Monday, February 28, 2011

Jorge Chavez SPIM Intl under scanner

Not easy to make Lima Intl SPIM. This airport melts an up-to-date international terminal with all kind of dilapidated hangars. There is also this change of ground textures around the runway, green on one side, brown on the other one. On this heterogeneous place, LatinVFR almost made a miracle in less than a hundred days. Considering designing technology itself, i did not discover any breakthrough ; there are plenty of photoreal textures, some on ground, some on buildings and objects.../.

Need another preview on KLAX ?

Two more shots available on FS Dreamteam forum.
Released by FSDT today 3h PM

There's a new born baby on the market !

Disappointed by previous versions of Cancun ? Hold on, a new designer (from Mexico, again), is just presenting its first product, Cancun 2011 (MMUN). This new designer is A.V.S., Aviation Multimedia Studios. The team processed high resolution re-digitalized photoreal textures, modelized 95 % of the airport, they also managed to build aircrafts bridges. Unfortunately, they dont say if they developed it for FS9 and/or FSX (this is usually our very first question !). I will publish the answer as soon as possible but for a new company with ambitious projects, FSX must be mastered too.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The jewel of Idaho taking shape

Jim Robinson has shown a new screen from its McCall airport (KMYL). Buildings are designed under Google Sketchup. If Jim sticks to his first idea, this is going to be released someday on FS 2004 and maybe as freeware. I published another post a couple of days ago on Jim Robinson's work under the title "Orbx for FS9" and i think Jim still deserves this.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tampa Dubai Rebooted next project

Two days ago, Airdailyx published the very first information about a Dubai project. Since then, Fly Tampa did not send us any denial nor wrote any one. But leaking new scoops is an ungrateful business...(see comments).
 This scoop has not been denied and there will be a new Dubai from Fly Tampa. Remember though, that they often work on two projects at a time and Montreal Trudeau (for instance) might be released eventually first.
Good luck and good night.

PS : others good news tomorrow !

Are simshops an endangered specie ? 2/2

François "Navman" Dumas made a smart comment about the precedent post on simshops. Brian Sommers also gave a good comment yesterday. So i am publishing the whole text from  Francois, hoping that will interest every simmer and not only designers and developers.
"I fully agree with Brian [Sommers]. The 'distributors', the shops that add little or nothing of value to the actual products', are getting way too expensive in comparison to their services. With simMarket taking 35%, Aerosoft even 40%, and others not far away, it makes an already bad income on add-on development just about worthless.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Scoop ! news from Denmark

We have the pleasure to announce one of the next Drzewiecki Design project :
The Bornholm island in Denmark.

Are simshops endangered ?

Flightsimstore, FlighSimPilotShop, Simmarket, Alfafly... Are these stores endangered species ? More and more designers are selling their products on their own. Not only FSdreamtream anymore, Wilcopub has its webstore, Sim-Wings is going to, Carenado has now his own. Even the newcomer, Flightbeam (KSFO) has signed for FSDT (eSellerate).

The good old days of Mega airports

While Mathij Kok shows off its best adolescence memories (too much, though), a lot of people are still wondering what sceneries Aerosoft is still ready to develop this year. Oh, i will not start again with my old story on Aerosoft strategy (every company has to shift more quickly to growth) but i am worried about the wonderful Mega airports saga.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

First screen of iFLY NG for FSX !

iFLY has just released today the very first image of its incoming B-737 NG for FSX. The aircraft is seen bare metal on one of its first test flights.

PMDG & ORBX : total symbiosis

 A new video from Orbx and PMDG has been published yesterday, showing perfect interaction between PeopleFlow and the B-737 NGX. Behind this video, a message : you are seeing what is the summum of the art in FSX. Anyway, a big leap for simmers. Updated / Responding to a question on his forum, John Venema (Orbx) said something important : until now, PeopleFlow are not able to interact with any users aircrafts. The frames we have been showing on videos need specific development each time. I suppose that Orbx will develop some basics operations for gate arrival and pushback. PeopleFlow can also be used around static aircrafts. 

