Saturday, June 30, 2012

Heraklion : another one !

FSX. Emilios (FSDG) has posted another picture of Heraklion LGIR (Greece), at dusk.

Flylogic Grenchen : more

FSX. The Swiss team (Lugano, Sion...) has posted a few more screenshots of Grenchen airfield KSZG. Release soon.

Airbus Extended : MCDU

FSX. 18 shots of the MCDU and simulated functions on the Aerosoft Extended Airbus.

Nantong by Skysoft

FS9. The Chinese team is apparently back. Nantong Wingdong ZSNT is announced and some screenshots have been published. To be released soon as a freeware.

Tenerife Released!

FSX. Remember Simbreeze? Well their latest scenery released.

TropicalSim Aruba Released!

FS9/FSX. Sweet!! I have been waiting for this one! Looking forward to reviewing it!

Oryx on a roll...

FS9/FSX. ...and more Toronto...

HESH to begin beta.

FS9/FSX. The last shot before beta testing begins.


FS9/FSX. I have been holding my breath ever since I first saw these photos but now finally I can post and share with you lot. Drzewiecki has the biggest plate full in the history of flight simulation. I give you the very first previews of the complete island of Manhattan 2013.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Very few tips but..

All we know is that they are finishing beta stage of Fiumicino LIRF (It's the same team or so who worked on Liguria and Genova). But no serious screenshots to judge about their latest work.

Tunis Carthage revival

FSX. Almost a year after our first post about Tunis Carthage, the scenery is coming at last. Fred, the developer, has reworked and reshaped the airport and will release it very soon, in early July on a well known simshop. Fair price expected and a surprise too.

Imagine Sim : update on Atlanta

FS9/FSX. The American team will enterily rework his Atlanta KATL airport upon many requests..

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Toronto coming together!

FS9/FSX. Still pre-beta: "Low poly model, still needs the detail for close up, however the texture is looking sharp!"

First full body FSX shot. And what?

FSX. QualityWings has finally presented a first full external body shot and VC of the QW Avro in FSX. But they also had something to say about this...

We have more Macau. A lot more.

FSX. A_A has just upped a lot more pictures of Macau. If he isn't developing his own scenery, he is out bettering someone else's. Nice!

More details about Helsinki Vantaa

FSX. Aerosoft is showing off four screenshots of Helsinki airport main apron.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AMS Cancun X : hot test

FSX (FS9 already released too). In the top five of largest mexican airports, Cancun, in the Yucatan peninsula, is a great stop, especially with all the airports already done around : within a radius of less than 500 nautical miles from Cancun MMUN, you can find Merida, Guatemala City, Tegucigalpa, Cayman islands, Key West and now LVF Cozumel. I must confess here, that AMS has done a great job. 

Győr-Pér LHPR, Bőny LHBY (in progress).

FS9/FSX. More screens from a very high quality developer we respect. These guys really take their time. Just have a look at the latest screens of their current works in progress...

Cozumel released!!

FS9/FSX. Both versions released and now available!

...and the battle of the Avro's

FSX. CLS is quite a bit behind QW in this one. Hey check out this statement from CLS...

FSDG drops the sun on Sharm!

FS9/FSX. First previews of the night renders. **sweet**

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

West Wind : our own screenshots

FSX. Not one airfield, three. Freeware. And a whole area not too far from the canadian border. Many new flights to plan with Orbx NA BLUE Pacific Northwest and FSADDON+ Vancouver. Work by Tom Brooks.

Phuket FS9

FS9. For those FS9ners who have been wanting a VTSP for FS9, here is a little reminder for you.

More shots of Macau

FSX. The FSX upgrade in progress is getting closer.

Pier D almost ready.

FS9/FSX. Another shot of pier D in Toronto.

Аэропорт Кольцово FSX released!

FS9/FSX/P3D. An amazing scenery in FS9 has just been upgraded to FSX and P3D. Also don't forget to read our review of this lovely airport.

Aruba by Tropical Sim

FS9/FSX. Leandro and team are entirely reworking two of their airports. The first one is Aruba Queen Beatrix TNCA. Picture.

AVS Cancun X : troubles mainly solved.

