Tuesday, April 30, 2013

FSDreamTeam...90% Houston is Next Airport

FSX/P3D. In a recent forum posting by virtuali of FSDreamTeam, the developer has disclosed some interesting information regarding future plans. Firstly, Las Vegas is likely the next candidate for a makeover following the recent New York JFK update. Next, the developer is currently back to work on GSX. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the next new airport..."90% will be KIAH". See the statement inside.

The forum posting by virtuali of FSDreamTeam:
"KLAS, most likely, but we are now back to work to GSX, and the next "new" airport (90% will be KIAH) will be released first."

Take it as you will but obviously a very strong hint that Houston is in the future!

See page two of the applicable forum thread - click here


Mason Dominique said...

Excellent choice !
We will support 200 %

Anonymous said...

Misleading topic.
I thought KIAH is already 90 % completed.

Unknown said...

Ok, adjusted.

Todd said...

KIAH is a good choice by FSDT. Can't wait for this one!

Anonymous said...


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