Zones of conflict : the outcome

Junior Puente (Intersim studios) took the time to comment the article "Zone of conflicts". Find here the full transcribtion and short answer.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Luton airport : from the casus belli to the waste

Of course its difficult to criticize a man's good will. Terry Smith has designed very great airports, from Dublin, Cork and Shannon to Alicante. When he started Luton, he was in his right. Luton was not really claimed at that moment. But four months later, things have changed. Terry is now studying for a master diploma and the Luton project is on hold (almost finished by the way).
The thing is Gary Summons (UK 2000) planned a Luton a long time ago as well but he was pretty busy everywhere with its new Xtreme serie. So, now, who is loosing ?  Not Terry, not really Gary (Summons) but us, simmers, as usual... Too bad.
Ricardo (Latin VFR) has just put a useful comment about my post.

Santa Catalina Avalon airfield : our test

I was looking in vain for a canadian designer and here he is, OshkoshSim, ex MikeMax in Toronto, Ontario. I also applaude when a designer choose mid or small size airports like Appleton Outagamie (too expensive though) or, today, Santa Catalina Avalon. Updated / Three others airports have already been published for FS9 ; Salina Gunnison in Colorado and Homestead GA in Florida, Lock Haven Piper memorial in New York state, under the name of MikeMax.

Fly Tampa next project confirmed : DUBAI rebooted

The question has been asked twice (with a positive answer) and the team has requested new pictures of the airport, so, yes, Fly Tampa is cooking a Dubai rebooted for FSX (& probably for FS9 as well). While the anglo-american team is finishing Athens LGAV, they have already started a huge program, Dubai OMDB total reboot from scratch.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Bae146/Avro liveries

Last sunday, Quality wings unveils first liveries designed for the Bae146/Avro aircraft. Every second week, new set of liveries will be showed off. More than a hundred airlines are still flying on the British Aerospace 146.

More on

A KSJC update !

Speaking of KSJC in the previous post, Speaking of the devil, and he appears ! Imagine Simulation announces today a KSJC update. "Release is planned for this coming week". Any chance we get more info about the improvments, venerable Cal Levin ? Indulge us.

Flightbeam KSFO X on final

Flightbeam team has just released a last set of pictures in its forum with marvelous night textures. We learn that the product will be available via the FSDreamteam's addon manager (hmm hmm...). Some new features will be also implemented like wig-wag flashing lights at tawiways holds.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Zones of conflict

Oh its not a joke. Latin VFR, Tropical Sim and Intersim Studios might have definitely plunged themself into a terrible war. The war zone ? Caribbean, South America and maybe Central America soon. In last october, i already wrote an article on this. But things are getting worse. It is a fact that designers are interested by the same airports ; Sao Paulo Guarulhos, Montevideo, La Havana etc.

FSXtension preview from Simulation Data

In its weekly newsletter, french designer FranceVFR has disclosed some advanced projects from its new brand Simulation Data. Besides TRUElandscape basically focused on french landscape, there is a new interesting project known as FSXtension.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Enigmatic project from Drzewiecki / Solved, see post feb, 25

The polish team, Drzewiecki Design, has just leaked yesterday two screenshots from one of their futur projects. If some of you know this place, please, indulge us ! and send us a comment. (updated)/

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sim-Wings has got off to a flying start

Sim-wings, the german designer founded by Thorsten Loth, has just opened its new website. This time, its not only an aesthetical operation but a new start. The designer now possess...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the next aircraft is...

Wilcopub has launched a new Guess & Win a couple of days ago, showing off 5 tips, 5 pictures of the surprise aircraft. Wilcopub also gave three clues : "few people can get on board", "it is fearsome", "lift off".
At Airdailyx, we have just made our choice : we are pretty shure that this is the Harrier Hawker, V/STOL capable (vertical/short take off and landing). With recent release of Captain Sim's Weapons for FSX, the choice for a military jet is not weird anymore...

US CITIES Cleveland !

Feb, 17/20h UTC / American designer LimeSim is launching a new project ; US CITIES Cleveland with Aerosoft reseller. LimeSim announced 33 880 objects (does that mean really something ?), four heliports and 640 majors buildings. One brillant idea is to choose Cleveland, which is not too far from US Cities Buffalo... There is also this mythic Lakefront airport. LimeStudios is also supposed to release a patch for US CITIES Las Vegas, in order to add night textures on Vegas buildings.
More pictures on Aerosoft forum, "Preview". Support Airdailyx ! Tweet and retweet !

