Sunday, March 31, 2013

AN-2 panel shot!

FSX/P3D. Now finally a first look from the inside and this is a shot you need to see to believe. Sure, many aircraft look great from the outside, but its the business end (panel) that really matters because it's the part of the aircraft your (at lease mine) eyes are looking at the most. So are we impressed so far with this first panel shot? YEP!

Head over to SibWings, encourage them, and tell them they are doing a fantastic job!

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Anonymous said...

Holy vodka, that looks alcoholic!

Anonymous said...

IMHO, without latin characters and in english, it's totally useless for all the market, except users of former eastern block countries.

Anonymous said...

Text overlays will be part of the release. It is mentioned in the comments on the FB page for the screenshot. Check it out.

This is certainly looking nice...


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