Friday, May 31, 2013

The Fairchild almost ready

FSX. Lionheart Creations has now a forum in Flightsim.Com. Many new screenshots of the vintage Fairchild 24C, including cockpit views ! Release imminent.

Staggerwing! This weekend!

FSX/P3D. My hangar is open and ready for my next toy! Here before you are the last and final previews of the Alabeo Staggerwing. Our ADX FirstLook will be coming shortly after release. I'm super excited about this one. No other FS source on the planet brings you more fresh news every day than ADX! Stay tuned!

New Shots - Carenado Cessna Stationair

FSX/P3D. Carenado has posted some new captures from their upcoming Cessna CT206H Turbo Stationair. The developer states "Coming Soon" in the picture album description. As always, the modelling looks excellent. See inside for more...

LHSim Budapest Video! Impressive!!

FS9/FSX/XPL. LHSimulations has just released an Alfa (Build3) preview video of Budapest and I must say, based on what I have seen so far, I am supper impressed. The scenery shows off custom animated car traffic and covers a vast area surrounding the airport. I honestly could go on and on, but you gotta see the video. This airport is top of my list of my list of Mega Airports this year. Enjoy!

Orbx Elstree. Our impression!

FSX/P3D. Well it's about time. Here before you is my very first review that does not include FS9. For me, P3D is all about VFR flying. No fancy NGX for me. At least not yet. So now that I have finally discovered the amazing benefits of sharp crisp landscapes and vistas of low and slow flying, I can finally dedicate my thoughts to the company who pioneered life into the proverbial FS airstrip. I'm talking about Orbx and all its amazing teams of various developers. For my first P3D review, I head over to England and spend some time at the latest Orbx scenery from Russ White: Elstree. This place has the oil in the concrete that is so real, I actually slipped and fell in it. Lest anyone think this is a small review because the scale is small, you would be wrong. I have nearly 130 screenshots in here to Bandwidth Warning those with limited or slow internet. So come with me! We're going to Elstree! 
[Updated with editors note.]

OryxSim Toronto (CYYZ) Still Alive...

FS9/FSX/P3D. After a long period of silence it looks like OryxSim Toronto (CYYZ) is still alive. The developer has released a new development render collage and confirmed the project is still moving forward. Anyways, see inside for project render collage and statement from developer.

Tropical Sim Buenos Aires 2 : First Look

FS9/FSX/P3D. Buenos Aires SAEZ Version 2. For curious reasons, the first version was not available any more after its release, a few years ago. This version is upgrading many textures and includes the glass terminal 2 and new lights.

Ground Work at Azurafiles Vagar (Freeware)

FSX/P3D. Azurafiles Vagar is one of those freeware projects that I think has much potential. The current release is beta and still requires plenty of refinement. Most notably, ground work needs improvement. However, it looks like the developer is finally tackling this aspect of the project with some recently posted captures of runway ground detail. Great stuff! Now, throw in some high quality ground poly for taxiway and apron areas, some volumetric grass and/or vegetation, and this scenery could become something pretty damn good. See inside for more.

Video - FTX Global Copenhagen + Carenado

FSX/P3D. John Venema of Orbx has posted yet another FTX Global preview video. This time, a comparison between default FSX and FTX Global flying over Copenhagen, Denmark. Instead of the trike, John is using the Carenado Cessna 210. See inside for video link and description.

There will be a Bergen airport !

FSX. Adios Cloud9 Bergen [never updated by FSDT]. Hello Bergen Fiesland. This project, started by "Scannor" will be part of the "Airports of Norway" larger project. First shots are promising.
About Cloud9 Bergen, i am not saying this is out-of-date product. The airport developed six years ago was a very high quality work. There is a small flickering bug on taxiways but solutions can be find easily.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Video - Orbx FTX Global Athens, Greece

FSX/P3D. Here we go again, another Orbx FTX Global preview video - this time, a comparative look at Athens, Greece using both FTX Global and default FSX. I am really liking the autogen density. Regarding the colouring, I don't think it's too bad. See inside for video link.

More Emerald Scenery Design Tetiaroa Atoll

FSX. Emerald Scenery Design has posted more development captures from their Tetiaroa Atoll project. Further, the developer states "Tetiaroa Atoll - Coming Soon!" in the picture description box. I like the concept of this scenery, just hoping the quality stands up. See some shots inside.

