Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nauru Intl airport, in-depth sights

FSX. Graham (Pacific Islands Sim) has posted more consistant shots of Nauru Intl. aiport in Pacifica.

CRJ Nextgen ? As usual with Wilcopub...

Wilco Publishing announced a release of its CRJ NextGen on March 30. But as usual with this editor, release dates are not that important. It's just a way to tease us, make some buzz. So this is another delayed project. They are now announcing a release date in Q2.. How comfortable !

Quality Wings Bae146 : price and details

FS9. New announcement from Quality Wings about the Bae146/Avro project :

Thursday, March 29, 2012

As promised! AirDailyX Exclusive!

FS9/FSX. A very special thanks to Recardo, the soul and heart of LatinVfr, we now can bring you exclusive screen shots of the upcoming Caracas 2012 scenery due for release VERY soon. These may very well be the final pictures we'll see before release. Want more? Click below!

The Polish wizard sheds some light on Miami.

FS9/FSX. Stanislaw has shed a little more detailed information on the Miami project and some of the features we can expect from this massive scenery area. It's a major undertaking and it's turning out very well. Read more to find out what he had to say about it and what we can expect.

Caracas 2012 AirDailyX exclusive.

FS9/FSX.  The masterminds behind LatinVfr has just released some new photos of Caracas2012. But only AirDailyX has exclusive screen shots released to us directly from the developers that you won't find anywhere else. Stay tuned for these screen shots! We will have them posted shortly.

((-D')) AirDailyX

MilViz 732VC!

FSX. I think these pictures simply speak for themselves! I want!!

QualityWings BAE-146 in action!

FS9/Later FSX. The guys at QualityWings have released a new video of some of the features we did not previously know about. Have a look!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

But when will we get Blagnac??

FSX. AST Tech has just release their Toulouse photoreal scenery. After their successful Brussles, Lyon, and Madrid photo scenery, this is sure to be a hit. All it needs is autogen and the Airbus Toulouse Blagnac airport!!

Prepar3D just got affordable

P3D. Lockheed Martin has finally decided to let us little people in on the magic and for the low price of $49.95 why not?? Now AirDailyX will soon start reviewing and posting on P3D.. because we can afford it now. It's called the academic license but, we'll just call it the finally it's affordable license.

Vidan Design - Saeby released

FSX. Vidan Design has released Danish Airfields X Saeby airport for FSX. A quality scenery indeed...

MilViz 732 previews

FSX. Still having trouble deciding on what B732 to buy? These latest slew of the MilViz 737 livery screen shots should help...

CLS BAE is awake

FSX. CLS has finally presented some new preview screenshots of their BAE 146. Actually, they posted these about a week ago under the radar of their Facebook page. Is it me? Or is the nose section a little too aerodynamic looking for this aircraft?

Angle of Attack: Hydraulics preview

FSX. Angle of Attack has just released a preview of what clearly is another great project video demonstrating the workings of the PMDG NGX. This is a must have for those who take the NGX seriously. This time, they focus on the hydraulics.

New SkySim military transport

FSX. SkySimulations has released their newest product featuring the C-9A Nightingale, C-9B Skytrain II, and the VC-9 vip Tranport...

St-Louis airport : 3 more

FSX (still no indication on a FS9 version). Cesar from Taxi2gate has posted three new screnshots of the large Lambert St-Louis airport in Missouri (KSTL).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another KMIA

FS9/FSX. Drzwiecki Design is still working on its Miami City, that will include a "lite" Miami airport. It will be easy to swap between this one and Latin VFR's KMIA. As says Stanislaw, Miami City is targeting the city first.

Swanson W6, surroundings and night

FSX. Alex Goff and Aaron Myers have posted new screenshots early this morning. It seems Swanson will be released prior to Monroe. Now, what are we expecting ? Some news of airfields projects for Central Rocky Mountains !

News from Devinci Team

FSX. Another screenshot of Seattle Tacoma KSEA and a better looking website...

FlightSim Labs unveils...

FSX. Lefteris Kalamaras has posted several screenshots showed at the 10th german simulation in Munich. External.. internal.. a festival.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Twin Otter -300 model

FSX. Aerosoft has posted this morning some 3D models of the -300 version of the Twin Otter, that will be also included. A special care will be done to the shared cockpit this time, since the developers have more informations on this feature.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Enigma... Still alive.

FSX. Enigma Has released an update for their upcoming 737. The renders look good. Very good.

FS Global Ultimate - Asia, Oceania released!

