Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Dear readers, dear friends, with D'Andre, we always want this blog to remain human. The more news we post the more we are happy but it's not always possible. And in a few countries, Thanksgiving and "Allerheiligen" or "Toussaint" are long week ends. Tomorrow will be better. Count on us.
Dom Mason

More details of Belgrade Tesla LYBE

FSX. Radoslav has posted two more shots, yesterday and today, about SkyHighSim latest scenery, Belgrade Nicola Tesla LYBE in Serbia. Imminent. Like in Poker, i will pay to see...

"VFR" Alsace released

FSX. France VFR has released its second french VFR scenery developed from its 3D Automation process. This process compiles several layers : photoreal, mesh, custom autogen etc. The first one was Haute-Normandie.

Aviasim : new previews of Saarlouis

FSX. Aviasim has posted some previews of Saarlouis Duren EDRJ. The previous versions has been developed for FS9. These are the first for FSX.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

CT210M CENTURION II released!

FS9. We'll that was fast! Carenado has just released it's latest toy to be ported over to FS9. Many developers have turned their backs, several solder on! Thanks Carenado!

Want to go to Mykonos?

Stand by for the next AirDailyX exclusive contest! 20 lucky winners will receive a 20% discount on Mykonos. The rules are simple: We will post 3 screenshots of 3 separate destinations within FS. The first 20 to correctly guess the 3 locations will get the 20% Aerosoft discount towards Mykonos! Stand by!

Heraklion on the way to FS9!

FS9. ADX Exclusive! Being hailed as one of the best scenery releases this year, the FS9 version of Heraklion is on the finishing touches stages to make it's way into FS9. It looks simply amazing! Just look at these awesome shots!

ONT-2012 FSX goes beta

FS9/FSX. The FSX version of Ontario has just went into beta last week. Still a bit of work to be done but so far it looks great and it takes advantage of all the features FSX has to offer. Great job Shez! Available soon!

Andrea starting airports.

FS9. Andrea, we know this name very well with the building projects sceneries like Milan, Houston, Las Vegas, and Ground Zero in NY. He is starting off small, but if this will be anything like his building sceneries, it's going to be awesome!

Houston? Impressive!

FS9/FSX. These renders look so good I just had to share them. We came across these on FSD and we are very impressed.We hope the lone developer will be able to see it to completion. Perhaps a qualified developer can step in and help out. The models are very impressive.

The NEWER Bangkok.

FS9/FSX/P3D. Here is a couple more of A_A Seneries Bangkok. Still in early stages but you can clearly see the quality surpasses the previous version.

Fun AI from LHSim

FS9/FSX. LHSim is adding more to their ai aircraft pack. Pretty neat!

EDCJ Chemnitz-Jahnsdorf X

FSX. SierraFoxtrot shows off more shots of EDCJ as well as come comparisons from their version compared to the real thing.

Orbx Yellowstone part 1 : screenshots

FSX/P3D. Tim Harris and Alex Goff latest project. Yellowstone KWYS is a really smart addition to Jackson  Hole over the Central Rockies Montains wide region.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Modlin starts to take shape. sort of...

FS9/FSX/P3D. As Warsaw City is likely winding down, we are starting to see some of the major airports included in the area start to take shape.

LYBE close to release

FSX. SkyHighSim team is speeding up the process. Belgrade Nicola Tesla LYBE is on final beta stage and can be followed on their new Facebook page.

Orbx Bella Coola: New exclusive!

FSX/P3D. A few more of these ADX exclusive shots from the British Columbian airport Bella Coola CYBD.

More shots of VFR Alsace region

FSX. Much more screens of the incoming France "VFR" Alsace with 3D automation. Very soon.

And the next destination is...

FSX. RU Scenery Design Team is working to bring Russia to life and they are currently working on UHPP Kamchatka. Nice visuals for VFR flying. Due soon from Aerosoft.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

One word, 3 numbers!

FSX/P3D. And they are: MilViz 407! MilViz is going after the Classic Bell with a passion and we already have no doubt whatsoever this is going to be an awesome feat! Just check out these mouthwatering shots!

