Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Simaddons Winnipeg : hot test

FSX. Simaddons has previously released Winnipeg on pre-paid mode. This is the full version. Terminal, textures and grounds reaches the average-good standard of quality but Simaddons calls this "premium" scenery. I am disappointed by the lack of details and hope an update...

Winnipeg (Manitoba) J. Armstrong Richardson CYWG

File : 98 MB
Version tested : V.1.0
Framerate : Very smooth on many computers.
Manual : no... (or very well hidden...)

The bad :

* Halifax base back required, which is becoming a non sense. Since a lot of people don"t want to buy Halifax (nice but far from everything). My advice to the editor : create a base pack, cheaper, but not with this airport. Or maybe Ottawa ! (more central, more possible flights).

* Payment mode limited to Paypal...

* The feeling that the scenery is not finished. Lack of details in the aiport. One terminal has no jetways (possible rework of the building in the real world, but it still looks odd).

* Winnipeg is far from everything. Expect long flights to Chicago, western US coast, Montreal, N-Y.

The good :

* Four seasonal textures.

* Base pack features : mainly the de-icing procedure and some snow effects.

* Good level of quality. Animated jetways.

* Native DX10. P3D compatible.

* Another canadian airport !

Copyright Airdailyx hot test format March 2012

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the reviewer, I live Near Winnipeg and have to say the scenery is very lacking and to having to purchase Halifax to get Winnipeg is deal breaker for me. For that kind of money I can get a ORBX Region.

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