Captain Sim Boeing 737-200 project for FSX

After the 737-100, Captain Sim has released today two raw screenshots of its Boeing 737-200.

iFLY B-737ng / FSX : memory of the first screen

Some people in China and Germany might have seen this picture a year ago. It was the very first screen from a pre-alpha stage of the iFly B-737ng FSX project. Of course, the main panel has been improved since then but we can see interesting things like the Vertical Situation Display (VSD) in the navigation display, that Boeing launched in 2003. This VSD is a graphical picture of the predicted aircraft's vertical path. Its main purpose is too reduced accidents, particularly in case of non precision approaches. Of course, the PMDG NGX will have this feature too. iFLY b-737 ng for FSX is still in beta testing, framerate is promising and new screenshots shall be publish soon.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First 3D rough of Kaluhui (Hawai. Vol III)

At last, some nice news. FS Dreamteam has released eight raw screenshots of Kaluhui, an airport that will be included in the Hawai Vol.II package with Kona airport (PHKO). These pictures show -unless they have been taken weeks ago - that this project is still at an early stage.

A small preview of San Jose del Cabo FSX

Bajasim, the new mexican designer, recently promised a FSX version of MMSD in two weeks. A small video shows small details of grounds and runway. Other news from Bajasim, they are talking with Oliver Pasbt about a AES support.

Monday, February 14, 2011

About what can be expected in the PMDG NGX

In the last poll, some readers requested more news about the B-737 NGX project. Here enclosed is a list of the most important functions already announced by the staff. According to their recent posts, the NGX architecture overtakes what they have ever been able to program in FSX. This architecture will be used for the B-777 project.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quality Wings launching the Avro RJ project

Quality Wings has announced yesterday, the Ultimate BAe146 Avro RJ 100. A first video shows a very advanced stage project with a detailed external model and animated parts. According to QW, pilot and F/O will be animated too and able to switch buttons in the cockpit. The Bae156/Avro RJ 100 will be the third Quality Wings aircraft and is beeing developed aside the B-787 aircraft, started a couple of months ago. The team has not said yet if this new aircraft will be available also for FS9.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Aerosoft and Sim-Wings unveils PANC Anchorage

First screenshots of PANC airport, Alaska, from Aerosoft and Sim-Wings. Others picture can be found on Sim-Wings website :
FSX and FS9 planned !

Bajasim releases fix 1.02 and Bajasim comment

Bajasim team (San Jose del Cabo) has honored me of a comment about my recent article. Here is the full text. Thank you very much , i am eager to see the FSX version and happy to hear about the fix.
Hi! We are pleased our product had a favorable review from you. We want to share some words about your comments: a) we have released fix 1.02 wich removes standard shadows where custom rendered shadows are present, removes flickering from some tarmac spots and fix a weird texture shadow on hotels ground. Thats it! these are the only bugs reported by customers by now :) b) On the grass situation we really explore solutions that pleased our eyecandy but easy on frame rates (our main goal) and this was the best solution, we will do some more thinking and experimentation to get a better solution. C) about pricing we hope that with the FSX version, the technical support and the upcoming expansions (South Tarmac is about to be opened, a new Ramp control tower and advances on T4 for start) customers will be satisfied 100% with their purchase, their investment will be worth. Thanks again, we will be looking for your comments in order to create better sceneries! Bajasim Staff .

Live In FSX interview exclusively !

Emilios, from the greek team Live in FSX has accepted to answer some of our questions. The designer is actively working on Corfu airport (above) and has released Corfu island, Rhodes Xtreme, Diagoras airport and Zante X.

Question 1 / Airdailyx : After the Rhodes Diagora, you have just released your second airport, Zante X. What did you think of this experience ? Very positive and if so, why ?
Emilios : Zante X was indeed a very enjoyable project, and has been appreciated accordingly from fellow simmers. Despite being released during the winter, it still has a satisfactory sales record. The feedback we get has been very good so far, but admittedly there still is a lot more room for improvement. This is exactly what is now being done with Corfu Airport expansion.

Question 2 / Airdailyx : Live In Fsx, is it just a one person staff or a team with 2, 3 or more people ? What is the history of Live In Fsx ?
Emilios : We tend to work freely. That is a person could take on one scene and another one may start on the production of a separate scene etc. Currently the team is comprised of 2 people, both working on Corfu for the time being. The history is still very short, but we aim to the establishment of this name as a quality add-on company for FSX.

Question 3 / Airdailyx : Hearing about a Fly TAmpa's Athens Airport, what was your first thought ? Nice opportunity for you or Wow, how they dare ?