FSX. It appears that Cancun for FSX has beed retired from Simmarket shop for some reasons. Installation process seems rather fine. If you want to contribute, here, please, indulge us.

West Wind freeware available !

FSX. Orbx has just released its latest freeware airfield, West Wind, in the north of Washington state.

L.A. L.A L.A

 FSX. My partner will be happy too, Limesim has posted more shots of Us Cities Los Angeles. With pictures of some choppers hop hopping places.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cozumel preview 3 and... imminent

FS9/FSX. Jonathan Schutte has posted new shots of Cozumel airport MMCZ ; bay shore and panoramic views.

Do you want more Sharm El Sheikh?

FS9/FSX. Then here you go! Terminal 1!

Toronto. Terminal 1 & Pier D

FS9/FSX. Here we go with the latest of Toronto from OryxSim!

The Mitchell Wing is out

FSX. Aerosoft has released the Mitchell Wing, a free addon for registered people on Aerosoft forum.

France VFR PACA vol. 1 : Impressions

FSX.  Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur (PACA) is a very large area, one of the largest official Regions in France. Nice photoreal textures if you fly a lot to Nice LFMN.

Airbus X Extended : warmth beta shots

FSX. Posted on Aerosoft forum today, a dozen of external views taken by a beta tester.

Drive thru airport. Good concept?

Every now and then I stray off our norm and discuss something away from the sim world. I came across this on this morning. Very interesting, but would it really work?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cancun X, and now the video

FSX. Aviation Multimedia Studios  sends a cler status on their Cancun for FSX (after the FS9 version). There is now a video, posted yesterday. Imminent release ? Looking so.

Milviz shows-off the F-86 cockpit

FSX. Two stunning screens of the F-86 cockpit. The project is in Alpha state according to Milviz.

Is Overland giving up?

Today Overland posted a very interesting statement on their facebook page that seems to suggest they are no longer producing FS products. At least that is what I surmised from the statement. Have a look, what do you make of this? Is this just a delay announcement perhaps?

LHSim working on the next...

FS9/FSX. ...Hun landmarks pack. We are very excited on the attention going to Eastern Europe these days! Just awesome! I assume those bad boys will be animated.

Boryspil. Freeware Spotlight!

FS9/FSX. As they typically tend to lack character, depth, and detail, I usually stay away from impressions of freeware products. Unless... Well, unless a developer comes along and not just does a great job. But does a job so well done, so detailed, so passionate, I wonder why it's even free. In this case, we have a developer that was very obviously feeling passionate about Boryspil. Because this passion is very clearly seen in this project and thus, well worth the official: "D'Andre's AirDailyX impression stamp of approval." Whatever the hell that is... Come see what i'm talking about. For those with limited bandwidth: Caution.
FS9/FSX. Warsaw city! First autogen shots!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Very lovely...

FS9/FSX. If you got the cropduster from Carenado, this upcoming scenery from LHsim should be a great place to use it.

The latest from Lionheart

FSX. Bill shows off a few more of the Diamond.

The latest from Cozumel!

FS9/FSX. The latest from LatinVFR Cozumel. Also the name of my favorite coastal Mexican restaurant here in Manhattan beach. These shots look good!

More from Toronto

FS9/FSX. The latest. Looks great guys!

TerraBrasilis! Back at it!

FSX. Just uploaded today! We finally get another look (and and by another I mean several looks) at the upcoming Rio project. This is by FAR the biggest project to ever take place in FS South of the US boarder!

I am getting ready!!

FS9/FSX. Every now and then there comes a freeware scenery that is so good! So damn good, I get my panties tied in a bunch with sheer excitement! My latest freeware spotlight should be published tomorrow for a good Sunday afternoon read! Stay tuned!

Important message

Times to times * * * we are emitting a post to counteract some websites info stealers. If you read this from another site than AIRDAILYX, please join us in our real adress ! * * *  Thanks.

Blueprint publishing an update on SVMI

FS9/FSX. The American designer Blueprint Simulations (KJFK, SBGL, KLAX etc..) is publishing an update information on Carracas SVMI version 2 status.

Another glimpse of Warsaw City 2012

FS9/FSX. Drzewiecki Design has just added three more shots of their soon coming Warsaw City.

