Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freeware Spotlight!

FS9/FSX. Every now and then there comes a treat so nice it becomes difficult to pull oneself away from it. This time I am referring to the new and beautiful freeware scenery from LH Simulations.
Pécs-Pogány 2.0
  1. Pécs-Pogány 2.0 HOT TEST

At first glance there is one feature that immediately grabs the attention of the eyes. The dense vegetation. Neatly placed around the airport, the vegetation stands out and gives the feeling of a very realistic environment. I could almost see the bugs buzzing about the airfield.

As I panned around my little Bellanca the next thing to steal my eyes were those beautiful and very detailed fields of trees. There is even a slight feeling of nostalgia. At this point, I have already forgotten this is freeware scenery.  As I continue to pan, very nicely detailed buildings come into view. Then I see it. An acrhitectual masterpiece. The terminal building.

Right away I want to get closer. I want to see it. Finally I taxi my little plane from the runway, down the taxiway that parts the field of sparse vegetation to the main apron.
Ok enough, I want to see it up close. I force myself to hit that slew button to get closer. Now my nose just inches off my DELL 30” monitor, I am astonished.

The great level of detail I find is something I expect to pay for from from a developer like Orbix. It’s just that good. Another thing I really like here is the attention to small details like the cars half parked on the curb, the well modeled static aircraft resting in the grass, the glass clear windows of the main building.

In fact, the only thing this scenery is missing is moving traffic. Even the nearby town is presenting complete with cars, power lines and all.

LH Simulations have really outdone themselves here. And to commit all this hard work to give away for free…
I am already looking forward to more work from LH Simulations. It’s great to see new developers on the scene bringing this level of talent.  Wonderful Job!

Want to see for yourself? Just head over to the LH Simulations and get your copy.
5 of 5 STARS!

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Anonymous said...

LH Sims have done a superb job. Go and look at Pecs in the snow at dusk - the lighting is brilliant. Puts to shame those payware sceneries that have one season only!

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