Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And now my own first impression of Flight!

Where oh where to begin… Well for starters, I have just had my first experience with Flight which lasted about... well, a while let’s just say. I did the silly missions and listened to the instructor chick play her ukulele thing. Honestly, my impression of this platform is simply put. It’s a game. But do I like it? Well, in a word, yes. And I believe it is this feeling of mine that Microsoft was banking on. They are playing on my love for flying, my love that is… for flight.

Can’t wait for Heraklion? Then you can get Heraklion instead to hold you over until Heraklion is released.

FS9/FSX. Simbreeze has just released their version of Heraklion LGIR airport for FSX and very shortly FS9.

Fourth volume launched

FSX. The PMDG's Queen of the Sky, still in the top five hard core liners, will have its fourth livery package. A promise by Terrence and McPhat Studios. The project is launch. Let's hope editors will be less reluctant to give permissions for liveries. Otherwise...   

KDCA ready !

FS9 and FSX. Tropical Sim just sent a last serie of screenshots. Washington DC has now an airport in our FS world ! Coming tomorrow on best simshops...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Almost the day of infamy !

FLIGHT. So Microsoft has finaly released its "FLIGHT" platform, betraying the very first idea the firm developed years ago about simulation. Of course, Airdailyx will not specialy cover this product as this is a toy, a cash machine, fiercely conceived to push aside all the editors who have patiently developed this market. We don't support this product.

Sturup for FS9 ? Soon ?

FSX. (Update 02/29 sorry according to comments, its for FSX. My fault).  Found today, from a forum, this project of Sturup Malmö airport ESMS. I don't speak swedish but i know for shure it's for FS9. Will try to find out a possible release date.

Interesting statement from LH Simulations.

Today LH Simulations has informed us that they will no longer be able to offer us freeware products for the following reasons citing, long work hours, increased costs, products they need to purchase for sceneries etc. WHAT?? That's outrageous!! 

Taxi2Gate’s next stop…

Recently it seems the location scouting from Taxi2Gate is erratic at best. Generally I would expect Cesar to hang out around Central America and the Caribbean. However, ../..  

Monday, February 27, 2012

Another glimspe of Heraklion LGIR

FSX. Emilios, the talented greek developer, has posted another view of Heraklion main terminal on Aerosoft forum.

EDDH-Hamburg. More shots.

FS9/FSX. Screenshot master Rainer Duda has posted a couple more screenshots of German Airports 3 2012 Hamburg. I wonder if these minor updates are the culprits delaying Dusseldorf, Nurnberg etc.  Either way they look good as always. I'm looking forward to the updates.

Vidan Design now working on Saeby

FSX. John has resumed his work on Saeby airfield, in Danemark. As usual, a very accurate and meticulous work...

SkyHighSim is back!

After a very long absence and what seemed like another promising developer gone with the wind, SkyHighSim has returned to the scene with the announcement that their Belgrade LYBE scenery is undergoing the port over process for FSX.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

QW AVRO. Another delay…

FS9/FSX. Lars of QualityWings has confirmed the QW Avro project will not be released this month as previously projected back in December.  

ADX Weekly Recap.

It's been quite an unusual busy week for us at AirDailyX but don't worry! We are here! We have some new FS comics on the way; we are discussing ways to improve the blog, as well as working on the ADX Facebook page. In the meantime, here is a bit of news that went down this past week as we kick back into action to start a new week!

First 3D Automation scenery released

FSX. France VFR has released its first scenery VFR made with 3D Automation's own autogen generator. Haute Normandie is a french region with famous landscapes (Dieppe, Fecamp) and cities of Rouen and Le Havre. Sold on its own website.

Washington National Preview #2

FS9 and FSX. Tropical Sim has posted more shots of Washington DC Reagan KDCA. No specific release date but the work seems promising.

Puerto Vallarta ? A must have !

FSX. Pacific Islands Sim is a well known developer, "specialized" in Pacifica islands. This Puerto Vallarta is a Masterpiece. Incredible progress since their first scenery...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another brillant NGX livery ?

FSX. McPhat Studio is most probably working on an other free NGX livery. But of course, nothing is free. I mean, these guys are working hard to release these marvels. I personaly thank Captain Randazzo ! He will get it.

It’s called Tronco…

I know there is not much news lately. Believe me, Dom and I check daily for updates.  I for one am very excitedly waiting for the QW Avro release as well looking forward to start beta testing LIRF2012.

Looking for the venerable Eugene Heyart.

The guys over at are in the process of completely revamping the classic Otter by Eugene Heyart. I must say, Mr. Heyart has been quite missed in the FS community. This is a guy who brought many freeware aircraft to market that I still enjoy to this day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

And finally... Released!

FSX. Area51 has finally released their AH-64D Longbow Apache attack helicopter for FSX. This was a project announced several months back that just seemed to go silent.

