Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MilViz Stuka Work in Progress!

FSX. Military Visualizations has released some new work in progress shots of their upcoming Stuka. Everything is looking quite impressive so far! The latest previews include both internal and external captures. Take a look inside for more.

Carenado C90B King Air FS2004 Released!

FS9. Carenado has released the C90B King Air for FS9! Great to see another quality release for FS2004. Hopefully developers will continue to support the older platform although compatible releases are becoming increasingly infrequent. Anyways, take a look inside for some official release screenshots.

FSDreamTeam...90% Houston is Next Airport

FSX/P3D. In a recent forum posting by virtuali of FSDreamTeam, the developer has disclosed some interesting information regarding future plans. Firstly, Las Vegas is likely the next candidate for a makeover following the recent New York JFK update. Next, the developer is currently back to work on GSX. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the next new airport..."90% will be KIAH". See the statement inside.

One Shot - SunSkyJet Detroit (KDTW)!

FS9/FSX. SunSkyJet has released another work in progress preview capture from their upcoming freeware Detroit Metro Airport (KDTW) scenery. The latest shot illustrates progress to buildings and hangers on the northern side of the airport. What can I say, looks fantastic so far. Take a closer look inside.

MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 Minnesota Avail.

FSX. Yet another recent release from MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 - this time, Minnesota State. The developer continues to push west toward the goal of complete USA coverage. If photoscenery is your thing, see inside for some release screenshots...

AirDailyX First Look - TropicalSim Graciosa!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Now for our first look at TropicalSim Graciosa (LPGR). This release includes not only the airport, but photoscenery surrounding the airport, reworked coastlines, terrain mesh, and custom landclass/roads covering the entire island. So my first impression...I like this scenery and think it provides great value for the price tag. Further, I am impressed with the developer’s customer service. See inside for some initial impressions and screenshots.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Gilgit... it's in Pakistan.

FSX. Here comes yet another airport in the Northern Middle East Asian region. So far the surrounding mesh and terrain look quite good and offers another exciting and challenging approach. Don't know how the airport itself will look in FSX given the recent release of the Karachi remake... but so far, looks quite good! See for yourself!

Majestic Dash Q400 : video selection

FSX. The Bombardier 8 Dash 400 designed by Majestic Software (we still know very few about them / how many developers, from where ?), is becoming a large popular success. We are now starting to select for you the best possible tutorials and displays videos.

C90 for FS9 imminent!

FS9. Damn do these bad boys still look good in FS9. Carenado is likely the only remaining payware developer developing aircraft for FS9 and the sales seem to be paying off. There are still many of my fellow FS9 brethren out there and this release is a nice cheery on top of a banana split. Now I will say this bird behaves a bit erratic in P3D but hopefully she is better to fly in good ole FS9!

Another FS Global Real Weather Update

FSX/P3D. FS Global Real Weather has released yet another update - good on these guys for continuing to update their product so regularly! The latest update (Build 35) includes network support, improvements to the interpretation algorithms of weather data, improved weather transfer, and more. See the change log inside.

Uk2000 Luton and FTX England...

FSX/P3D. Gary from UK2000 has posted another shot of his highly anticipated Luton project. There are a lot of concerns as to weather or not it will be compatible with FTX England. The enclosed shot should give you a pretty good idea. This in response to some bickering taking place in the forum between those who do and do not have interest in FTX England. Project officially in Beta stage.

First Renders - Aerofiles Ottawa (CYOW)

FSX/P3D. Aerofiles has released the first terminal renders from Ottawa Airport (CYOW). So far so good although obviously a long way to go. The project is initially planned for FSX and Prepar3D, however, a FS2004 version is possible. Take a look inside for a closer look at the first terminal renders.

The smart move

Credit : Limesim
FSX. Aerosoft has just announced that the Brandenburg EDDB airport project led by LimeSim has resumed. They don't even know when the real airport will be launched so "we have decided to move ahead with the project", says Aerosoft this morning.
We applaude. In a virtual world, you have the right to release an airport any time and FS simmers will be the very first to enjoy this scenery, even before real passengers and pilots. And of course, Aerosoft and Limesim will most probably make updates too.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A first video of G.T.C.

[Simulation]. Aerosoft has unveiled a first video of Global Air Traffic Control.

Possible OOM fix for FSX/P3D.

FSX/P3D. So as I continue to dive deeper into P3D I also am looking for tweaks to make my experience better. Now mind you, I am not messing around with bufferpools and nor am I keen to screwing with my .cfg  files. Now for the most part, I have figured how to reasonably enjoy P3D and various addons and this is mostly due to trying to come out of my FS9 mindset. But one thing I just could not get over was the constant OOM's I would get in P3D. So I tried something I don't think anyone else has thought of. An idea most of you might call stupid. But you know what, for me, it freaking works! I would like to know if it works for you too.

And a small exclusive from FSDG !

