Monday, October 31, 2011

Quality Wings : a video of working 2D panels...

Sao Paulo Congonhas ! Avail !

FSX. Paulo Ricardo has just released the impressive Sao Paulo Congonhas airport (SBSP). An excellent freeware heavy airport. Where to download, here in Terra-Brasilis site.

New Orbx airfields : more pictures

FSX. Update. The eight airfields from Washington State, Australia and New Zealand South will be released soon and until Xmas 2011. New shots here.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New stunning screenshot from Cracovia

FS9 and FSX (later). Drzewiecki Design has posted another shot of EPKK Cracoia (Krakow). Impressive...

PMDG NGX SP1 : check before install...

Just a personnal comment

Update : I just reinstalled the aircraft, followed by the SP1. Everything is all right now, as smooth as before. Installing the SP1 over the several hotfixes was a bad idea.
But, taking a look at PMDG's forum, i saw that some people are complaining about the SP1. Some of them are even experiencing crash to desktop. The SP1 was supposed to fix this. Dom.
New update 10/31 / very smooth aircraft tonight on my last flight from Paris CDG to London city.  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Harvey Field, another airport for Pacific Northwest

FSX. Heiko Glatthorn is showing off dozens of pictures of S4 Harvey Field in Snohomish. The airport is a new addition for Orbx NA BLUE PNW large scenery.

New pictures from Puerto Vallarta

FSX. Pacific Islands Sim is posting new pictures of Puerto Vallarta MMPR in Mexico.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Drzewiecki Design : 3D grass implementation

FS9. The Polish team is giving a few tips about their new way of implementing 3D grass on airports.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The eight Orbx releases unveiled

FSX. On november 1st, the australian company will release :
New Zealand ; FTX New Zealand
USA : Ketchikan PAKT in Alaska, Goheen, Jefferson and Harvey Field in Washington state.
Australia : Moorabbin YMMB, Wollongong YWOL and YBAS Alice Springs.

And more screens from FTX New Zealand

Plymouth airport : an update

FSX. The british team, Southwest Design, is publishing news from their Plymouth EGHD airport.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CLS A330F : more pictures

FSX. Commercial Level Simulations has posted more screenshots from there Airbus 330 cargo version.

Taxi2gate still there ! new shots from Merida airport

FS9 and FSX. Cesar from the mexican team Taxi2gate has posted two new screenshots from Manuel Crescencio Rejon MMMD Merida.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Thank you, Taloux, and happy birthday Airdailyx

Happy birthday to you.... to us !

UK 2000 London City : Our own screenshots

FS9 and FSX. EGLC is a pretty nice surprise just two weeks after the scottish Cumbernauld.
Wonderful bizjets airfield in the heart of London. A B737 can even land there... Amazing scenery with all buildings, hotels in the vicinity.

McPhat Studios 1st PMDG NGX pack : almost ready

FSX. McPhat Studio, the specialized team in livery design has already posted several screenshots from their first PMDG B737 NGX package. Known liveries are Ryanair, Delta, KLM, American Airlines, among others.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Carenado P46T MALIBU : advanced stage

FSX. New shots tonight, of the Malibu from the chilian designer.

FSDreamteam : a short interview on technical questions

I want to share with you these answers from Umberto Colapicchioni, next to L.A. airport release. These have been sent to me last month for a FS mag. Some of these explanations have already been widely developed on their forum.
The questions give you a clear idea of my modest knowledge about scenery dev.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pacific Islands Sim in Mexico

FSX. Graham's team is now working on a mexican airport ! Guess what.

Drzewiecki Design Cracovia : news

FS9 and FSX. More screenshots from the polish development team. Cracovia (Krakow) EPKK shall be released for F9 first in a few weeks, then FSX will follow.

Sagga Toure : KSAN on final

FSX. New screenshots from San Diego KSAN project. Still hard to make a good idea of quality. Wait and see.

Imagine Sim : some news

FS9 and FSX. Cal Lewin is progressing on New Delhi VIDP. Progress have been slower due to some professional contract  with Aerospace industry (!).  VIDP might be released for Christmas. No news about New Orleans airport update.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear friends, thank you much for your messages

I am discussing with some friends designers. If i can find 3 advertisers at 100 $ for 3 months, i can keep on the good work. Time is money. Thanks again. I am also thinking of some other way to publish Airdailyx.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last post...but it was so much pleasure to do this blog !