FSX. Pilots FS Global has released the final part of the global series for FSX. Go get it!

A talented developer you may not know about...

FS9/FSX. Twentynine Palms Scenery Design is a fairly new developer on the scene known for their preview developments on FS Developer. The quality of their work is simply outstanding to say the least.

Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.2 released

FSX. For you fighter pilots out there, here is a nice freeware S.2 for you!

MILVIZ - F-15E released

FSX. For you fighter pilots there, here is a nice payware F15E for you!

VancouverPlus for FSX V3 Beta

FSX. Another preview of Vancouver+ for FSX has been released by Jon Patch.

A2A and the P-51H

FSX. First shot of the P-51H from A2A.

Nuremberg preview

FSX. Daniel Procheese and Pere Duran have released a shot of the first ground work of their rendition of Nuremberg.

PMDG B777 external views unveiled

FSX. Thanks to B. Randazzo who sent pictures to AVSIM yesterday (from the 10th German Simulation conference), the first external shots have been unveiled.

First progress status at Seattle

FSX. Devinci Design team has posted two similar screenshots of taxiways and lines. The ground work stage seems well advanced now.

Swanson airfield to exhibit SnowFLow

FSX. Orbx has created the product page of Swanson airfield (2W3). For the first time, an airfield will show the new SnowFlow feature, that is managing snow layers on home rooves. The project is in "late beta".

Saturday, March 24, 2012

PMDG 777 : first shots !

FSX. On Avsim forum, first shots of the PMDG B-77 have been posted.

France VFR now working on PACA

FSX. The french editor speeds up the process now and is almost ready to release PACA Photo scenery (Rhone-Alpes South already released).

Another project from P.I.S.

FSX. Pacifica Islands Sim will  release a mystery airport right before the chinese project Xiamen (ZSAM). This "mystery" airport is in South Pacifica,  is 95 % complete and will be released in April

Phoenix airport in advanced stage

FSX. Flightbeam has posted a few more screenshots of Phoenix Sky Harbor KPHX (thursday night).

Lockheed Martin launches P3D Academic

Lockheed Martin has launched a special offer for students. / Version 1.3 released. More and more editors are now offering FSX and P3D in the same package.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lionheart DA40 in progress

FS9/FSX. Bill of Lionheart is progressing well on his current project, the DA40. Another fine product coming from Lionheart!

FSDT GSX 1.3 released

FSX. FSDT has just released GSX 1.3 that is a lot more than a simple update, it includes several new features, objects, liveries, animations, and more...

KSTL lookin good!!

FS9?/FSX. Taxi2Gate is progressing well into their KSTL project and the latest posting of screen shots do not disappoint! Looks like it just might be ready before summer!

UK2000 Leeds 2012

FS9/FSX. Gary, the venerable talent behind UK2000 has announced Leeds Bradford for release later this year.

A-4F Skyhawk sneak peak

FSX. Virtavia has released a few screen shots of the classic A-4F Skyhawk for FSX. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Simaddons Winnipeg : hot test

FSX. Simaddons has previously released Winnipeg on pre-paid mode. This is the full version. Terminal, textures and grounds reaches the average-good standard of quality but Simaddons calls this "premium" scenery. I am disappointed by the lack of details and hope an update...

Rome Fiumicino 2012

FS9/FSX. Quite a few were worried about the Rome Fiume development progress. I got an email update from the developer late last night. The project is very much still in progress but delayed (despite having no published release date) as DreamFactory Studios has moved to a new office location in Sweden.

Virtualcol Jetstream released

FS9/FSX. Virtualcol may not be the best aircraft maker for FS but they do indeed make very good aircraft. I personally own their Cessna T303 Crusader and I am very happy with it despite lacking some features. This one i'll be adding to my purchase list.

Aerosoft announces next project!

FS9? / X-Plane? / definitively FSX. The wizard of Aerosoft, Mathijs Kok has finally decided on Van Nuys (KVNY) airport as the next internal project.

Cityscape Canberra in advanced stage

FSX. Maurizio Giorgi is showing off a whole new set of pictures of Cityscape Canberra, a heavy project, launched more than a year ago. Specific autogen and mesh of course.
-> And this morning, Orbx makes the buzz with an enigmatic project to be unveiled next month.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Latin VFR Caracas : new amazing pictures !

FSX/FS9. Ricardo Morillo has just uploaded many more shots of Caracas SVMI, capital airport of Venezuela. Slope runway ! hundred of jetways !

