Saturday, June 23, 2012

I am getting ready!!

FS9/FSX. Every now and then there comes a freeware scenery that is so good! So damn good, I get my panties tied in a bunch with sheer excitement! My latest freeware spotlight should be published tomorrow for a good Sunday afternoon read! Stay tuned!
I'm not revealing what this wonderful masterpiece is yet. But you are certain to love it. I do!


((-D')) D'Andre 

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Anonymous said...

where is this?

DAndre Newman said...

Ah you want a hint!! Ok. Go back and watch the very first Mission Impossible film with Tom Cruise. It's one of the countries that takes place in that film.

Anonymous said...

czech republic ?!

DAndre Newman said...

Nope! Not Czech but you are looking in the right direction. There was a correctly entered comment but i'm not publishing it!

tests said...

It is UKBB from InterSkystudio. Looking very good

Anonymous said...

You failed ! Mission imossible 1 didn't take place in ......... KIEV !!

DAndre Newman said...

Fine the cat is out of the bag. Again, go watch the film. The very first 10 minutes of the film (even though it's just a film set) the place where the interrogation is taking place is Kiev!! Go back and watch it! I should have the review up in a couple hours. It's an amazing freeware scenery!

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