First Cancun FSX shots

FSX. Take it cautiously but AVS Mexican developers have apparently posted their first screenshots from Cancun X version. If it's not a trick - the files are registered FSX**** - so it makes sense. Expert eyes can tell us if this is still the FS9 version :)

Mexico : major update

FSX. Cesar (Taxi2gate) is announcing a major update for Mexico MMMX. This heavy project have been started three years ago and T2G already released V.1 et V.2 versions. This new one will fix some bugs in the airport and improve the quality. Just a first shot here. ( There was an alternate work from an ex-developer of Mexsim. No more info, but that was Mexsim's habit....)

Friday, June 22, 2012

SunskyJet Philadelphia : new ones

FSX. Thanks to Ianj and Shez, more screenshots of Philadelphia Airport KPHL unveiled.

Hush-Hush Lyon St-EX...

FSX. We have just seen some evidences that there is a new Lyon airport LFLL project (third french airport). It might be an alternative to the Aerosoft Lyon X project. More news very soon. It's going to be a payware too, from an established single designer.

Another shot of the Airbus X

FSX. " I have not yet scheduled a release but it's not far off ". Exact words from Mathijs Kok, Aerosoft. today. And an extra shot here, showing the extended navigational display.

We won't test Mayotte airport

France Touristique Scenery has released a very nice Mayotte islands a few months ago. The next logical step was to make the airport of Dzaoudzi Pamandzi FMCZ. But Airdailyx will not test this product...

High Fidelity with GSX

FS Dreamteam is announcing an important discount for all GSX buyers...

Thursday, June 21, 2012

C188 AGTruck released!

FSX. Alabeo has released their latest toy!

The latest on Warsaw 2012

FS9/FSX. Stan shows us a couple more on DDesigns latest masterpiece WIP.


FSX. Glacier has surprised us with an early shot of Williamsburg - Jamestown Airport that will be part of a package with Newport News!

Terminal 1

FS9/FSX. Due within a few months, Oryx shows off  terminal 1. Finally we are getting a high quality Toronto!! Good texturing there guys!

And another freeware...

FSX. Available in a few days from Aerosoft to registered members, a brand new Mitchell Wing. Pictures.

New night lights in Macau airport

FSX. ASA developer has posted two other night shots of Macau VMMC...

A video of Xiamen

Graham has uploaded a small video (3 mns) of Xiamen airport.

And another freeware from Orbx

FSX. It's called West Wind 7WA3 and its near the canadian border. This small airfield will be your next freeware from Orbx. If you are new and didn't know about the Australian designer, there are plenty of freeware in their website, 2 canadians near Calgary if i remember, Bowerman and the excellent Vashon Muni (my favorite).

Yekaterinburg for FSX : more

FSX. After the FS 2004 released version, Aerosoft has posted new pictures of FSX.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Macau goes dark.

FSX. Then light's up! A_A Sceneries now showing off the night lighting for Macau. Sweet!!

What? Huh? I'll explain...

Who know's what the hell is going on at Overland these days. They say their RJTT will be released this summer so we'll just have to wait and see. Oh, but what the heck is this?

Newport News now in the Sim

FSX. Glacier Peak shows us the first closeup shots of Newport News now imported into FSX.

Toncontin for FS9 released!

FS9/FSX. The FS9 version of Toncontin from Taxi2Gate is now available on Simmarket!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Poznań-Ławica. Our impression!

And now finally we head over to the 3rd and final airport in this series of Polish Airports Vol.3. My feelings on this destination may appear a bit more mixed then the two previous Polish destination. However, there are some features in this scenery that indeed reflect the impressive skill Drzewiecki is increasingly becoming infamous for. I also take a peak of several Polish airports completeting construction this year that show a very potentially promising future in Poland's represintation in our simulatiors. Of course, that it assuming the Dzrewiecki Design team is up to the task. Alright peoplez, let's bounce!! 
Bandwidth Warning! Super long post and lots of mouthwatering shots inside! EDIT: All of the concerns I raised in this review have been corrected with the latest update!

Mo Macau!!

FSX.  A_A Sceneries have upped more pictures of Macau. We have asked if this updated version will be implemented for FS9 as well. Stay tuned. It's looking awesome!!