News on the Victa Airtourer !

FSX/P3D. Sceneries, FTX Global.. are not enough. Iain Emms has posted new screenshots of the Victa Airtourer..

And now a glimpse of Greece

FSX/P3D. Wants to see a preview of FTX Global in Greece and Athens ? Take a look !

Buenos Aires 2013 released!

FS9/FSX/P3D. TropicalSim has just released an all new version of Buenos Aires Ezeiza Saez International Airport for all 3 platforms. The updated feature list include the new terminal C, specular maps on glass terminals, semi-transparent glass on jetways, 103km² of photoscenery with full custom autogen, and much more! For owners of the older previous version, you can upgrade for a small fee. Stay tuned for our ADX FirstLook coming later on!

Video - Orbx FTX Global vs. Default FSX

FSX/P3D. Orbx has posted yet another FTX Global preview video. This time, we get a better look at the actual FPS impact of the software in dense urban settings. It appears as if there is almost no FPS impact at all. Further, the video provides a very nice comparison between default FSX and FTX Global in New York City and Houston. This time no ENB, landclass, REX, mesh, etc. Video link and description inside.

Wing Creation Narita Progress

FSX/P3D. Wing Creation continues to push forward on their Tokyo Narita (RJAA) project. Based on the latest preview screenshot set posted today, there is obviously still a ways to go development wise. Further, the developer has disclosed that the project is delayed in relation to their original release projection of 2nd quarter 2013. See the latest screenshot set inside.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Staggerwing D17 lining up for final!

FSX/P3D. Oh yes! The excitement is building! After running my mouth for so long over all the aircraft I can't wait to get my hands on this year, the developers are delivering. The Beechcraft Model 17 has been on my list for like ever and I can't be more pleased that Alabeo is the team that choose develop it. It's almost ready folks! Are you ready? I'm ready! Damn can't wait! Check out the latest shots!

MilViz F-100D renders. Nice!

FSX/P3D. Ah yes. It's MilViz back on deck with yet another heavy metal ass kicking bat out of... It's the F-100D and is without a doubt another cherry on a cake that makes MilViz the FS development company with the most projects currently in production. We are seeing quite a rift in the FS market where the little FS companies of yesterday are becoming the big companies of today. And as always, we are upfront to get the news. Our own interview with MilViz is nearing the press soon and we had many questions so stay tuned!

FlightBeam Dulles Night shots!

FSX/P3D. And now back to Dulles! After following the comments left by many of our readers, it's quite clear this is one of the most  highly anticipated scenery projects this year. FlightBeam is cracking away and the previews so far have been nothing short of spectacular. We are now on to the night textures stage which usually means the the project is about 90% complete. Stay tuned for more ADX Exclusives coming soon!

Video - Orbx FTX Global Over Phoenix

FSX/P3D. John Venema of Orbx has posted another preview video from FTX Global - this time, flying over Phoenix, Arizona. What I'm really starting to notice is the increased levels of autogen density. Quite nice assuming I can keep my frames high. Video link and description inside.

Aerosoft/DA CRJ...20+ New Pictures!

FSX/P3D. Aerosoft has posted a new set of CRJ preview captures, 21 shots to be exact. The project is looking very good! Mathijs Kok of Aerosoft states "Had to do so images for the marketing department and though they are still VERY much work in progress they do show some more detail not shown before.". So, release could still be a ways off. See a selection of shots inside.

Imagine Sim Charlotte X : First Look

FSX (FS9 already released). Apparently nobody cares about Charlotte. Nobody but Imagine Sim. The city has no secrets for Americans. But the airport is really interesting. It's an important hub for US Airways and KCLT is very well located between the North-East, Florida, and is not too far from Dallas or Saint-Louis. The FSX version is really improved compared with the first one, released in... July 2008!   

UK2000 Heathrow: Complete remake.

FS9/FSX. Gary has announced last week that he has started production on remaking Heathrow completely from scratch in an effort to not only bring it to today's standards, but also to reflect the real world changes. So if you were expecting another simple update, forget it. Let's also keep in mind that Simwings has started their complete rework of the project from scratch as well. So we will have both. Which which will be better? First previews expected Q4 2013.

New Twotter eXtended shots!

