Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gigabytes war : an interesting proof

FSX/P3D. Umberto Colapicchioni and team have run many memory checks to better understand OOMs encountered in some cases. A very interesting diagram here on addons impacts.

 More tests and explanations here :
From these different tests, it appears that there are many parameters responsible for an overload of memory : not only the aircraft, not only a heavy weather, not only REX environment or Ultimate Terrain X (UTX) but also other sceneries/airfields in the vicinity. And it might be cumulative.
Personaly, i uninstalled FSAddon+ Vancouver+ but it's really a personal choice. I consider that Orbx FTX NA Pacific Northwest is quite enough. But i also uninstalled the freeware West Wind from Orbx :)
There are also many FSX.CFG tweaks but these ones should be modified only if no other solutions exist for several reasons (stability, impact on other addons, complexity...)

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Airdailyx test with PMDG NGX, ORBX NA PNW (without West Wind freeware), REX 2.
Windows Seven + 64 bits / Processor I5 / 3,4 Ghz / 6 MB / ATI 1 MB

The UC processor now runs at 100 % at 2-5 nm from threshold.

A curious black area on final landing.



Anonymous said... this sample one can deduce/concluded that
NGX consumes 500MB...whilst CYVR consumes 700MB of memory

Rustam said...

Is it an attempt by ex-Cloud9 guys (Umberto) to prove that CYVR is NOT a culprit of OOM issues (after so many discussions)?!? Interesting... :))))

Unknown said...

I wonder if that black area in the last picture might be caused by running out of memory on your graphicscard. I have a 1 Gb card and given the current discussion on the AVSIM forum concerning the use of 4Gb cards when using highres photosceneries, I', wondering if 1Gb is even remotely enough.

Anonymous said...

More arrogance & excuses from FSDT/Cloud9.

What they need to do is simple.

Ditch the Addon Manager
Quit the pointless gimmicks like dynamic shadows.
Start releasing aiports designed to run in the current fs eco system.

We all know if you ditched those 4096 texture shadows & that virus-like addon manager, these guys wouldn't suffer any OOMs.

Vancouver airport anyone? Please? Aerosoft, Flytampa, hell even imaginesim.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to get rid of that stupid Addon manager? Drives me nuts!

Anonymous said...

FSDT & their useless addon manager has become like Norton Anti virus used to be. Bloated, slow & more of a problem than a actual virus.

Addon Manager isn't needed. Others make better scenery without it.

Anonymous said...

well with complete reinstall of flightsim, and only Airbus and Vancouver installed with very low to modest settings. I've come across either the cyvr or airbus leaks some how, but pointing more towards cyvr.... * cores 4 Max out... Theirs absolutely no reason for this nothing extra no orbx added yet. Simply the Airbus and CYVR for testing purposes... Even with default aircraft cores want to stay maxed and others creep. So I'll keep testing but my prersumtion was it was airbus but this basically confirms that their is leak in cyvr

Anonymous said...

Absolutely !GB is enough, I just reinstalled my P3D. Only added an Airbus and FSDTeam CYVR nothing else. I run and i7-2900 560gtx system all Asus. Never had an issue before and I run a ton on FSX as well. But when at CYVR 4 cores Max out until I can't fly around any more and that's with very low settings which was not necessary until CYVR came online. Thiers an issue here for certain and a memory leak seems to be the issue

Anonymous said...

There's no memory leak. Its simply FSDT's poor use of resources by choosing to use 4096s textures & pointless features like dynamic shadows (which are actually static anyway lol)

Now they plan to screw up the older airports with the same so called technology.
Umberto really needs to have a word with himself.

Anonymous said...

I wish. Addon Manager is malware im my eyes.

George said...

Thought that the high-res texture problem was solved with the TEXTURE MAX LOAD setting in fsx.cfg... Ain't that working or what's its purpose then?

Anonymous said...

It screws up other addons if you mess with TEXTURE MAX LOAD. Its best left at 4096

REX for example. I like my pretty clouds. I'd rather FSDT didn't make me disable them because they can't make airports. Its deeper than just their textures. FSDT have always been sloppy.

Anonymous said...

This has been very interesting to read. Maybe I'll hold off or not buy YVR after all. Maybe I'll stop buying their products all together. I really dislike that the terminal and surrounding buildings disappear during instant replays.

Anonymous said...

you sound like a defiant child or like a typical german oldschool FS developer who totally overslept modern scenery-design.

M. Kok would kill for a perfect working DRM like dreamteam addon-manager :-)

Anonymous said...

If one in 2012 says 1024mb gpu memory is enough he should better play sim-city.

Nearly every top developer who stopped supporting FS2004 is intended to use HD textures nowadays.

It helps reducing CPU draw calls. So you have to reconsider your outdated PC configurations, if you don't wanna get disappointed bout future scenery-development.

Use GPU with 1,5 - 2gb physical memory and find balance between memory usage and texture-filtering.

Btw. it's no secret, FSX still gains performance with pure CPU clock not virtual cores. Todays architcture fits perfectly to get Intel CPUs to 4,5 Ghz without any risk.

Know your enemy (fsx) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Although, I think FSDT should have included options to enable/disable the Dynamic Shadows or other features that could potentially drain performance. I for one have not had any problems with CYVR yet, but there are those who might not get the same results I can draw from my system and tweaks.

Anonymous said...

The feature you mean is already there, force HD uncheck box.

But of course, it would be better to seperate this switch from handling TML in fsx.cfg.

Anonymous said...

DRM is dead or it should be.
M Kok would like it, he's a $$$ Man, that's all he cares about. Although, I doubt he's untrust FS Dreamteam with his affairs & would opt to develop his own.

For the customer, Addon Manager is a virus we do not need. It is bad for legit simmers.

Anonymous said...

Unchecking HD textures isn't a decent solution to this bloated airport design. It will mess up other addons that have been developed by developers that knew what they were doing. Eg. Orbx, Flightbeam, REX, PMDG.

Anonymous said...

Oh Please. We don't need anymore DRM.

Anonymous said...

The force HD uncheck box does not disable the Dynamic Shadows. That's likely where your biggest resource drain is, not necessarily the HD textures themselves. They should include an option specifically to disable the shadows.

Anonymous said...

Addon Manager is a perfect working DRM? Are you f-ing kidding me! Get rid of the nonsense and call it what it is, what everyone else is calling it...useless garbage.

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