Emilios : When I first read that FlyTampa was taking on Athens LGAV, I was ecstatic!! FlyTampa is guaranteed quality in terms of looks, precision, and support, and taking up on a Greek project was an honour. I believe this would bring even more interest in the Greek FSX scene which has so much to offer, especially during holiday season. It is clear that our team is dedicated on Greek sceneries so far, but no country belongs to no company whatsoever. There have been several people trying to claim Greece as being their own territory and try to obstruct other developers for that region, but not us. The world is free for all developers to explore, and we have already assisted fellow developers working on Greek sceneries for FS.

Question 4 /
Airdailyx : Do you fly yourself in FS world and what makes - on your point of view - a good airport ?
Emilios : I fly all the time in FS, preferrably in Greece :) A few points on a good airport add-on
-Detailed ground texture, accurate depiction of buildings, realistic animations, detailed terrain surrounding the airport and frame rates, frame rates... frame rates !

Thank you very much to Emilios, Airdailyx.

Blueprint Simulation KLAX

Of course, Blueprint Simulations KLAX airport has nothing to do with FSDT futur KLAX but all passengers terminals are depicted, including the new TBIT concourse with its amazing architecture. I did not find any bug except some flickering gates ground marks. If i remember, this is the usual bug from the original FSX but since then, a lot of designers have found new ways to fix this. The airport is also surrounded by a large photoreal area, very effective at night, despite its low resolution (to preserve the framerate). The scenery is smooth, cheap (15,5 €/21 $) and eventually, i just have one regret : i did not see the blue-pink colors reflections of the famous modern restaurant at the airport's entry.

13 Screenshots :

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Airbus real Evolution ?

Wilcopub announced its Airbus new evolution a few days ago and he has just upadated its website with major announcements ; Tower ATC availability, Airbus evolution upgrade and a new surprise aircraft. The two evolution versions will include all the previous aircrafts from Airbus Vol.1 and Vol.2 plus a weather radar and a HUD. The FMC will contain (at last !) full SID/STAR management plus (according to Wilcopub) accurate Top of climb/descent calculations (Eric Marciano, developer of an advanced navigation module has been associated). According to their first video, aircrafts exterior model has not changed a lot except for the cockpit external view, now working (the FSX A320 version has a bug). To be continued...Available around february 21.

First screens of Victoria LEVT

After its Valencia airport, the spanish team Akesoft is now working on its next project, the Vitoria-Gasteiz airport and surroundings. A video and three screenshots are already showing the high definition photoreal ground, obtained from Gobierno Vasco administration. Akesoft's team claim they will use the highest definition ever seen in spanish sceneries.

An aircraft is born

Very first echography of the Boeing 737-100 from Captain Sim's maternity. The baby has an empty weight of 24,5 tons and is in great shape. Others scans will be released. The Boeing 737-100 will be followed by two expansions, a B-737-200 and a freighter version equiped with its own interior cabin. Unfortunately for FS9 simmers, Captain Sim has clearly stated that this one will be for FSX only. Updated 14h UTC : another baby Boeing born - a 737-100 too. To see this first personal project, http://www.fsdeveloper/forum/

Speaking of Boeing, i was looking for some news on Quality Wings forum and i red a very good post from "Silverbird", who was refering to a Seattle Times's interactive feature. You can follow Boeing history on an animated board from 1915 until now with informations about materials, first flights and span of life.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ilheis SBIL, freeware airport

Monday, Jorge Amengol (Terra-Brasilis, OZX developer) has released its last freeware, the brasilian airport Ilheus (SBIL) in Bahia region. The terminal (here on the picture) is a fineness work and includes a lof of objects. Previously, Jorge made one other FSX airport, Cachimbo (SBCC), and several FS9 airports (Sao Luis..). Updated 10/02 : include in the scenery, ground textures, very detailed city with houses, bay and some skycrapers. Several typical aircrafts, well positionned, with My Traffic X, one animated person at the terminal, customs car traffic.

Lose-Lose situation / comment by Francois Dumas

François "Navman" Dumas (Fsaddon) has the courtesy to send me a comment about my article on FS9/FSX backporting cost. Here is his full remark.
"Hmmm..... I think it takes a LOT more than just two weeks to build the same airport or scenery for 'the other' version. Ben Gurion for FSX took more than 10 months of hard work to build. The designer is now making an FS9 version upon many requests from the customer base.. and it will take him at least 2 months. There is NO additional cost involved in either of the products. We basically built ONE FSX airport and are charging (too little) for that. We could argue that the FS9 version takes a lot less time and hence, should be cheaper, also because many parts of it have already been designed for FSX. But since the FS9 market is now much smaller than the FSX market, that would be commercial suicide. Pricing in this niche market and industry is not as simple as it may seem ;-)

As a matter of fact, when i wrote my article, i was only thinking about backporting from FSX to FS9 which is now the largest and common way amongst developers (writing vice-versa was my mistake). In some cases, two weeks are even too much. On Fly Tampa's site, George told that it only took 4 days to backport Buffalo on FS9. Mason Dominique.
Thanks Francois.