FSX. Exclusive shot. Emilios (Corfu X, Zante X), co-founder of Flight Sim Dev. Group (FSDG) has just sent us a small early preview of Kastellorizo LGKJ. The resolution is just... stunning.
FSDG is also working on Thessaloniki

Aviasim stepping down from development

[FS Market]. Aviasim (Leicestershire aeroclub) announces that it is stepping down from development and will close its Facebook page in 48 hours. A lot of us regret a decision that will shrink the number of developers.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

AirDailyX First Look - FSDreamTeam JFK V2.0!

FSX/P3D. Now for our first look at FSDreamTeam's New York JFK V2.0. Let me start off by saying that I did not own the previous version of this scenery so there will not be any comparative type comments. My last FSDreamTeam scenery, Vancouver (CYVR), was somewhat problematic so I was understandably unsure about this release. However, I am actually quite impressed... See some initial observations and screenshots inside.

Propnuts! by AirDailyX

[COMICS] And finally we are back with another exclusive comic for our readers. Comics are sort of our legacy at AirDailyX and it's always fun to look at the real world events that surround our flight simulation community from a different perspective. So without further adieu...

FSDreamTeam JFK V2.0 Released!

FSX/P3D. FSDreamTeam has officially released New York JFK Airport V2.0! This version includes a significant number of new features including 100% native FSX code, DX10 compatibility, extended photorealistic scenery, custom autogen for 115 sq/km surrounding the airport, terminal 4, and much more. There is no FS2004 version for this release. Check out a complete list of improvements and some screenshots inside.

Razbam Sims Metroliner!!

FSX/P3D. Somebody order a Metroliner? Ahh... 2013. The biggest year in turboprops! We are getting many prop aircraft this year and this is another on my list. Razbam is progressing well on the Metroliner project and we are expecting more previews in the coming days so sty tuned!

Imagine Simulation Lower Prices

FS9/FSX. Imagine Simulation has announced lower prices for six older releases. These releases have now been classified as "legacy" products and are available for $15 (USD) or equivalent. See inside for the official statement and a list of current "legacy" products.

Bruxelles Charleroi : more progress

FSX. Manuel has posted more previews of Charleroi EBCI. This is stil a honest to try to design this airport (a Ryanair hub). We are not expecting any soon release.

Skiathos : more previews

FSX. Jerdoo has posted more screenshots and a second video!

Friday, April 26, 2013

here we go again...

FS9/FSX. Well it seems yet again AviaSim is making a decision that will not see completion of a current project under development. So far, the Luxembourg project was progressing well and looking quite good. But... well the latest statement implies the project is being completely scrapped. "... not been cancelled, however we are going to re-make it using different methods..." Well okay then...

Shanghai Pudong !!!

Pudong, as developed by former team Elite-Air, more than 2 years ago.
FS9/FSX. Imagine Simulations has posted an important communication. Airport contest is apparently over. And the winner is...

King Air FS9 : More

FS9. Carenado has just posted more shots of the King Air C90 for FS9/2004. Inside cockpit views!

Video - MCA Designs NA Airstrips Vol.1!

FSX/P3D. Misha Cajic of MCA Designs has posted a very nice video from Flournoy Valley (95OR) - one of the included airfields in the developers upcoming North America Airstrips Vol.1 release. The video depicts a Piper Cub flying around the above mentioned airport. Please keep in mind that any stutters are likely a product of FRAPS. Video link inside.

TropicalSim Graciosa (LPGR) Released!

FS9/FSX/P3D. TropicalSim has released Graciosa (LPGR)! I know many have been waiting for some new product releases from this developer, and the wait is over... Take a look at some official release captures and project specifications inside.

Skiathos nearing the end of beta!

FSX/P3D. Yes! You heard me right folks! The long awaited Skiathos by 29Palms is finally on the home stretch and we just can't wait to get our hands on this magnificent scenery. Lars has already proven himself to be among the elite of flight simulation and this is only his 3rd scenery if I am correct! Plus, one set of exclusive shots remaining - expected in about a week. AirDailyX will have the FirstLook plus a full review soon so stay tuned.

Video Trailer - Aerosoft/FSDG Kastellorizo!

FSX/P3D. Aerosoft/FSDG have posted a fantastic video trailer of yet another Greek scenery project, Kastellorizo (LGKJ)! The project will cover the entire island and release is expected early summer. Greece really is getting spoiled these days with so many fantastic upcoming releases. Video link inside...

AirDailyX First Look - The Airport Guys KEZM!

FSX/P3D. Here we are, our first look at Heart of Georgia Regional Airport (KEZM) by The Airport Guys. But first, a brief tangent - as you may have noticed, AirDailyX has recently started publishing these "first look" articles. The inherent purpose is to provide our readers with some initial impressions and screenshots of recently released products. Our hope is that these articles will help our readers choose what is and isn't worth their hard earned money. Now that my blurb is done, on to our first look at this enjoyable scenery.

MilViz MU-2! The latest!