Dear friends, regular readers, visitors, I have to announce you - with deep regret - that my blog is closing with immediate effect. I am more and more busy on my other life, as a professional journalist, and i cannot spend all the time requested for Airdailyx. After one year, i reached 1 700 pages view/day with some peaks at 2 500 and a total of 230 000 pagesviews. I deeply thank people from USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Netherlands who were my first readers every day.
I have learned many things on internet blog business, i improved my english (hmm not so much !) and got in touch with many high level professionals of the flight sim market.
It's the end of an experience, not the end of everything. You will read my posts times to times on forums and who knows, i might reappear someday.
I want to send all my gratitude to : Taloux (for his great illustrations), Ricardo from Latin VFR, Stanislaw from Drzewiecki Design, Boris Forero, Leandro and Carlo from Tropical Sim, Graham from Pacific Island Sim, Emilios from L.I.F., George and Martin from Fly Tampa, Terrence from McPhat, Laurent from France VFR, Jordi from Akesoft, Terry, Frederic Kabalu, all the good friends who followed the blog and helped me (Silverbird, Sante and so more..). Special thanks to Mathijs Kok, Steve Halpern, John Venema, Umberto Colapicchioni and Miguel Blaufuks (although i don't like Simf** ah who cares..).
Scenery design is a marvelous job and i will always be your first fan.
Dom Mason

 PS : and a special thank to Francois "Navman" Dumas from FSADDON+, who taught me the basics of this business. Let's keep in touch.

Monday, October 10, 2011

New screens from Aerosoft Maastricht airport

FSX. Aerosoft has posted new early screenshots of Maastrich-Aachen EHBK airport.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tunis Carthage X : almost finished !

Tunis Carthage DTTA

FSX. We are now beta testing Tunis Carthage X scenery with Francois (FSADDON+) and Frederic (OrientalSim). This scenery was launched a few months ago, next to tunisian spring. It's going to be the second tunisian payware available for FSX.

3de San Diego : new pictures

FSX. Sagga Toure has posted new pictures of its San Diego KSAN. We are 2 or 3 weeks ahead of release.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bajasim LaPaz : Our hot test

FSX and FS9 (soon). 2nd Bajasim airport. The team works nice and fast. Not always the best chosen colors. Pretty good technical skills though.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anacortes 74S : more airfields

FSX. Anacortes 74S (Washington State) will be released in a few hours, maybe with Skagit in the same time. As usual, a high amount of details and a pleasure for our VFR flights...

Cessna Citation CJ1 + V2

FS9 and FSX. Eaglesoft has just released the FSX version of its corporate jet, Cessna Citation CJ1 V.2.

Bajasim LaPaz landing..

FSX (and FS9 later). Bajasim is ready to send LaPaz airport MMLP to simshops : "our scenery is in it's way to the stores", says the last communique on their forum.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Asean Scenery Samui : Hot test

Samui VTSM, on Ko Samui island, Thailand.

FS9 and FSX. The first payware airport from A.A.S. developer. A quality scenery for a budget price. With Onet's Yangon, that's 2 more sceneries in south east asia.

McPhat futur NGX liveries : comparison

FSX. McPhat studios has put another comparison between the defaut stock kit from PMDG and the high definition liveries they are creating.

I am in a bad mood !

Stop. No more sceneries ! We can't even digest the last ones. Last week, it was Yangon, Kingdom of Tonga, Cibao intl, Samui... And we are already expecting another bunch with Skagit, LaPaz, Cumbernauld, Annecy... It's too bad, since the first three weeks of september were very calm...

Aerosim B787 : some early shots

FSX. The japanese designer has published the very first external views of its B787 Dreamliner.
The team will also release its B777-300 in a few weeks.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mondial Simulation Paris 2011. Pictures !

Flight Simulation. The french Mondial Simulation has just closed this afternoon. Here are some pictures from several interesting booths.

2011 : a massacre

Checkup of the FS9/X market this year. Dead OR dormant companies :

Altenrhein X : preview...

FSX. Alex Brander (Flylogic/Mailsoft) has graciously let us to see some previews of St-Gallen Altenrhein LSZR..

Saturday, October 1, 2011

More and more conversions to Prepar3D

P3D. Tropical Sim is announcing a first update of Porto LPPR (Portugal) to Lockheed-Martin's P3D enhanced version of FSX. Some designers like Orbx are pushing for this new platform.

UK 2000 announcing a new airport

FS9 and FSX. Gary Summons has just informed us of Cumbernauld airport (EGPG), in Scotland, between Glasgow and Edinburgh. With this new GA (detailed) terrain, Gary will try to check if there is a real demand for an airport of this size.

More shots from Alice Springs

FSX. Orbx is posting more pictures of the australian airport Alice Springs YBAS. The main interest of this scenery is its location in the center of Australia.

Hush-Hush Aerosoft

Aerosoft is announcing some new projects while the company is celebrating its 20th anniversary.