Monday, May 27, 2013

Fiumicino for FSX!

FSX/P3D. At last. At last ! Aerosoft is back*. Berlin Brandenburg project resumed, and now, first screenshots of Roma Fiumicino LIRF for FSX/P3D platforms. A major European airport. 
* Adelaide X cancelled, no news from German Airports team, disappointments on Erfurt and Kamtachka sceneries, etc.

Much more screenshots :


Anonymous said...

Adelaide X cancelled > Good move as it really looked like a pile of crap

Wonder if this Rome airport will not go down the drain looking at the huge issues they had for FS9 and the extreme poor graphics.

Aerosoft needs to keep it's standards high as they sometimes forget what they stand for. Hope they see this as well

Anonymous said...

Giving the track of fsx/fs9 scenery, most issues are found in the FS9 versions as more and more developers benchmark their creations for a FSX platform. Look at Flytampa. Most issues were discovered with the FS9 versions of their last two releases.

Interestingly, I almost gave up on AS/Dreamfactory as they promised to release the FSX version. I brought the FS9 version in anticipation that the FSX v was right behind. From the looks of the screenshot it appears they have really taken some time to re-architecture this. And I hope so; in that all the FS9 coding is removed,I would love to appreciate high quality with low /extremely low impact to FPS as brought to us by such DEVs as FlightBeam.

Anonymous said...

Will this be native FSX, from scratch?

Or a port-over from the inferior FS9?

Anonymous said...

FSX native

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