Sunday, March 31, 2013

Reader's day ! Contest open

[Event]. Now it's up to you. Dom, D'Andre, Mark, we are on vacation. With just one computer to read the posts sent on This day is up to you. What's on your mind ? What do you like or not ? A review ? a fantasy ? A scoop ? A news ? An analysis, You just decide. Every post we will receive from now can be published on Airdailyx.
The 8  best posts will receive a free scenery*. End of the contest ?
Monday April 1st, 18 pm US Pacific Time.
Mondail April 1st, 22:00 midnight UTC.

Freeware IAI Westwind 1124!

FSX/P3D. Zeiten over at FSdeveloper has posted some promising preview shots of his/her upcoming freeware IAI Westwind 1124 business jet! The first preview captures look very good and this could very well be a promising freeware project. Take a look inside for more development screenshots.

Oh ? Another one ! Popham.. Po..what ?

FSX/P3D. EGHP Popham already announced ! Iain Emms, from Orbx team has taken a first look at this new England airfield. Grass? Yes...  But a good stop to Shoreham, Stapleford, Old Warden...

Dom's rig : new graphic card

[Hardware]. Just a short post to inform you that i have just given up my ATI HD6570 for a Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GTX650 TI OC. New sceneries will be tested with this graphic card.

This 737 is an Enigma...

FSX/P3D. There are 2 737's coming this year that has me stumbling all over myself this year. One is currently in development by MilViz. The other, the one I am talking about right now, really has my panties in a bunch! She is beautiful, and I drool with every shot. So here is one more. Thanks to a reader and to Jon5700 for exposing this one!

AN-2 panel shot!

FSX/P3D. Now finally a first look from the inside and this is a shot you need to see to believe. Sure, many aircraft look great from the outside, but its the business end (panel) that really matters because it's the part of the aircraft your (at lease mine) eyes are looking at the most. So are we impressed so far with this first panel shot? YEP!

More LHSimulations Budapest (LHBP)!

FS9/FSX/XPL. LHSimulations has posted some new shots from Budapest (LHBP) and they look fantastic - the project is clearly progressing very well! The release will be fully AES compatible and include custom autogen surrounding the airport. Take a look inside for more shots.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thai Creations Mumbai: Second video.

FS9/FSX. This time we get a look at the smooth frames with all those buildings in the background. The project seems to be coming along well so far. India is getting lots of love! Check out the video. Release due soon!

ERS B222A Released!

FSX/P3D. Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations has just released their long awaited Bell222. This toy has a lot of nice visuals and bells&whistles. But the best feature of all, it's FREE! Check it out and get yours now!

Milviz : its P-38, labelled Red bull !

FSX. [40 mn ago/ 20:55 UTC]. Milviz simulation (Sabre, T-38A, F-15, ....) has just uploaded a video, announcing a re-release of its P-38 Lightning, PLUS : updated flight dynamics, modified external and internal models/textures..

Get Ready ! Time to write YOUR post

[Event]. On April 1st, this MONDAY, Airdailyx is just for you, by you. Choose a topic, a scoop, a review, and send us your post with a screenshot or illustration. The best posts will win a scenery, from some of our advertisers !  7  gifts to win (value : 30 US dollars each). (One from Fly Tampa! Another from Taxi2gate ! Flightbeam and Orbx are in too !)

One Shot - FSLabs Airbus!

FSX. There hasn't been much from Flight Sim Labs lately regarding their upcoming Airbus narrowbody project. Well, here's a quick one for you, a British Airways Airbus 320 to be exact. The external model looks very good indeed. Going to be lots of choice out there, which Airbus will you choose? See the latest shot and some older previews inside.

France VFR announcing... Montpellier !

FSX. The french designer is announcing Montpellier LFMT and Marseille airport. According to DB Alternative company, these developements are going to speed up thanks to a new partnership with a freelancer. Most probably with the very same one who already showed off here some Marseille Provence  previews. Well.. it's my guess.

Oh my god, Stanislaw (2) !

FS9 (and FSX later).Flightbeam exclusives are not enough ?? Here are some eye-catching previews of New York City work from  Drzewiecki Design. And Stanislaw is still offering interesting discount on his sceneries for its annual Easter Sale online (-30%).

Friday, March 29, 2013

AirDailyX Exclusive! FlightBeam Dulles!

FSX/P3D. Now here is a developer that arrived on the FS scene and delivered an amazing high quality product with amazing framerates with his first release: KSFO. His second release: KPHX, was second to none in terms of quality, visuals, and performance. This time though, Mir is taking things to a whole new level and based on what we have seen thus far, words simply can't describe our amazement, so we are sharing with you all our first set of exclusives of FB-KIAD! Check it out!

Orbx N.California, S.Rockies, & More Alaska...

