Friday, November 29, 2013

A Guide For Installing Orbx Scenery Into Prepar3D v2!
P3Dv2. At the moment it's unclear how soon Orbx will start releasing native Prepar3D v2 installers for their scenery. To my knowledge only FTX Global currently has a triple installer available for FSX/P3Dv1/P3Dv2. Some developers, such as FS Dreamteam and Flightbeam Studios for example, have been quick to update their installers, but with Orbx's extensive scenery catalogue it's surely going to take a bit of time. On top of this, I've noticed some scenery issues with tarmac covering aircraft shadows for example, so Orbx is probably going to be trying to fix these issues before rolling out Prepar3D v2 installers.

A lot of you may be struggling to install all your precious Orbx scenery into Prepar3D v2. Until Orbx updates all the installers, the following guide is a surefire workaround that should work on all current Orbx add-ons that have dual FSX/P3Dv1 installers and will allow you to install them directly into Prepar3D v2 along with an automatic scenery.cfg update.

Black Friday / Christmas deals are here!

[FS Sales] I am sure many of you are wondering which developers will have BlackFriday mega deals. Some developers are already getting ahead of the game with products already marked as low as 50% off! Black Friday sales have already kicked off so get cracking! I'll do my best to keep up with all the sales. However, developers should get in touch with me to ensure I don't overlook anything!
ADX>>Now adding Christmas deals! Stuff your stockings now!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

IRIS - Aviator Series - Jabiru J160 open beta now available!

FSX/P3D. Happy Thanksgiving from Iris (wait, aren't they Australian?!) No matter- the open beta version of their Jabiru 160 is now available for your own home beta testing pleasure.  And if that weren't good enough Iris have it on initial sale for just $19.99 instead of its soon to be regular price tag of $24.99!  So for our American readers, if football isn't your thing why not cruise this around after turkey instead.!

Prepar3D v2 First Trip Report - LFLJ to LOWI!
P3Dv2. I was originally planning on my first trip to be from LHBP to EFHK, but I was unable to get LH Simulation's LHBP scenery to function properly in Prepar3D v2. After looking at the weather and other different options, I decided on a short 270 NM trip from the French Alps to Austria, from the Courchevel (LFLJ) Alitport to Innsbruck Airport.

My goal of this first trip was to be able to ascertain how Prepar3D v2 performs during such a flight when using complex mesh-enhanced scenery, as well as to dispel any notion and sentiment about Prepar3D v2's performance being too sluggish.
Bandwidth Warning! Over 80 high-res screenshots!

Devinci Design release Cagliari Elmas Airport!
FSX. Devinci Design and Development has released their latest product,  Cagliari Elmas Airport (IATA: CAG, ICAO: LIEE).  Italy has always been a favorite area of mine to fly and I think for a lot of flight simmers as well so this should be a popular release.  Cagliari airport is located on the Southern end of the island of Sardinia which makes it a great destination for short regional hops or longer international flights alike.  By my count LIEE is served by over 20 airlines currently connecting Cagliari Elmas not just to the Italian mainland but all of Europe!

First Carenado B1900D cockpit shots!

FSX/P3D. Ah finally! The business end of the B1900D.  Along with the Phenom, I am really excited for the 1900 and for personal reasons.  I have several attachments to the 1900D both real and virtual, and it goes with out saying the Carenado product will do the bird visual justice but...(!) Aside from the now standard Carenado cockpit gadgetry I spy an FMC on the pedestal.  On the top of my personal wish list: ISG integration! Either way, us regional turboprop lovers are making out like bandits lately!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Prepar3D v2 Video: Midrange system Performance tests!

P3Dv2. Okay folks i'm back at it again with another vid showing that you can have reasonable settings with a mid-range system and still get kick ass performance. Many are concerned about the shadow technology and volumetric clouds and their possible effects on performance. Today I am here to squash those concerns and show you that even my little put-put golf cart FS9 rig can produce good results in P3D V2. Just a note, I again choose to use my iPhone as Fraps has a tendency to kill and murder frames. This is also the longest vid  of V2 you will find online at a whopping 24 minutes long! WOW! TrackIR is also working perfectly as you will no doubt notice. Sorry no landing, got a call from my wife at the end of the video... "Yes babe, i'll have the tuna sandwich please..."

