it through to completion. Even the untextured VC early work looks fantastic. As the the exterior, they have been completely overhauled and are now re-scaled to 4096. Nice! Here is the latest!