Dusseldorf never look so good!

FS9/FSX/P3D. The title says it all. We are greatly looking forward to this airport and a large number of us have been waiting quite a long time. Well never has waiting paid off so good!

Put your bib on!

FSX/P3D. Aerosoft has posted a whole bunch new shots of the airplane the entire community drooling to get their hands on so cover up your keyboards as we nor Aerosoft is responsible do drool damage to your equipment.

Grob is coming!

FSX/P3D. Iris has completed the interior work on their G109B. This baby is on the home stretch!

AviaSim announces Luton.

FS9/FSX/P3D. And then there were three... I recall the thunderstorm when Terry and Conor of Iresim decided to proceed with Luton a while back and a friendship lost with Gary Summons because of it. Not to mention the flame-wars that resulted. Not that Gary owns the rights to solely do UK airports but now with AviaSim now starting work on the airport begs the question: do we really need three? shit.

Taxi2gate Bratislava : Review !

FS9/FSX. Yes, Taxi2gate is one of our advertisers. But wow. Stop it. You have just arrived. This second Slovakian airport (after Kosice) is a great piece. And the team did it in less than 2 months.

New shots of San Diego !

FS9/FSX. Jon, Ceo of Flycay virtual, has posted new previews of Latin VFR San Diego KSAN.

Yellowstone released !

 FSX/P3D. Yellowstone KWYS airport has just been released on Tim Harris and Alex Goff accomplishment. The bushfires is probably not a FireFlow but more of a special feature in this scenery. I think it can be deactivated in the product menu. This is the third Central Rockies montains after Jackson Hole and Longview Ranch.

Orbx unveils Bella Coola

FSX/P3D. Very first pictures of Bella Coola CYBD Airport in British Columbia, Canada, for FTX NA BLUE Pacific Fjords. This is the first series of exclusive shots from Orbx for AirDailyX.

UK 2000 Doncaster : Our own screenshots

FS9/FSX. A mid-size airport near Leeds. UK 2000 has now a real know-how in hangar designing. The runway has not lights at evening (but it's a rather small airport). The terminal (olders and new one) and the aprons are great and include wonderful lights at night. Several static aircrafts. Judge yourself.

My Hat switch is dead !

(Hardware). I am almost regretting my good CH products Yoke. On the Saitek pro Flight yoke i bought l8 months ago, my POV hat switch is already dead. Awfully reacting on the horizontal axe.

New shots of the Victa Airtourer

FSX/P3D. Posted on Orbx forum this morning, new previews of the Victa Airtourer propeller. The cockpit looks 100 % textured. (shots from Paul Van Est and Iain Emms).

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sabre Released!

FSX. MilViz has just released the North American F-86 Sabre for FSX. All you high powered jet-heads, go get it! The quality is amazing inside and out! A must have to a classic military jet collection. And it looks good too!

UK 2000 Doncaster released!

FS9/FSX. We have just heard that Doncaster has been released on UK 2000 website.


FSX/P3D. Iain Emms is toying around with a copy of Yellowstone. Apparently, the beta stage is almost finished. Some of us are still waiting hectically for the "extension" of Siletz Bay too.

Gifts from Mykonos ?

FSX. A recent video about Mykonos X. From Dexter. The video is really nice and it's a good introduction to our tomorrow evening contest. Get ready for a discount!

Visualize HD is back.. in Alaska

FSX. As announced a few weeks ago, Visualize-HD (Colonsay island) wants to design the Alaskan airport Juneau PAJN.  First shots. And they are looking for developers, artists...

New AI traffic for North America

FSX/P3D. Graham Eccleston unveils a new set of AI aircrafts for Orbx North America's FTX regions. New liveries and aircrafts added.

Yes, it's Cook !

FSX. We found out. Next Pacsim airport is Rarotonga Intl NCRG... in Cook Islands. First shots.

FSDT Vancouver : new pictures

FSX. Kappa has posted two more shots of Vancouver CYVR. One screenshot shows the "dynamic" shadows effects on hangars.

Friday, October 26, 2012

All AirDailyX readers need their butts kicked!!