New projects at Indonesia Scenery

After FSMugari and some FS9 airports (Juanda, Adisucipto...), Budi Santoso's team wished to work on FSX platform. Their first project, a depiction of the Djakarta city and skyline, has been released in december and they have already started to convert Adisucipto and Soeckarno-hatta for FSX. These airports will come with photoreal scenery. Soeckarno, a heavy intl airport is 470 nm away from Singapour and 1100 nm from the incoming scenery Samui. A lot of screenshots and informations can be found (I am shure my friends from Malaysianwings already now them ?)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Who is Flightbeam ?

Flightbeam is almost ready to release its first scenery (KSFO), just awaiting the AES support. But the interesting thing is that now, we know a little bit more about this team. "Mir", who is the administrator of its own website, is apparently developing alone but he works along with a consultant and four beta-testers. Except two of them, they all live in the San Francisco bay... Good news, there is a bunch of airports to make around. Updated March 2 ; Flightbeam is managed by Amir Salehi aka "Mir". In this project, he has been helped by David Aquino (Mexsim, MMMX project), and by four beta testers ; William, Edward, Daniel and Boaz.

OrbX quality in FS9 ?

A new flight sim developer has just shown its first work, the McCall airport (KMYL) in Idaho. Jim Robinson, the author, is really gifted at texturing houses and hangars and he already added a photoreal mountain and photoreal-based ground textures. Jim is now trying to finish its scenery and has planned to release a freeware version. If you know the airport and got some real pictures of its hangars, dont hesitate to send him on Fs Developer's forum, showroom. As this is still a personal project, i cannot publish any screen here but a small preview.

San Jose del Cabo

These guys from Bajasim know the tricks of the trade. I really doubt that this is their first shot. The scenery (25 mb) has been released for FS9 but a FSX version will follow. San Jose del Cabo is a good choice. This city in the Baja state, south of California, is growing rapidly thanks to booming investments in large resorts. The airport is also growing fast and the scenery shows foundations of a futur terminal. Buildings, ground textures, runway and terminal are near to perfection (almost too perfect maybe). Trees are photoreal and a lot of houses and objets have dynamic shadows as often in FS9. In the opposite, i did not like how Bajasim put some grass around the taxiways. On ground, the effect is nice but when flying over the airport, you can see awful crosses. The night lights are not very effective neither. Its a bit too dark. Anyway, this first airport is a serious work and i am eager to see futur projects.
Quality : 8/10 FPS : 10/10 (FS9...) Interest : 8/10 Overall package : 7/10 (expensive price)

Monday, February 7, 2011

A lose-lose situation

Nobody complains about that but this is really a lose-lose situation. Most designers are selling their airports for FS9 AND FSX both. What they dont tell you - because they really gave up to try- is that it takes them up to two weeks to backport a scenery to FS9 and vice-versa. I let you run the numbers just for one week work. Of course, they charge you that in the product's final cost, even if you only use one flight sim version.
So, this is cool, all these "FSX is the best", or "no, no, FS 2004 forever", or "'forget it, its gonna be Flight !". The fact is that we will keep paying for 1, 2 and maybe 3 different versions. This is definitely a lose-lose situation for them AND for us. Its a lose situation because we pay too much while they could spare much more time for newer projects, more projects...

Another Dash-8 under construction

We are so focused on PMDG's NGX that this is eclipsing some nice projects. If PMDG has already announced a Dash-8, we should not forget Majestic software Dash-8 Q400 which seems pretty much advanced according to their last screenshots. Majestic is a portuguese designer who made a Q300 version. The Q400 will be available in several versions, including a high-end one for airliners training. The "simmer" version will have a weather radar. The release date is sill unknown but the VC cockpit is likely finished.


Very first screens from next Latin VFR's hub ; Lima Intl airport. Will be available soon on FS9 and FSX and will complete three others airports in this region ; Sucre SLSU, La Paz SLLP and Cuzco SPZO.