FSX/P3D. Mathijs has released a bunch of new shots of the Aerosoft Twin Otter Xtended. With this sudden rush of previews lately, could this mean release is around the corner? According to Mathijs, these shots are meant for an advertisement of some sort. So at least one thing is clear: the marketing has begun! Our own ADX FristLook can't be too far away! Here is the latest...

Comparison - Orbx FTX Global vs. ADX

FSX/P3D. Out of interest, I thought I would select one capture from the recent Orbx FTX Global Los Angeles preview set and try to replicate in my own sim. Obviously, my attempt is not an exact match, however, it does provide some insight into the differences between default and FTX Global. Obviously, opinions will vary but I think FTX Global looks more refined and generally nicer - and not just because of the ENB colouring. Take it as you will and see inside.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Next Level Simulations Cancels Airbus 380

FSX. Well, after a long delay it looks like Next Level Simulations has officially canceled their Airbus 380 project. This is a pity as the project did look quite promising. Nevertheless, another fallen development for the flight simulation world. See some project screenshots and the developers cancellation statement inside.

Orbx FTX Global - Los Angeles, California

FSX/P3D. Another Orbx FTX Global preview set - this time, Los Angeles, California! Is it just me or are these previews looking better and better? Anyways, take a look inside. What do you think?

Orbx FTX Global + Russia = Impressive

FSX/P3D. Some more preview screen captures from Orbx FTX Global - this time, Russia! I must say, I am particularly impressed by these screenshots, some really impressive stuff in this preview set. See inside for more shots.

IRIS Breaks Ground - West Sale Airport (YWSL)

FSX. Iris Flight Simulation Software has broken ground on West Sale Airport (YWSL) located just outside Sale, Victoria, Australia. Ever since discovering Orbx FTX Australia, I've been eagerly following all Australian airport projects so this is welcome news. Let's just hope it's compatible. The airport offers a 5,010 foot asphalt runway as well as a couple smaller grass runways. See inside for a closer look at the first project render.

Malev livery and..

FSX. LH Simulations have posted three shots of a Malev old variant livery for the Majestic Dash Q-400. A free side-project and an opportunity to show us another view of the imminent Budapest LHBP in the backstage.

FTX Boston

FSX/P3D. Thanks to Iain Emms (beta tester, Orbx team), here is a preview of Boston (Massachussets) rendition in FTXG.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Stinson SR-8 released.

FSX/P3D. GoldenAge Simulations has just released their Stinson SR-8 Gullwing. When this baby was new she was more of a "rough around the edges" type of bird. But in her later years she became known as more of a as a luxury ride. Of course during this time period, new buyers had the option to get the Staggerwing instead. I would have personally elected for the Stagger myself which begs the question: Alabeo, what's taking so long?

Yet Another FS Global Real Weather Update

FS9/FSX/P3D. The FS Global Real Weather team has already released an update to their version 1.7 update. The latest build includes many fixes to the FS2004 version. Further, the update fixes a bug with the flight planner, adds a feature to the auto start function, and rewrites the activation system. Users are certainly getting their money's worth. More information inside.

MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 Screenshot Selection

FSX. As MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 moves westward through the United States we are starting to see some really picturesque shots from the series. Photoscenery has always been a niche product but I must say I am quite impressed with some recent captures posted by Dean over at the PC Aviator Australia forums. The FPS are pretty amazing as well... I think we may start covering the series with our First Look articles very soon. Anyways, see inside for more.

Aerosoft Twin Otter - Lots of Pics!

FSX/P3D. There has been quite a barrage of new Twin Otter previews over the last couple days. The previews include new icing detail shots, a look at the in development 3 bladed prop version, and some new livery preview captures. Check it out inside...

Wilco TBM850 incoming!

FSX/P3D. We'll i'll be damned... WilcoPub has just released a slew of previews of their own Socata TBM850 and I must say... Well I don't know what the hell to say about this. I am not a fan of Wilco/Feelthere products but i'll admit, i'm quite intrigued. I really love the visual model of the Carenado but the performance is honestly extremely disappointing and as such, I have left it in the hangar pending review/performance update. What i'll say about the Wilco: It does not look anything as good as the Carenado. But, they are promising a fully functional Garmin G1000 avionics suite (yes VNAV). So shit... what do I do? We will have it for the ADX FirstLook and compare this with the Carenado. Release date is set for:

More from A_A Sceneries Bangkok (VTBS)!