Van’s Aircraft RV-7/7A RELEASE IMMINENT!

FSX. After a long and anticipated wait, Daniel Maher of BayTower Studios has finally announced the Van's Aircraft RV-7/7A project for FSX will be officially released on February 24th, 2012.

PMDG will offer the tutorial n°2 with SP1C

FSX. Captain Randazzo is posting informations about tutorial #2 available with the SP1c soon.

New shots from Eindhoven X

FS9 and FSX. We are eager to test this one, once released, in a few days. Are OryxSim airports some "low cost" airports ? and is it the will of the developer ? Too soon to say.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

And the next airport is... Xiamen

FSX. Pacific Islands Sim has finaly unveiled its next airport, in Chine. Thanks to Mugflyer, the winner is Xiamen ZSAM. 

Last shots from France VFR projects

FSX. The french editor still wand to speed up new releases (2 new each month). Here are some new shots from PHOTO Auvergne (ground textures and mesh only) and some from Haute-Normandie Scenery VFR.

DeVinci is working on Kobe SP2

FSX. Sagga Toure is announcing a second service pack for its freeware, Kobe airport in Japan. Some screenshots here.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coolsky DC-9 : wings

FSX. A glimpse of the Coolsky DC-9 : textured wings.

Miami roars to life!

FS9/FSX. Drzewiecki Design has just posted a slew of new photos of what is rapidly becoming the city of Miami which will include over 1500 custom made buildings of Miami Downtown, Miami Beach, and Key Biscayne. It will feature day and night photoreal ground coverage of the entire scenery area.

And... grounds again !

FSX. Heraklion LGIR early stage : Emilios has just posted some grounds. Interesting to compare with FSDT.

Vancouver : ground textures

FSX. Just a small preview of (very !) high definition ground textures in CYVR project by FS Dreamteam.

Grounds. It's all about grounds...

FS9 and FSX. A good news from Italy. Gianny, author of Naples (Napoli), developer of Parthenosim, has decided to work on Milan Linate. First shots here.

Friday, February 17, 2012

More info about the CRJ NextGen project

FSX. Wilco Pub. has updated its CRJ NextGen page with more screenshots and package details.

Armilla LEGA available

FS9 and FSX.  Martin Lopez  (LB Martin) has just released Armilla LEGA, a military airfield in the South East of Spain.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

More EIDW V2 shots.

FS9/FSX. Now that Darren has released his first scenery, he is moving full speed ahead with EIDW. The latest round on screenshots doesn't disappoint.

EPKK FSX released!

FSX. Finally Stanislaw has completed the FSX variant of his lovely EPKK Krakow scenery. Given the enormous quality of the FS9 version, I just can't wait to see how it looks in FSX. You can also read the AirDailyX review of this beautiful masterwork here:

ASA has uploaded a video : Phuket

FSX. Asean Scenery Airports has sent a short video of Phuket VTSP airport. At first glance, a surprise. Look at the trees...

Next US Cities is L.A.

FSX. LimeSim and Aerosoft next US Cities will be Los Angeles ! Perfect addition to FS Dreamteam KLAX. Release in March ?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New-Zealand Hot test Part 2

FSX. An established know-how in scenery design. The 6th large scenery. Improved technics in trees autogen.

Destination... China

FSX. Pacific Island Sim has finished Puerto Vallarta MMPR in Mexico. Release date before March 1st. If no answer from Oliver Pabst, AES to be implemented in an update. Next destination ? An airport in China !

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

KPHL FSX : 2 more

FSX (FS9 available already). SunSkyJet team (Ian and Shez) has posted two more shots today !

It's called Montreal Pierre Ellliott Trudeau !

FSX and FS9. Fly Tampa, George, has posted the very first shots of Montreal intl. CUYL. And 2 exclusive shots for Airdailyx !

Monday, February 13, 2012

2 shots from SunSkyJet

FSX. The american team is still working on Philadelphia Intl KPHL for FSX, on advanced beta stage (we hope !). Here are two shots delivered yesterday.

Orbx South New Zealand : hot test part 1

FSX. South New-Zealand is another very large scenery. Of course, everything has been customized here, textures, mesh and autogen. But what about airports ?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aviasim Designs debut EDRJ. Release imminent.

FS9. Darren, the talent behind those lovely models that are becoming EIDW V2 has launched his own website with his first release imminent.

Aerosoft / GAP Friedrichshafen. Our impression.

FS9/FSX. 2012 is off to a very good start and today I bring you my third impression of the year. I invite you to join me as we head to Southern Germany this time to a small town near the Swiss and Austrian boarders right on the shores of beautiful Lake Constance.

EPKK FSX. First glimpses.