Prepar3D v2 Video - Milviz Bell 407 At FSDT's CYVR!
PP3Dv2. This is what I've been waiting for! FS Dreamteam today released their brand-new Prepar3D v2 add-on installers. I also just received the latest Beta version of Milviz's superb Bell 407.

What better way than to fire up Prepar3D v2 with the Milviz 407 doing a short hop across Vancouver International Airport to test the performance and set the scene for an OOM showdown.

Razbam, you're killing me! (In a good way)

FSX/P3D. As some of us literally watch the Metroliner develop in front of our eyes (did you pre-purchase and take part in the beta?) Razbam keeps making sly posts of their EMB120 renders. At fist they were just the basic shape.  The wings, the tail, the props and so on but the team has hardly screamed 'look at these!' whilst posting progress.  Today I just happened to take a closer look at the render and saw the trees for the forest.  Wait, is that how that goes?  I don't think so but it applies that way around in this scenario so let's go with it.  The details have slowly found their way in and this thing is starting to look awesome!

The definitive answer to what Alabeo is working on next...

FSX/P3D. Ok, I like many was thrown off by that preview shot from about a week ago.  You know the one showing a glimpse of that tell tale cowling with those classic tear drop protrusions? We were all thinking it but something about that radial didn't say Jacobs.  Well, be it WIP, or something was off the truth of the matter is that our suspicions were confirmed that we are indeed getting a much need C195 from Alabeo with a new batch of renders released today!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Prepar3D v2 Cloud Surfing! Our Own Video!
P3Dv2. I'm still putting time in and discovering all P3D v2 has to offer. I can't really properly review it until I have fully and thoroughly discovered the inns and outs of the platform. Today I went flying among the clouds! or.. rather, through them. When the guys at Lockheed Martin stated that the new cloud rendering technology was more realistic, it can be difficult to imagine exactly what they mean by this unless you experience it for yourself. I thought it was so cool, I whipped out my iPhone and took some HD video to share with you lot. It is really amazing! See for yourself!

Prepar3D v2 First Impressions!
PP3Dv2. We were pleasantly surprised that Lockheed Martin activated the Prepar3D v2 eStore links well before midnight Eastern Time.
Updated - Orbx CYBD/PNW Screenshots added @ 11:00 CET
Updated - Settings, Shadows, ShadowPlay added @ 19:45 CET
Updated - Default Aircraft, French Scenery added @ 22:40 CET
Updated - No Myth - 60 FPS added @ 17:50 PST

Godzone Wellington in pre-beta!

FSX. We'll it seems as usual, Godzone is working very diligently under everyone's noses! Currently now in pre-beta is Wellington NZWN and the teasers are looking fantastic! A lot of really high quality products coming from this development company. If any of you are interested in discovering Middle Earth aka New Zealand, Godzone is the place to start. Just make sure you get FTX NZNI/SI for best results! And yes, the team is looking very closely at P3D V2 for future developments. Thanks to Sean Karges for the tipoff!

Take the lovely Jabiru home!

FSX/P3D. Starting within the next 24-48 hours, Iris will be opening up the Jabiru as an Open Beta package for those wishing to be involved in the development and feedback phase. This phase will feature the ability to test the Jabiru in both FSX and Prepar3D platforms. It will be sold exclusively on the IRIS Storefront during this time and customers will be able to purchase the Jabiru for a discounted price and be able to take up the offer of assisting the team in its continued development. I think I just might sign up myself! I am personally excited for this little birdie. More info soon as we get it! I'm very glad Iris is on board with P3D!

Alabeo Piper Sport. I'll take one!

FSX/P3D. Alabeo's next toy in production is moving along much faster than I thought. At the current pace, they just very well might get this bad boy out before years end. Obviously, based on the provided screenshots, it's already living up to the Alabeo Quality standard. And yes, that is always a good thing!

P3D V2 QuickShots!