FSX. A_A Sceneries (aka FSdeveloper user jtanabodee) has released some more preview captures from Bangkok (VTBS). This time around we get a look at the airport in the rain, still looking quite promising. Release should be sooner than later. Just hope the FPS as shown in one of the pics is not indicative of the scenery. See inside for the latest pics.

Drzewiecki NY! The latest!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Wow it's Monday already? For many in North America today is a major holiday. Not for me though. I'm busy kicking off Monday on ADX with the latest previews from a very busy and talented team: Drzewiecki Design! So let's check out the latest from the BigApple! Wait! Is that Jersey City? Is that Brooklyn? Oh yeah baby! Happy Monday AirDailyX peoples!

FSDG Kastellorizo - One Shot

FSX/P3D. The FlightSim Development Group has kindly provided AirDailyX with one shot from Kastellorizo (LGKJ)! In the screenshot, we get a closer look at the city harbour and some autogen detail. Really looking excellent. See inside for mini exclusive as well as some older preview shots.

Fiumicino for FSX!

FSX/P3D. At last. At last ! Aerosoft is back*. Berlin Brandenburg project resumed, and now, first screenshots of Roma Fiumicino LIRF for FSX/P3D platforms. A major European airport. 
* Adelaide X cancelled, no news from German Airports team, disappointments on Erfurt and Kamtachka sceneries, etc.

And now... Vienna!

FSX/P3D. Orbx has posted a first set of screenshots on FTX Global (FTXG) in Vienna, Austria.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

CeraSim! Still alive!

FSX. CeraSim... Huh. When was the last time these guys put something out?  Their latest rotor in development is the UH-60L Blackhawk and we have the most recent shots! Have a look at the VC stage now in progress.

AirDailyX Reader Rant - Post Hijacking

Reader Rant. As always, here at AirDailyX, we try our very best to offer our readers a voice. We always encourage readers to submit articles, editorials, and even rants. Reader Mark Smith, author of the "Piracy" rant in early May has provided us with yet another rant, this time, addressing post hijacking. Maybe a wee bit in your face, but, we're all for free speech. See inside...

Captain Seven's is born

FS9. Heringsdorf regional airport EDAH is "on short final". While posting a few winter season previews, Volker has confirmed his developing name of Captain Seven's. A good news if he actually wishes to design more sceneries in the futur.

MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 - More Releases

FSX. MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 continues to make significant progress towards their goal of continuous USA coverage. Over the past few weeks, the developer has released even more areas including Nebraska, New Mexico, and Arizona. See inside for a selection of screenshots from recent releases.

First screenshots of Photo Centre

FSX. France VFR has unveiled the first screens of Photo Centre, one of the largest region in France, in the south of Paris. Still no news on VFR products range. Britain and North are still announced.

New features on CS"s B777

FSX. Yes, okay. I already hear you. More features to be introduced in the Captain Sim's B-777 ? A weather radar while they didn't even finish the navigation system ? Yeah...

And the winners are...

Best Die-Cast photos
N°1 Daniel
N°2 Guilio
N°3 Mikhail

They will receive a scenery from 35 to 25 US $

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lost Mountain West Virginia

FSX/P3D. In yet another slew of FTX development previews, Orbx moves on to a rural area of West Virginia where Iain shows off more impressive shots. The enclosed shots are displayed with FSGenesis. I think I need to go out and buy a copy of that FSGenesis for P3D. I hope it will work with my platform. In the mean time, enjoy these latest FTX shots!

J - Die-Cast Contest !

J - Christian

I - Die Cast Contest !

I - Radovan

H - Die-Cast Contest !

H - Mikhail

G - Die-Cast Contest !

G - Louis

F - Die-Cast Contest !

F - Pirx

E - Die-Cast Contest !

E - Daniel

D - Die-Cast Contest !

D - Rick

C - Die-Cast Contest !

C - Guilio

B - Die-Cast Contest !

B - Alastair

A - Die-Cast Contest !

A - Cesar


[Hobbies]. Time to start this contest ! Nine participants have sent us their best die-cast models. And what's new ? You are the jury. The best three ones will be offered a scenery from Airdailyx. But let's start with a few ones from... us !