Yes. That's right! If you are an AirDailyX fan, you seriously need your but kicked! And I mean that!

VIDEO! Flight testing around the PNW!

FSX/P3D. Majestic is showing off the Q400 in it's first published video! You gotta check this out!

Real Pros..

[B2B]. I would like to show you something interesting. This is definitely the good way for an editor, even a small one. Aerosoft, for the first time on this market, has launched a dedicated press center, for all journalists and medias. Aerosoft says : we communicate, we want to inform you about our news. Not just a screenshot times to times. Regular communication. And here is a new channel for this. We like !  Those who are not communicating.. are trapped in a cupboard... or dead :)

Pilatus PC-21. More!

FSX. Here is a couple more of the IRIS PC-21 cockpit work in progress.  At this rate looks like this is going to be a very good Christmas!

Zanolli's Porto Alegre updated

FSX. Roberto Zanolli (Brasilia SBBR airport...) has updated Porto Alegre SBPA airport. Quality airport from one of Terra-Brasilis best developers.

Thai Creations Kathmandu released

FSX. Thai Creations has just released Kathmandu Tribhuvan VNKT airport in Nepal. Full test this week end.


FSX. Mathijs Kok has posted what's called the part 3 of preview of the Airbus Xtended. The topic is in state "Close to release" and dozens of new pictures are beeing posted. Visa and Mastercards line up and get ready!

A glimpse of the Twin Otter

FSX. Aerosoft has posted a cockpit view of the Twin Otter. Almost all textures placed.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Centurion CT 210 for FS9

FS9. Carenado has just announced a few hours ago that they are working on a FS9/FS 2004 version of the Centurion CT 210.

Vancouver MORE !!

FSX. Kappa has posted more shots of FS Dreamteam latest marvel, Vancouver CYVR.  Now, question is : what will be the launching song for this town ?

Courchevel under Christmas tree

FSX. Majeras, founder of LLH Creations, a small french developer, is posting many more shots of the High altitude airfield Courchevel (a friend of us, François Dumas, lives there).

Want some Bratislava to go with your Bratislava?

FS9/FSX. Bratislava-FS has just released their Bratislava scenery for FS9 and FSX. Now you have something to pair with your Bratislava-Ivanka airport recently released by Taxi2Gate!

TU204 update!

FS9. More work in progress shots of the upcoming TU204 family freeware. This time on to the night texturing. May not the best looking texture work, but for a freeware aircraft, it's not bad.

Lincoln Park on approach!

FSX. Drew Sikora is showing his first wip shot of N07. Nice!

Christmas Tree Test?

FS9/FSX/P3D. Stan the "Polish Wizard" is doing "Christmas Tree" tests on Warsaw City. This could mean several things, but I hope it means: "beta stage, release before I get my Christmas tree on Nov 1st. Yep, I get it EARLY! More eggnog anyone?

More Q400 to keep you smiling!

FSX. Majestic has pushed out a slew of shots of the Q400 to keep us calm. But the heavy question remains: will it be a virtual stocking suffer this Christmas? Well I sure damn hope so! Santa had better show up this year in a Q400 or i'll be pissed!

Iris PC21 early interior shots!

FSX. Some very nice looking very early Alpha stage interior work in progress shots of the Iris PC21. Even this early on, it's quite easy to tell just how good the quality is expected to be.

KWYS is on FIRE! Really!

FSX/P3D. In what is likely to be one of the most fun and adventurist sceneries we see this year, Orbx shows us some more exciting shots of KWYS in Yellowstone. If you have never been to Yellowstone, all I can say is, it's beautiful! But believe it or not, forest fires are a very good thing and over the last 80 years or so we learned that the hard way. But lucky for us, you, won't that fire get too out of control!

Hermosillo : fuel station

FSX. David has posted two pictures of the fuel station near Hermosillo airport MMHO, in Mexico.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PA36 Interior Shots!

FSX/P3D. Alabeo is now onto the interior phase of the Pawnee PA36 Brave375. Perhaps some of you will use it to put out the forest fires Orbx is starting!