P3Dv2. This is not my ADX FirstLook of P3D V2 or anything of the sort. I have not had much time to play with P3D V2 and I have quite a ways to get things sorted. Bear with me. Till then, Jerome is doing an amazing job keeping the community up to date. E.K. Hoffen is working on some real world SAK stories for the sim and IanG will be along soon with a review of Aerosoft's Sahara. The daily news will continue around all this P3D stuff rest assured. Just from me, during a quick test after install of V2 I took some default screenshots showing the new V2 features. Please enjoy while I continue to work on things.

Monday, November 25, 2013

PMDG Give Green Light For Prepar3D Support!

P3D/P3Dv2. WOW!!! This is the news very many of us have been waiting for, anxiously, feverishly, and now we have an official statement. PMDG are planning to release the following products for use with Prepar3D: 

PMDG 747-400v2.0 for P3D
PMDG 777 Series for P3D
PMDG 737NGX Series for P3D

With Prepar3D v2 having just been released a short while ago, the news could not be better, and just in the nick of time. 

Prepar3D v2 Released!
P3Dv2. The floodgates are open, Lockheed Martin have just activated their Prepar3D v2 eStore links.

I'm not sure just how much their servers are going to be hammered in the next few hours, but so far everything looks good, I'm hearing that speeds are high and rock solid. This may of course depend on your ISP and where in the world you're connecting from.

MSE Ultra-Res Cities: Charlotte released!

FSX/P3D. The entire Charlotte Terminal Control Area which is around 6,500 square miles displayed at 50 cm per pixel is now available from PC Aviator Australia! The realism is simply stunning. You can fly this scenery and it remains clear right down to lower altitudes of around 500 feet. Perfect for helicopter flying around cities as well as cross city shorter flights in light aircraft or for ultra-realism while approaching and landing at a Terminal Control Area in a big jet.This scenery can co-exist with your North Carolina complete state scenery. Place the Ultra-Res city above the state scenery in your scenery library.

Taxi2Gate's next airport! [UPDATE]

FSX/P3D. For those of you that have been purchasing Taxi2Gate products this year, you should be very well aware by now the level of quality, detail, and skill this development company brings to the table. Whether it's the islands of the Caribbean, Mexico City, or the recently released Orlando Masterpiece, it's very clear this is a team that stands among the best. This leaves one question: where should the team head next? Cast your vote now on ADX! Poll is located on the right column. What are you waiting for? Go!
Polling has closed and i'm told the team in close on their final decision. We will update you here after they officially announce the choice via their support forum. Thanks to all of you for your assistance and feedback! It's great to see so many T2G fans in the ADX readership!
Oh wait here it is: LTBA!!! Hope everyone is happy!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nemeth EC130 approaching the deck!

FSX/P3D. I have been wanting a proper rendition of the Eurocopter EC130 for nearly 5 years now and the top chopper team is just about to deliver! And just in time before Christmas too! EC130 Beta tester Bakti Zoltan has been ever so kind to send us some exclusive shots of the final beta and i'll admit, it's looking gorgeous! Lot's of mad respect for the guys at Nemeth. Thanks for all the great addons over the years! Check it out!

Alabeo's next, next project. It's a?

FSX/P3D. We'll I suppose you will have to guess on this one. Alabeo recently announced development on the C172 Cutlass just yesterday and today, they are at it again! As for what they are working on... it's your guess! Thanks to Adi for the tipoff!!
ADX>>Answer inside!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bring me a shrubbery!

FSX. Actually, The Airport Guys have brought trees!  New ones to exact.  They are showing off just a small selection of some nicely detailed custom autogen trees that will be featuring at all of their upcoming sceneries.  The effects are quite nice including not just what is on the branches but on the ground around them.  Have a look for yourself and see what to expect in future projects from TAG!

FTX Global VECTOR's frozen water tech revealed!

FSX/P3D. Will the Orbx magic madness never end? I hope not. Here is a sneak peek at the hard winter frozen water tech for FTX Global VECTOR due in December. Just in time for some winter ski flying. By far the most frustrating part of winter VFR flying in FSX was the unfrozen lakes and rivers. This was fixed with SAK from Orbx but the rest of the world was left out. Not anymore. And yes, you can land wheels and skis on it, and yes, it will work in P3D. Now where did I leave my ice-cleats?