FSX/P3D. Inside several recent Orbx forum threads there has been some new information regarding upcoming and possible FTX regions. Firstly, Orbx is aiming to release FTX Northern California late 2013 - specifically October/November. Next, another FTX Alaska region has been confirmed following completion of Northern California. Lastly, some information regarding the possibility of FTX Southern Rockies. Fantastic stuff ahead! Take a look inside for the specific quotes and more information...

Virtavia B-45! I'm getting one!

FSX/P3D. Virtavia has just released their B-45 Tornado! Although technically the B-45 was essentially a WW2 aircraft design with 4 jet engines fitted, it's arrival in 1948 made it the first purpose-built jet bomber in the world. It's ability to deliver nuclear weapons, admittedly over very limited range, made it nevertheless a very effective deterrent in the early part of the Cold War. For me though, I just want to fly it around the PNW!

France VFR Champagne-Ardennes Released

FSX. France VFR has released Champagne-Ardennes PHOTO HD. The package includes high resolution photorealistic textures and accompanying custom mesh. Further, lakes and rivers have been reworked for added accuracy. The package obviously covers the Champagne-Ardennes region. Take a look inside for some more release pics.

A hint of Budapest from LHSim!

FS9/FSX/XPL. Here is just a little hint of the custom autogen that will surround LHPB. More than ten thousand objects including buildings, trees, lights, vehicles etc. have already been placed. Want to see a bit of the bigger picture? The Aerosoft LHBP can't throw a stone to this! And I loved that scenery!


FSX. Ah yet another prop driven aircraft I am hungering to get my hands on this year! It's quite a short video, but it highlights the Metroliner's VC needle animations and WIP of turning this mesh into a functioning cockpit for FSX. All I can say is WANT, WANT, WANT! Check out the video then our search bar on the left to find more news we have posted on this project.

The latest info from SibWings!

FSX/P3D. My 2013 list of prop driven aircraft is the longest ever in my personal history of flight simulation. I am really starting to enjoy the growing FTX regions in P3D and as such, it's more fun to fly a lot lower and slower and keep the high flying to FS9. Needless to say, the upcoming AN-2 Colt from SibWings is among my top 3 on my list! Here is the latest info on it.

Oh my gosh, Stanislaw !

FS9 (and FSX later). Stanislaw Drzewiecki is always waking up very early. And this time, OMG, that was to publish amazing shots of Warsaw Chopin EPWA !  [Warning, still work in progress]

How did we miss that?

FSX. A few days ago, while reopening its forum, McPhat Studios has posted a new preview of the Fokker 50 project... A new cooperation with Coolsky.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Orbx FTX Global Video No.2!

FSX/P3D. Orbx has posted yet another FTX Global video - this time low and slow over Paris. This video is pretty impressive! Anticipation is going to be skyrocketing for this release... Get the link inside.

ImagineSim Charlotte Douglas!

FS9/FSX. Our friends as ImagineSim are very busy cramming away at KCLT. So far the work is looking very good! We are looking at a release date for FS9 within a couple weeks with the FSX version to follow next month. Personally, I am glad to see so many new developments making their way into FS9! The team is also working on new development methods in a serious effort to improve overall quality. What to know more about ImagineSim? Read our interview here on ADX then check out the preview!

Orbx FTX Global - First Video!

FSX/P3D. John Venema has posted the very first video from FTX Global! The debut video previews Europe - future videos will preview other parts of the world such as North America, Africa, Asia, etc. The video is using only FTX Global textures, no other add-ons. See inside for link. What do you think of the video?

1 cm/pixel airfield

FSX/P3D. And now... Elstree airfield EGTR. Somewhere, between London and Old Warden. Ground polygons of 3cm, 2cm and even 1cm per pixel. Fifth EU England airfield. Russ White is polishing this work before going through SAK Juneau airport. Russ also developed Stewart, Bela Coola etc...

Alabeo - Next project! (Tomahawk)

FSX. Alabeo has just posted new screenshots of the next upcoming masterpiece! The Piper Tomahawk!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A first video of... Skiathos !

FSX. has uploaded the first video of Greek airport Skiathos LGSK. We like...!

Captain Sim Announces L-1011 Tristar...

FSX. Ummm, ok, looks like Captain Sim has announced their own Lockheed L-1011 Tristar project......on the same day as Just Flight's L-1011 release. Well, they state "see the difference" on their I guess go ahead and see the difference inside...

The folk Captain's diner aside,

Aerosoft Copyright - We will try to post this shot and avoid a trial.. Well who knows....
[FS Market]. New tracks are leading us to the futur. New horizon. Some people have decided to split the profits between several FS platforms (FSX/ X-Plane/ Aerofly...). But  we will never blame Aerosoft for their efforts to draw this futur. The FS conference is now planned. The folk Captain's diner aside, conferences choices matter. Much more.
Good luck and good night.

Aerosoft's LimeSim Airfields - 3 Releases

FSX/P3D. Aerosoft has released 3 small airports as part of the new LimeSim Airfields series. The releases include Betzdorf-Kirchen (EDKI), Hamm-Lippewiesen (EDLH), and Stadtlohn-Vreden (EDLS). Although the detail does not appear particularly extreme the price is incredibly cheap. What do you think? More shots inside.