FSX. Stanislaw has posted the first screens of EPKK WIP for FSX. Soon, FSX pilots will get to enjoy the masterpiece FS9ners have been experiencing for the last couple months. If you haven't already, have a read of my FS9 review of EPKK to hold you over.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


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Friday, February 10, 2012

More news on Miami.

FS9/FSX. Drzewiecki Design. Stanislaw has finally confirmed the Miami city project is very much in progress and it will include both FS9 and FSX versions. What's even better is he is hinting for a FS9 release in a few weeks. I am biting my fingernails very eagerly for this one.

Friedrichshafen X released.

FS9/FSX.  Aerosoft and the GAP team have released Friedrichshafen X. I am very excited about this airport. Stay tuned for my "impression" of this lovely looking scenery in the coming days.
In the mean time, you can find more information about it here:!0,,D12179

Thursday, February 9, 2012

First serious shot of Heraklion

FSX. Emilios (Corfu X, FSDG Djerba X) has posted anothe shot of Heraklion, in Grece.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DC-9 : new details of the VC cockpit

FSX. Coolsky DC-9. Here are 2 new shots from Mcphat studios, who made a lot of cockpit textures. Release target is still 1st quarter according to Espen (Coolsky founder).

Puerto Vallarta slightly delayed but...

FSX. Pacific Islands Sim has slightly delayed MMPR release to include Oliver Pabst AES. 4 more shots droped...

It might be a little old but… A treat.

I wanted to put a quick focus on a little freeware scenery for those fans of Drzewiecki's EPKK. It's a very nice little treat covering the city or Krakow by authors: Lothar Tomczyk, Jakub Mista, and Artur Apryjas .

RSDT announces Bucharest Baneasa.

Just a mere 5 miles from their previous project LROP2009, Romania Scenery Design Team has begun work on the much smaller airport Baneasa.

Bae146 versus Bae146 ?

FSX. Now it's Quality Wings turn to show some new previews of its own Bae146 ! Is it a war ?

CLS British AErospace 146. Glimpses !

FSX. Commercial Level Simulations shows off more pictures of its Bae146/avro.

Frankfurt Hahn : last previews

FSX. Aerosoft has posted more shots from Hahn airport (EDFH) near Frankfurt, a mid-size platform for low cost no frills airlines.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cirrus SR22 revealed !

FSX. Carenado is announcing a new aircraft : the Cirrus SR22. First shots published.

Akesoft Hondarribia : thrilling terrains

FSX. The spanish team Akesoft (Valencia, Lleida../.) has just posted new screenshots of San Sebastian Hondarribia LESO. We have already discovered the airport and terminal. Here are some photoreal ground textures around the bay.

A smile during a sad moment…

As some of you may know, Malev, the flag carrier of Hungary recently ceased operations due to debt issues. I do feel for all of those wonderful people who have lost their jobs in this horrible situation and I will truly miss seeing that ol blue nose in the sky. I myself have personally felt the impact of losing a job I very much loved when MAXjet Airways went bankrupt Christmas EVE 2007 as I was boarding a flight from L.A. to Stansted.

Claresholm really interesting ?

FSX. The last Orbx scenery released is an airfield located in the eastern border of NA BLUE Northern Rockies mountains, in the south of Calgary, Alberta. It's free to download but is it good ? Up to you to judge.

And it will be 2nd quarter 2012.

FS9/FSX. Strong words from the man himself. Papa Mir, the mastermind behind FlightBeam Studios has been on hiatus for a while bringing Baby Mir into the world. He has announced he is back on track for a 2nd quarter 2012 release time period. He has also emphasized the new KPHX project is already more extensive than that of his KSFOX project.

Darren is on a roll…

FS9/FSX. The modeling of Eiresim EIDW V2 seems to be moving along rather swiftly. Keeping in mind the busy schedule of Mr. Terry Smith, leaves me to wonder the length of time it will take him to texture the work once the models are completed.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

QualityWings Avro RJ roars to life!

FS9. QualityWings has released a new video showing the Avro RJ APU and engine startup and shutdown procedure. The primary feature of the video is the engine sounds. Not bad! What really took my focus was the control panel where the doors, wheel chocks, etc. can be controlled. And the fact that they did not set the parking brake.

Flylogic Lugano : a whole bunch of new pictures

FSX. The swiss team, designer of Sion and Switzerland Pro X, will release Lugano in March. Expect high price due to a strong overevaluated Swiss Franc. But Lugano is a charming airport. Much more screenshots have been published here.

FLIGHT, February shots....

FLIGHT. Microsoft Studios have posted 5 new screenshots of FLIGHT. Still stuck in Hawaï ! And you are going to pay "Microsoft points" just to unlock more hawaian islands !

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Futur Mega German airport ?

A few months ago, i was looking for this airport in Berlin, Shönefeld. It was just 2 runways and a small terminal for low cost airlines, mainly. Apparently, Google Earth and GeoBasis have updated their imagery...