FSX/P3D. Ah! Finally! More previews on the Mitsubishi MU-2 from MilViz. I was a huge fan of the old FS9 version and I am very excited to finally get a proper quality payware of it in FSX and P3D. Now I am sure MilViz is going for as much as realism as possible but rest assured, I am quite confident the FS model will be much more reliable than the real thing. Have a look inside for the VC renders. Looking mighty good!

Fairchild 24 : new glimpses

A monoplace, 6 cylinders engine, used by US Army Air corps and the RAF in the 30's.
FSX. Lionheart Creations (Epic LT, WT9, Piper Pacer, Robin DR400...) has updated its Facebook page with 2 new pictures of the Fairchild F24W project. Several variants will be included.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Orbx Broome airport : P3D

FSX/P3D. John Lovell has posted a few shots of Broome YBRM from the P3D platform. Almost reaching photograhic quality.

350i and a 350 too!

FSX/P3D. So we already know about the King Air 350i currently in production at MilViz. But what we just learned earlier this week is MilViz is also going to make the 350 after completion of the 350i. Now the last time I flew a King Air 350  in FS was when FS9 first came out complete with that old default model. Needless to say, I am extremely excited about this baby on deck! Check out the latest shot of the 350i VC panel!

And Skiathos, again !

FSX. Can smell the release now... And new shots have been posted a few minutes ago (Work in progress).

The Airport Guys - Heart of Georgia Released

FSX. The Airport Guys have officially released Heart of Georgia Regional Airport (KEZM)! Now that this scenery has been released, I assume focus will shift towards their Baltimore (KBWI) project. These guys are definitely an up and coming development team worth watching. Take a look at some project screenshots inside.

So What Goes Into an A2A Aircraft Develop?

FSX. So what goes into an A2A Simulations aircraft development...evidently, quite a lot! The developer has posted a very interesting picture of a real life research flight for their upcoming Cessna 172. The test flight was to measure drag forces and response - this was test flight number 4. Take a look at the real life test flight photo inside.

Aerosoft (DA) CRJ - New Shots!

FSX. Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft has posted some new work in progress captures from their ongoing CRJ project - specifically, of some virtual cockpit detail. These latest shots actually look quite nice...slowly but surely this project is coming together. Take a look inside for a closer look at the latest preview captures.

Airbus eXtended : video tutorials available

Edited by Roho Production
FSX. This is the kind of initiative we appreciate. Aerosoft has uploaded several video tutorials to help us improve our knowledge and skills on the eXtended version.

Fokker 50 : Lufthansa livery!

FSX. Terrence Klaverweide has posted several previews of the German company livery. To be included in the new Fokker 50 project, lead by Coolsky and McPhat studios. Who knows ? Maybe these two independant team might merge someday to form a stronger brand on the FS market ? 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I love this airport !

[Appetizer]. Back from a trip in Manchester City, i have discovered this airport for the first time. I am impressed by the building design, especially in Terminal 3, that allowes you to catch all aircrafts very easily. Thanks to its large glass walls, you can perfectly enjoy landings and take-offs...and take all the pictures you want, from many angles.


[HARDWARE] FLY Motion - A Russian company that hails themselves as the world's first interactive air combat simulator is showing some extremely impressive videos of their 360 degree full motion FS rig. Now they are using a combat game here, but personally, hook up 2 more screens and it's perfect for FSX. Besides, it already features my Thrustmaster H.O.T.A.S. Warthog. Check it out! I am applying for my Russian visa as we speak!

Orbx Broome (YBRM) Imminent....?

FSX/P3D. Well, Orbx has placed Broome International Airport (YBRM) on the front page of their website which usually means release is imminent. Looking forward to this one, looks fantastic! Broome developer Jarrad Marshall has done some fantastic work in the past, including one my personal favourites, Spokane Felts (KSFF). See some official project shots inside.

Black Box Airbus 330 V0.65 Update...

FSX/P3D. In an attempt to avoid controversy regarding the multiple recent Black Box product updates, I will keep this short and sweet... Version V0.65 of the Airbus 330 X-treme Prologue has been released. More inside.

And Skiathos, a few more...

FSX. Skiathos LGSK is "close to release" according to Aerosoft. Maybe this week-end. A few more shots including some birds.

PMDG 777 - One Shot...

FSX. PMDG has posted an impressive virtual cockpit capture from their upcoming Boeing 777! This project is obviously looking brilliant, not much more to say than that. So is release soon...let's hope! Take a closer look at the latest preview capture inside.

Aerosoft Announces Austria Professional HD!

FSX/P3D. Aerosoft has officially announced Austria Professional HD! The product will be a two part release (East/West) which will cover the entire country in high definition imagery as well as include all important objects. The first screenshots look very good, take a closer look inside...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Black Box A319/A320 Prologue V0.75 Released

FSX/P3D. Black Box Simulation has released version update V0.75 to their Airbus 319/320 X-treme Prologue series. The latest update includes several additions and fixes to various aspects of the aircraft. Existing customers will receive the update via email. See the change log inside...