Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Prepar3D v2 Video - Milviz Bell 407 At FSDT's CYVR!
PP3Dv2. This is what I've been waiting for! FS Dreamteam today released their brand-new Prepar3D v2 add-on installers. I also just received the latest Beta version of Milviz's superb Bell 407.

What better way than to fire up Prepar3D v2 with the Milviz 407 doing a short hop across Vancouver International Airport to test the performance and set the scene for an OOM showdown. problems? Exactly! Smooth as silk and in one word...AMAZING! 

Best watched in Full HD:

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Unknown said...

Nice, but no trackir? you're missing out. :)

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Thanks, and no, not yet, but a future purchase is highly probable ;-)

James said...

OK, this is awesome...especially the shadows.

Unknown said...

SO is it worth spending the $200 on Prepar3d V2 and another $1000 fot GTX Titan video card?

Unknown said...

Where do you find the Prepar3d V2 installers?

Jerome Zimmermann said...

That all depends how passionate you are about flying on a PC. You could also buy a really sophisticated radio-controlled helicopter for the same money or a two-week holiday, everyone has different priorities and only you can really answer that question.

If you want silky smooth performance and a graphics card that makes Prepar3D v2 very OOM resistant through the onboard 6 GB VRAM, then the GTX Titan is the way to go. The GTX 780 Ti is meant to be excellent too, but only has 3 GB VRAM.

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi Craig,

You find them here:

All the ones labelled FSX feature the Prepar3D v2 native installer now.

Best regards,


Aaron said...

I think I was most impressed with the flying. Very nice control indeed.

Unknown said...

Great - Thank you :)

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Thanks Aaron, it of course helps to know how to fly a real helicopter ;-)

The Milviz Bell 407 is looking really great at this stage of the Beta testing.

almostatys said...


Amazing video! Where are the hills near Vancouver city from the video?
Sorry for my english!

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi and thanks :-)

The hills are there, just not visible at this low altitude with the haze that obscures them.

Unknown said...

Ohh.. you'll love it. :)

Pe11e said...


I caught myself dragging mouse cursor to the top of the window as soon I saw micro stutters at the beginning. FSX is killing me. :D

Gary said...

Very impressive video!
Just picked up CYVR in the sale!

Todd said...

Save yourself $140 on that P3D purchase and put it towards your GPU. ; )

DAndre Newman said...

He knows, he has personally tried it at my house. Don't think it impressed him enough though...

Unknown said...

Must be nice to get these products free. As a disabled veteran living on a very small amount of money they have all gotten out of my reach. I am just happy with what I got and won't be spending any more money with developers of flight simulation products. The prices have just gotten out of hand.

DAndre Newman said...

Ross, first off, thank you for your service.

Second, if you have much free time and a decent system, you can always consider writing reviews for us. You would be doing the FS community a good service and can enjoy a few products for your efforts as well. And I sure your expriences would yeld a very unique writing style as well.

Unknown said...

DAndre, Let me thank you for the offer and I want to assure you I didn't make the comment to try and get anything free. I have never tried to write reviews and do not know whether I would be good at it or not. I usually prefer to get reviews on products from actual customers who have a vested interest.

I have more free time then I think anyone should have and my system is:
Intel i7-3930k@3.2Ghz (Usually overclocked to 4.2Ghz)
Windows 7 64Bit
16gb Corsair memory
EVGA GTX 560 TI with 2Gig DDR5 memory
Saitek Pro yoke, Throttle, Multipanel, Radio Stack, Rudder Pedals

I truly enjoy this site and think it is the best site to find out what is being released and what company's are working on. I Appreciate the offer and if there is ever anything you want me to help you with just let me know at

I do want to thank you for the time you put in to this site and your professionalism shows by the quality of the site.

Thank You for Listening to me :)

Unknown said...

after buying track ir 5 last month i couldn't fly without it, it's that good, happy holidays

Unknown said...

i am very happy with my gtx 780 myself, more video ram by what i have read is more for spanning across several monitors, 3 gigs of vram is plenty in my opinion

Unknown said...

2 of flight beams airports have native p3d v2 installers, kiad is the only one that doesn't yet

Jerome Zimmermann said...

As D'André said, I tried it at his house and I actually was very impressed. Let's just say I'm watching developments of the Oculus Rift very closely ;-)

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Thanks Gary and you won't be disappointed by CYVR, it is so much more fluid in Prepar3D v2 ;-)

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi Ross,

I'm glad you enjoy AirDailyX :-)

I have the same i7 that you have and it's also paired with 16 GB of RAM. I highly recommend you grab a GTX 780, as it will totally transform your flightsim experience. You have an extremely powerful CPU that is itching to work with a more powerful GPU.