LHPR Update

FS9/FSX. I am a growing fan of LH Simulations and i'm pleased to see the continuous development previews of their latest works. No LHBP yet, but I am patient.

Cheap enough to say "Phuket, i'll buy it!"

FSX. Jtanabodee has finally released Phuket for FSX which will be a nice stop gap between Bangkok and Singapore. We are unsure if there will be a FS9 version. It looks great and for the low price of EU 14.28, Phuket, why not?

BDO Aviation, very good but...

FS9/FSX. BDO Aviation is a young Indonesian team. Talented, dedicated to FS sceneries, they already designed many freeware airports for FS9 and are launching their first payware scenery, Djakarta for FSX. However...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Miami City : new images

FS9/FSX. Stanislaw Drzewiecki has posted three new shots of Miami City from altitude.

Classic screenshots of the DC-9

FSX. Coolsky (DC-9) and McPhat Studios (PMDG B744 UHX liveries) are posting more screenshots of the DC-9 classic project.

The Twin-Otter a bit more detailed

FSX. Mathijs Kok has posted three shots of the Twin-Otter DHC project this morning. Next one will be all dressed with liveries. No info on the VC state of development.

PeopleFlow next generation in Monroe

FSX. Monroe Firstair W16 will include many PeopleFlow 2, capable of specific animations. Here is a glimpse.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rhone-Alpes PHOTO Vol.2 released

FSX. FranceVFR has released another wonderful photo scenery and it doesn't disappoint!

Macau freeware released. Well, well, well...

FS9. Syamsani Shamsuri best known for his endless pages of aircraft repaints and a few photoreal mesh scenery uploads has released his first airport/city scenery and it looks very good! Those who know me are quite aware of my fondness of FS9 and it's always exciting to see little gems like this pop up from time to time.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

EIDW V2 is moving along...

FS9/FSX. Darren appears to be finished modeling the terminals for the upcoming EIDW V2. Now all there is to do is wait for Terry to texture the work and finish the ground work among lots of other things. At this pace, i'd assume a release by maybe late summer/early autumn?

And another baby from the Empire of the sun..

FSX. Thanks to a tip from Silverbird, Aerosim (japanese designer of sceneries and aircrafts)  has published more screenshots of their Boeing B787, with VC cockpit.

Prague is coming baby!!!

FS9/FSX. A large number of us has been waiting for a solid payware LKPR scenery for years! Well, it seems the wait is just down to about 4 months and the developer has been confirmed. That's right, it's a quality developer too. And the developer is...

Current road map for TropicalSim

Carlos Pereira of Trpoical has stated on their forum that the current products in development are the completely new versions of Aruba and Curaçao. But the next scenery expected for release in just a few weeks is...

More from Heraklion

FSX. Emilios is posting four more screenshots of Heraklion LGIR in Greece.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rio de Janeiro : another bunch

FSX. Posted yesterday from Paulo Ricardo, more screenshots and details of Rio Janeiro VFR scenery.

March screenshot !

FSX. It's called March screenshot and that suppose another one in april ! PHOENIX KPHX, so awaited. Thanks to Amir (Flightbeam).

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 airports from Omani ? Rare..

FS9 and FSX. Very good initiative from Oryxsim. Martin Brennecke has just released 2 (freeware) airports from Omani in Middle-west.

We won't land in Riga

It's always interesting to understand what are the developing costs of a new airport. I appreciate Stanislaw Drzewiecki, who just explained today why they won"t do Riga eventually.

Orbx W16 Monroe now in mid-beta

Monroe Firstair W16 has been designed for NA BLUE Pacific Northwest.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

pissing me off... Windows 7

Sorry I haven't been posting last few days folks. Even Dom got worried and thought I quit the blog LOL!!

One word...


In two weeks...

FSX. FSAddon+ never disappoints when it comes to beautiful scenic sceneries and clearly they are aiming to please again, but dont take my word for it.

UKMIL Gazelle AH1 released

FSX. Like anyone in this hobby, I am quite a fan of quality freeware and UKMIL has released another quality freeware product. This time, it's the Gazelle AH1.

Basler BT-67 Preview

FSX. Daniel Procheese had posted some new preview screen shots of the BT-67 in progress. This is going to be a fun ride in FSX for the nostalgic crowd.

FratBros CT4A/B on deck.

FSX. FratBros Design has released their CT4A/B airtrainer.
The New Zealand CT-4A Airtrainer can trace its ancestry from the Australian Victa Airtourer - which is currently in development by Orbix.