AirDailyX Interview With Wesley L. Bard
P3Dv2. There have been many rumours and much speculation about the features and improvements that Prepar3D v2 will have to offer. Following Lockheed Martin's official announcement that this highly anticipated release is now only days away, Jerome Zimmermann has had the opportunity to interview Wesley L. Bard, the Software Manager of the Prepar3D Program.
Updated - Prepar3D v2 screenshots added.
Imagery courtesy of Flightbeam Studios.
Thank you so very much Mir!

FS Dreamteam And CYVR For Prepar3D v2
P3Dv2. FS Dreamteam's Vancouver International Airport (CYVR) has long been a personal favourite of mine. It is the first and only FSDT airport to feature their innovative lighting system through the use of their Dynamic Shadows Technology. On my system it was also their first airport that gave me almost constant OOMs when running FSX in DX9 and the only airport that would bring my system to a complete halt for a few seconds as all the airport imagery loaded when on final approach.

Carenado B1900D Prepar3D v2 Beta4 Test Shots
P3Dv2. Carenado are continuing work on their B1900D at a feverish pace. They are seemingly working on full Prepar3D v2 compatibility for this release and have posted some test screenshots of this superb looking aircraft in the final Prepar3D v2 Beta version.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Official PMDG Statement About Prepar3D!
P3D/P3Dv2. Many of you have expressed your different viewpoints here about the imminent release of Prepar3D v2 and your utter disappointment about not being able to use your recently purchased PMDG 777 outside of FSX. Many of you have also voiced your unwillingness to make any future PMDG purchases without them having full Prepar3D support.

Robert Randazzo, aka RSR, has today released an official statement on where his organization stands with regard to Prepar3D support and how the next few weeks will hopefully give us all what we have been wishing for.

Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended is now officially complete!

FSX/P3D. It's Black Friday a week early for Aerosoft, apparently. They have completed the Twin Otter Extended package including the -100 series. 11 models total! Wheels, floats, ski, and big wheel versions and different engine/prop combos....something for everyone. Pair this with the just released Seychelles and you'll have island-hopping perfection. If you haven't strapped this baby on yet you are missing out, and it's P3D V2.0 ready!  

Aerosoft Seychelles Released!

FSX/P3D. Wow, that was quick. I just heard about this last week, and Shazaam! Here it is! FSDG has worked their magic on these scenic tropical islands located off the eastern African coast. A perfect match for the Aerosoft Twin Otter, the scenery includes Mahe International Airport (FSIA) Praslin Airport and 14 additional airfields to do your Twotting. Many other features are included, such as saved flights, a geocaching mission, and custom AI traffic. Get your scuba gear and head over to Aerosoft for some tropical paradise fun!

Celestial Team ZSSH Huaian Lianshui Airport Released!

FSX. Apart from Hong Kong, I haven't done much flying in China primarily due to the lack of decent add-on airports. New scenery developers Celestial Team is out to change that and their first release looks very promising. A nice NGX or Airbus flight northwest of Shanghai, ZSSH is a smaller regional airport sporting some nice attention to detail. Notable features include custom animations, detailed terminal interior, and custom light effects. And it's very affordable, get it now at simMarket.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Iris PC-9 renders!

FSX. Iris has been showing some renders of what should prove to be a fun little personal aircraft for us Flight Simmers.  Whether you want something for quick VFR cross country trips, to practice your high precision maneuvers in or just something to hot rod around in the virtual sky with, the PC-9 should have you covered and in Iris quality to boot!  The most recent renders have shown off the undercarriage details but they've also got preliminary VC and exterior shots to gander at as well.  See them all inside!

Oslo looking incredible!

FSX/P3D. Okay now that we have Orlando and with Oslo now on the home stretch, will there be any other mega airports to squeeze in before years end? If not, I am sure Oslo in itself will be quite plenty to keep us all busy! The work is spectacular, here is the latest update!

ADX FirstLook: Sim720 Caernarfon!