Best regards,


Unknown said...

Jerome, Thanks for the advice but I could never afford one of those. I sometimes wonder if I have my machine tweaked as well as I could but I get some pretty decent frame rates with the way it is depending on where I fly.
If I fly out of LAX then I see only like 24fps on the ground but if I fly out say KMIC here in Minnesota to another smaller airport somewhere I am seeing in the 50's on the ground and up in the 100's at higher elevations.

Scandinavian Dane said...

just in reply to the graphics card thing. I cannot wait to see what the SLI technology does when P3D 2 gets that update. should make use of 2 graphics card pretty well...

Scandinavian Dane said...

hi Jerome,

did the recording cause a drop in FPS? just curious as would be cool to know what FPS you get without the recording software on...


Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hejsan SD,

Fraps always causes a slight loss in FPS, that seems inevitable. That is the great thing about NVIDIA ShadowPlay, no loss whatsoever, but that doesn't work in windowed mode at present.

Allt väl,


Unknown said...

Hi Jerome,

Curious about your GTX 780 recommendation. I have exactly the same set up as both yourself and Ross but with 2 ATI 7870's in Crossfire - I know one on it's own isn't great but I'm hoping for Crossfire support in 2.1 to make the difference. That said I'm itching to know if I'm missing out by not just swapping to a decent 1 card solution. FPS isn't bad but I am compromising on sliders in V2 now and as with everyone, would really like to know what my system could do if pushed!

If my 2 cards in Crossfire are only as good as 1 card then maybe a swap should be made...could always add another good card in SLI/Crossfire in the future I suppose!!


Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi James,

It's long been known that NVIDIA cards had less issues in FSX than AMD/ATI cards. With Prepar3D v2 that may no longer be as significant, but a quick comparison between the Radeon HD 7870 and Geforce GTX 780 shows:

Since there is currently no Crossfire or SLI support, having two cards isn't beneficial.

A one card solution would certainly be the one I would currently choose in your position and I would go for either the GTX 780, the GTX 780 Ti, or the GTX Titan. I personally chose the Titan for my setup since is see the 6 GB VRAM as a distinct advantage.

Keep us posted ;-)

Best regards,


Unknown said...

Grrr...I know you are right - I just compared the 780 Ti and apparently it could be up to 115% better than my 7870. I have a friend who has a computer store here so will see what he has - he may let me try something out - I know he was saying that the Ti is a better shout (value wise and speed wise) that the Titan - particular if SLI support may come in for V2 at some point - in essence for the price of 1 Titan I can get 2 Ti's (probably the second Ti for SLI cheaper if it's a bit further down the line).

I think the 6GB Titan is probably out of reach! Although I am dreaming of what 2 of them in an SLI enabled P3D may do.

I predict that in a week I'll have a 780 Ti haha!


Gypsy Pilot said...

Frame rates, frame rates, frame rates. If your system can deliver a good smooth picture without tears or stutters at fps30 what advantage does a higher frame rate give you.

Additional Vram is more important to me than fps.

I just installed a lowly 7850 w/2 Gbs Vram (200 dollars @ Amazon) and what a difference the additional ram made in my FSX.

Yes, I am still flying FSX because I have such a large investment in scenery and will continue to do so until V2 has been around long enough for all of the bugs to show up and yes I will migrate to V2 because if feel that it is the future of flight simming.

Unknown said... may have been right haha!

I have just installed the 780Ti and just for fun maxed out all sliders and had 45 FPS - memory usage was a bit on the high side as you'd expect but the change was more than noticeable in quality.

I am going to play around with Nvidia Inspector settings etc and see what's what but I am genuinely surprised by the bump in FPS (only thing I've measured) at this stage. With tweaking it's going to fly.

One thing I would say though is that the same applies as before with FSX and 1.4 - complex scenery+complex aircraft+complex weather and sliders in silly land causes an OOM! I did it as a test just now. With sensible settings depending on what/where people fly VAS usage is definitely better managed.

When 2.1 comes out it will have better VAS management and also SLI support - I am seriously tempted to get another 780 Ti when that happens in SLI!

Thanks for your tips - anyone want a couple of 7870's? ;-)


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Could you please tell me if the 407 is fully compatible with v2? It looks in the video like everything is working fine but I just wanted to be sure.

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