Interesting exchange between Mathijs and Umberto.

AES/GSX. There are some very interesting comments between Mathijs of Aerosoft and Umberto of FSDT regarding AES and GSX. As I obviously don't want to take anything out of context, we'll simply refer to the link. Some very interesting comments from both sides indeed. I just hope in the long run, the situation can be simplified and the two products will benefit simmers better as a whole.

An update from Captain Randazzo...

FSX. PMDG's CEO, Mr Randazzo has posted an important update on PMDG projects. First shots of B777 project to be unveiled end of this quarter. A new project launched for  X-Plane, (updated) PMDG will not develop aircrafts for P3D due to legal considerations. And most of all.. A new project launched... the Douglas DC6B CLOUDMASTER.

ZULS on final

FS 2004. Skysoft is publishing more screenshots of Lhasa Gonggar Airport (IATA: LXA, ICAO: ZULS). Release imminent or so.

Drzewiecki Design EPKK: Our impression

FS 2004. I am honestly excited to finally share what I consider to be not only the highest detailed airport ever to be released for FS2004, but also my favorite airport release of 2011. I won’t so much as call this a review or hot test. We’ll just say it’s my extensive impression.

Simaddons de-icing : an update

FSX. Ralph has updated the de-icing procedure and animations for some of his airports. Voices are now guiding you to the pad and you can even use different type of fluid ! Welcome in frozen land..

QualityWings shows off a couple sexy 787 liveries.

It's surely seems busy over in the QW SIM hangar with the Avro project and extensive 787 in development, it's nice to see them drop us a bone every now and then.  These are just a couple of what I am sure will be many liveries for this high tech bird. Will we see release this year? I sure hope so.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Drzewiecki Design going to Miami??

I recall the nightmare last year of a developer promising us a Miami city scenery that never came. Now it perhaps seems that maybe Drzewiecki Design is heading to America? Once before Stanislaw brought to life a dead (or should I say completely new) project that so many were waiting years for. Of course I am talking about the Bruk freeware EPKK.

Flylogic's Lugano airport : first glimpses

FSX. The swiss editor, Flylogic, has published the first screenshots of Lugano LZSA, near the italian borderline. Perfect for General aviation and bizjets, risky for a small liner.. (runway 4000 feets).

First shots from Eidhoven X

FSX. Florian Firmin (OryxSim) has just published its first screens from dutch airport Eidhoven EHEH. Take your time Florian  and surprise us !

And more about Phuket

FSX. Two new screenshots from A-A designer.

South East Asia for 120 bucks

FSX. With the incoming Ko Phuket airport, flying in South East Asia will be the nice place to be. From Bangkok to Singapoure, Phuket to Phnom Pehn, Six airports are waiting for you, eight if you add Yangon and Wattai Ventiane.

Friday, February 3, 2012

France VFR Rhone-Alpes North : Our own screenshots

FSX. The french designer has released a "must have" if you wish to fly over France and french Alps. Swiss Geneva surroundings ? Chambery and Annecy ? The Mount-Blanc ? If this rings a bell, PHOTO Rhône-Alpes will impress you. Unless you want to wait for the whole pack with 3D Autogen and all promised stuff...

Phuket : A great picture

FSX. Asean Airport Scenery has posted a thrilling screenshot of Phuket aiport (VTSP). Seems almost ready !

It's Orbx and it's.... free

FSX. CEJ4 Claresholm is released.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Having FS issues? Now there appears to be a solution.

Let's face it. Regardless of what runway you depart on be it FS9, FSX or X-Plane we all have had nightmares with our flight simulators. Avsim among other developer forums are continuously inundated with queries from frustrated simmers encountering problems with their simulators. Ultimately, the best available resources are the forums where desperate frustrated individuals seek responses to their problems in hopes that a knight in shining armor will ride over the hill on a white horse with the answer.

Aerosoft launches ASN. Uh… What?

Today Aerosoft has launched ASN, short for Aerosoft Sim News. This is a new page in which Aerosoft will keep their readers up to date with developments in the community including products developed/published from competing companies be it freeware or payware.  Hmm… now I wonder where they got this idea...

McPhat Studios new PMDG 747 shots

FSX. A battery of new screenshots from the PMDG B747 vol.3 package. Probably a few days now from release.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freeware Spotlight!

FS9/FSX. Every now and then there comes a treat so nice it becomes difficult to pull oneself away from it. This time I am referring to the new and beautiful freeware scenery from LH Simulations.
Pécs-Pogány 2.0

We’ve been Hopen for Hagen…

FS9/FSX. Now we don't have to hope for Copenhagen anymore! Thorsten AKA " horst18519" of FlightSim Development Group has finally confirmed today that Mega Airport Copenhagen Kastrup is in the works and will be published by Aerosoft.