P3D. Perhaps best known for their work under the famous Orbx logo, the team that makes up the name we all know too well as Sim720 has begun to trade under their own name independently. With a nice spiffy new office in Hampshire, the team is setting out to deliver an entire line of quality flight simulation products. Thus far, the team has released 3 airfields via their new website. One of which I have already covered (Catalina) and 2 I will attempt to cover now in this latest edition of ADX FirstLook! Oh and grab a jacket will you? The bloody weather in Wales and Scotland was pure crap today and the crosswinds even worse... But hey, this is what we play for!

PMDG 300ER & 200LR/F Update!

FSX. Acording to Mr. Randazzo, the PMDG is close to commencing testing on the first expansion pack for the 777-200LR/F and Trip7-3. There is no release date set at this time. SP1 currently encompasses about 120 changes with ninety of those changes being fixes, tweaks, and corrections from the original release. As for the 300, the core functionality of the 300ER is now present in the simulation and is operational. I am sure pilots would love to have it all before Christmas. I guess you all will just have to sit back and wait! I'm sure it all will be along soon enough! You will find the entire statement on the Avsim home page. No need to worry  about logging in or if you were banned. Thanks to DMac for the tipoff!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Official Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2 Announcement!
P3D. Yes, this is what we've all been waiting for! Lockheed Martin have just updated their website with the official announcement about pricing and a release date of the 25th November 2013.

One of the most noteworthy items is that Prepar3D v2 absolutely requires a video card that is fully compatible with DirectX 11. If your system has no DirectX 11 video card present, Prepar3D v2 will not be able to run! We will continue to keep you updated as this news develops.

New incoming ORBX freeware - EDBH Barth Stralsund!

FSX/P3D. Located near the Baltic Sea, Barth Stralsund will be a stand alone freeware offering from new ORBX developer Thomas Zipfel.  Set to feature all of the tricks and specialties we've grown accustomed to from ORBX you can expect seasonal changes, all the ORBX flows and plenty of vegetation.  It is also crafted to blend seamlessly with the upcoming ORBX Vector products so roads and other vectored terrain features will line up and mesh perfectly!

What qualifies as a good review?

[RANT] I don't know if my reviews are the best out there or even close. But I do try my best with them. I would never attack someone else's review. I know firsthand just how much time and effort that has to go in to such work. It's not easy. A reviewer has to be accurate about their findings. A reviewer has to be honest about the product. A reviewer has to take one's time and ensure that not only is the writing style of quality and interesting to read, the screenshots have to be bloody spot on. Even if the reviewer does not enjoy the product at maxed quality settings, max settings need to be achieved in order for the reader to see the product as it is meant to be seen because let's face it, everyone has different system specs. So what am I going on about? Well, there is a recent AVSIM review about FlightBeam Dulles that should have in my opinion, never been posted.
ADX>>Avsim has pulled the review. Topic closed.

P3D 2.0 wave animation...

P3D. Do I really need to explain this shot? It certainly matches the amount drool I made looking at it... Welcome to the future folks!

Lionheart Creations Avelina Mark II!

FSX/P3D. LHC is showing off some screen grabs of v2 of their ultra-modern Avelina Mark II aircraft.  The futuristic craft features composite construction with a highly efficient wing, radical cowling and electric propulsion!  Inside the luxury car inspired interior seats 4 in comfort while the pilot is situated behind an inoperative instrument cluster providing all needed information in a sleek, creative interface.

Newest project from Alabeo is....

FSX/P3D ...A C172 Cutlass!  Perhaps this may seem peculiar in the wake of the epic A2A 172 trainer but let's stop and think for a minute:  This 172 will be of a vintage that nearly all real world pilots will have had time in and likely feature that old style Cessna panel we all love- you know, the sun faded plastic, faded blue ADI... not to mention a carburetor!  Ok, so most of us haven't flown the retract version, I dare say that a 'vintage' 172 of modern FSX modeling standards is still missing from FSX but the void may be getting filled shortly!

Carenado King Air C90 for X Plane released!
XPL. Though is release is a few days old, I hate to leave our X Plane users out so in case you hadn't seen, Carenado has released their C90 for X Plane.  I can't help but notice that perhaps X Plane versions are maybe not as photogenic as their FSX cousins but the question begs to be asked: how do they fly and perform?  Personally I am on the brink of taking the plunge and trying the full version of X Plane as I am sure others are, releases like this from Carenado can only help X Plane's cause.