More Progress - Aviasim City Of Leicester

FSX. Aviasim has posted another progress shot from their City of Leicester project. Further, the developer has stated the scenery will be compatible with Orbx FTX England which is some very good news. Take a look inside for the latest development shot as well as some older previews.

And Drzewiecki's back !

FS9. Stanislaw Drzewiecki has just posted new shots of EPRZ Rzeszów Jasionka from the Polish Airports Volume 1, version 3.0.

Lionheart Fairchild F24 - WIP

FSX/P3D. Lionheart Creations has released some new work in progress shots of their upcoming Fairchild F24 and progression is looking very good so far! I am always fond of developers who tackle slightly less mainstream aircraft such as this. Take a look inside for all the shots.


FSX. Just Flight has released the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar package! The aircraft is quite detailed with the inclusion of a fully functional INS system and engineers panel. 25 paint schemes are included with several military variations. Looking froward to some user feedback on this one! Take a look inside for some project screenshots.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

More shots from...Nagoya !

FSX. Pacsim has started the beta stage and expects a final release of Chubu Centrair RJGG around mid-april. New thrilling shots...

Black Box Airbus Xtreme V0.700 Released!

FSX/P3D. Black Box Simulation has released version 0.700 of Airbus Xtreme Prologue (A319/A320). The latest update includes a significant number of changes and enhancements to the aircraft package. See inside for the full change log.

Some More Razbam Metroliner/A-26 Invader

FSX. Razbam Sims has released a couple more preview shots from two of their upcoming projects. First, they have released a new virtual cockpit "line render" from their highly anticipated Metroliner. Next, another virtual cockpit preview shot from their upcoming A-26 Invader "Spirit of Waco" aircraft being developed for A2A Simulations. Take a look inside for more.

A.S.A. Bangkok VTBS V.2 almost done

FSX. Tic Jtanabodee has posted more shots of its Bangkok Suvarnabhumi version 2.0. "Just only a few things left", he told in its post.

Just Flight Tristar Tomorrow!

FSX. Just Flight has released some final preview shots of their Lockheed L-1011 Tristar prior to release tomorrow! There has been plenty of commentary and criticism regarding this project - I however am hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Take a look  inside for more.

LH SIm Budapest : more shots!

FS9/FSX. LH Simulation team has posted two new shots of Budapest LHBP project on their Facebook page.

Ant's airplanes Trojan : video and shots!

FSX. Thanks to Michael's tip this morning, we have heard that Ant's Airplanes has posted an update on their Trojan T28 D project.

Thai Creations Mumbai : first video

FS9 (and FSX version later). A video preview showing Chhatrapati Shivaji Int'l Mumbai *** airport has been uploaded on Thai Creations Facebook page.

April fool ? No it's not !

[EDITORIAL] On April 1st, AirDailyX will host an entire day dedicated to our readers. So what does this mean? You will have the opportunity to write about anything you want so long as it's flight simulation related. So take a piece of paper...or keyboard, and write your own article to be published here on the blog for thousands to read! The author of the best article as chosen by the editors of ADX will receive the add-on of their choice (up to $30USD) from any of our advertisers! We have already received 2 articles...

Monday, March 25, 2013

MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 Missouri Released

FSX. MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 continues to make progress towards complete USA coverage with the release of Missouri State. The release includes 50cm aerial photography throughout. If photoscenery is your cup of tea, take a look inside for some release captures.

FrogX Freeware Orléans (LFOZ) Released!

FSX. FrogX has just released their freeware Orléans - Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel Airport (LFOZ)! This is the developers first scenery project and it is a very impressive effort indeed. Take a look inside for some project captures...

Even More MCA Designs NA Airstrips Vol.1!

FSX. Beta tester Clem Wu has posted even more screenshots from MCA Designs (aka Misha Cajic) upcoming North America Airstrips Vol.1 - this time of Riverview Ranch (8OR3). This project is looking fantastic! The package inlcudes 3 small Oregon airstrips including Hilltop (98TE), Riverview (8OR3), and Flournoy Valley (95OR). Take a look inside for more.

Welcome in Bourgogne

FSX. Well.. Another France VFR "Photo" scenery incoming. But this is Bourgogne - Burgundy - a well known region for its history, wines etc..

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Majestic Q-400. Some random sexy parts...

FSX/P3D. The Majestic Q-400 is still quite under the knife. We are quite hopeful that we will have our hands all over her by Summertime... But in the mean time... as always... all we can do is sit back and drool at all those sexy parts as the Majestic team sits back the continue to tease us... Check out some VC closeups!

Karachi new shots. Looking good!

FS9. The latest renders of Jinnah are looking quite good indeed for an independent project. When released, it will provide a nice short hop from Dubai. Have a look at the latest from Karachi!