More Phenom schemes!

FSX/P3D. As is a Carenado tradition, more previews of some of the liveries to ship with upcoming project have been shown off, this time another round of the Phenom.  So there is no doubt the Carenado makes some of the best looking FS aircraft out there.  I would also make the argument that Embraer puts some of the coolest factory paint jobs on their planes in the business.  In my line of work I see a lot of business jets and I find myself admiring the Phenom factory schemes perhaps more than any.  Put that together with Carenado's ability to produce a gorgeous looking plane and well, you get the idea!

Carenado B1900D update!

FSX/P3D. It's been truly a great year of FS addons and Carenado has certainly been doing their part with several releases this year. The big questiuon that remains is, will they get the 1900D and Phenom complete in time for Santa to deliver? Or will these 2 legendary aircraft become 2014 releases. I am very hopeful. In the mean time, the team has completed the exterior texturing and we have the shots here! Have a look! And yes, Carenado is all over P3D 2.0!

Next Up...Active Sky Next!

FSX/P3D/P3Dv2. According to HiFi Technologies, the developer of Active Sky Next (ASN), this brand-new weather simulation engine is slated to be the the next revolution in weather realism.

The very latest Active Sky installment is now in final beta testing after a 3 year development period, and according to their website, is expected to launch by the end of the year. They plan to offer a free 7-day trial that will allow everyone to try ASN first-hand without limitations. An upgrade will be available too for current and past-version Active Sky users.

ASN will be available for FSX initially, with a P3D version planned shortly after. ASN owners will be entitled to use their product license in both FSX and/or P3D versions.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D V2.0 imminent!

P3D. Ahh finally! It's what I have been waiting for! P3D 2.0! According to Lockheed Martin, V2.0 is now due for imminent release! How soon? Well according to Wesley Bard, head of development, release is positively slated for this month! And yes, it will take full advantage of all 4 cores plus it will utilize resources from your GPU! This is is my opinion, THE next flight simulation platform. But hey, we will personally know for sure soon enough in the coming weeks!

ADX FirstLook: T2G Orlando!

P3D. I will start this edition of ADX FirstLook by saying the following statement: I am very proud of Taxi2gate. The last time this team went to work on an American airport, it was St .Luis and whereas it was good, it was not on par with those we consider to be the legendary developers. You know who I mean. The FlyTampa's, FlightBeam's, FSDT's etc. So when Taxi2gate announced Orlando over a year ago, it was ADX reader comments stating they would prefer one of the above mentioned developers to create the product instead. Knowing what this team is capable of, I choose to stick by and defend them and they did not let me down. And clearly, they have not let down the community. When MMMX was released, people who never bothered to sniff on T2G were eyes wide open and when the first exclusive previews of MCO surfaced on Orlando here on ADX, people gave their full attention. Today, we get a look at just how well Taxi2Gate had delivered. It's Florida, so grab an orange and join me as we explore Orlando!

Milviz's Next Helicopter - The MD 530F

FSX/P3D. As testing with their Bell 407 continues, Milviz is already lining up their next helicopter project, the MD 530F! One of my best flying memories is in this particular machine back in the days when MD Helicopters was still called McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems. I was fortunate enough to visit the factory in Mesa, AZ, and one of their test pilots took me for a flight up in the Fountain Hills area. This helicopter just oozes maneuverability and power, we'll keep you updated as development progresses.

Prepar3D V2.0 Beta: Dynamic Waves Video!

P3D. First the shadows, then the fog, and now the waves! You really have to catch this video! These are the most realistic waves I have seen yet. There is a reason we use the acronym AMSL. This is because the sea level changes constantly as the currents flow. And now in FS, we can actually see the flowing currents and changing levels in the water. 2.0 is going to be amazing. But please, see for yourself!

Time for another FTX Global Vector update!

FSX/P3D. The guys at Orbx are working hard on their FTXGlobal Vector product. FTXGlobal as it is has already done wonders in the sim but there is still much to add. Vector will not only deliver better accuracy and quality, it's also packed with more visual features like frozen lakes and rivers. Really looking forward to getting this. Check it out!