Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coolsky DC9 lookin Phat!

FSX. McPhat that is! Phat indeed!

29Palms heshing out HESH!!

FS9/FSX. Say this don't look good!!! Were are very excited! Update 06/01 / FSDG project (Horst/Emilios) with the help of 29Palms team.

Toncontin! More!

FS9/FSX. These Taxi2Gate pictures speak for themelves. At least LatinVFR will know what they need to do to beat this when their start work on their version. Let the games begin!!

Cancun X : a video

FSX (and FS9 already avail). A.M.S. has uploaded a video - first one - of Cancun for FSX. Apparently to be released very soon..

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lancair Legacy released

FSX. Still have some money to spend ? RealAir Simulations have just released their Lancair Legacy. A fast and elegant general aviation airplane. New screenshot here and not the worst...

First teaser of Rio Galeo

FS9/FSX. Tropical Sim are posting their first shots of Rio de Janeiro Galeo Intl. SBGL.

Carrasco Montevideo FS9 released!

FS9. FS9ners! Go get it!!

Frosty windows! Nice feature!

FSX. Milviz shows off a very nice feature of the canopy glass frosting up on their F-86 Sabre WIP. That's awesome!!

Skysoft simulation ?

FS9/FSX. What did you say ? Skysoft simulation ? Nada, Nakash, nothing. Out. Not only this chinese team never built a website  but they don't even send you anymore update. They just forgot.. or they don"t care. Oh but, they'n't the only one ! Another vanished chinese team ? Elite-Air, they were suppose to update their Shanghai airports. Or maybe Aerofiles.. They might not finish their Ottawa airport. Just a candy to attract you ? And Ariane Design ? Not a single new for a  year.
Good luck and good night.. !

LHPR. At night!

FS9/FSX. LHSim now on the night texturing stage! Getting close!

More cropduster!

FSX. Carenado has just posted more shots of their upcoming C188.

Mackall Army Airfield released!

FSX/P3D. Those airport dudes, you know, The Airport Guys. They have just released Mackall Army Airfield as freeware and we have the link here!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Latin VFR Montevideo : our own screenshots

Carrasco SUMU, in Uruguay

FS9/FSX. New possible flights in South America, to Santiago, Buenos Aires or Rio, Sao Paulo. For the very first time in FS history, Montevideo airport in payware category. Full test this week. 

Bydgoszcz. Our impression!

Well i'm back again with the latest installment of Polish Airports Vol.3. This time we head to EPBY: Port lotniczy im. Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego Bydgoszcz-Szwederowo located in the city of Bydgoszcz. Damn that's a long name! Do not ask me how to pronounce it! Is this scenery good? Yes! Yes indeed! And I have lots of pictures and impressions to prove it! So with that said: Bandwidth Warning!! Lets go!!

Lancair Legacy, nice shot

FSX. "Arrival late may", so it's about hours now. The question is ; Will it beat Orbx Lancair in the fields of flight dynamics and lighting..

Aerosim's Dreamliner soon available

FSX. Moshi Moshi ! First shots of the B787 virtual cockpit. Available very soon according to the last update of the Japanese editor (first update since december 2011 by the way). The only problem with Aerosim ? They stick to the old basic FMC with FSX defaut flight plan :( 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Phoenix ? Oh my !

FSX. Amir (Flightbeam, KSFO),  is showing off new shots of Phoenix Sky Harbor KPHX X. Getting close. About FS9, one of the last statement was : "We are tentatively planning to port KPHX to FS9" (staff).


FSX. Carenado is on a freaking roll with the number of producte they are crecking out! The latest wings look GOOD!! Do we want one? YES!!

Montevideo Carrasco released!

FSX. LatinVFR's latest FSX scenery is now available. FS9ners well get theirs at a later date! Now finally a reasonable flight (time wise) to Santiago!

Scam? Beware!!!! You have been warned!

How many FS9/FSX products can you spot in this scam? Do not buy!!!! Kinda funny though!!

Helsinki Vantaa, another seasonal shot

FSX. A-Flight is still working on Helsinki X EFHK. This one  gives a good idea of the size of Vantaa.

Plymouth airport : the terminal is done

FSX. A year ago, Southwest Design has started Plymouth EGHD in UK, a decommissioned airport. New shots from terminal.

Pacific Islands Sim Xiamen : 98 % finished

FSX. Graham will post more shots this week end and will release the Chinese airport Xiamen Gaoqi ZSAM in early June. Here one more.

Another sneak peak of the legacy

FSX. RealAir Simulations (Beechcraft Duke, Spitfire IX..) is posting another screenshot of its Lancair Legacy. Release imminent.

REX Essentials released

FSX/P3D. REX games studios has released our newest textures and weather engine, REX Essentials.

Carrasco Montevideo : second preview

FS9/FSX. Latin VFR has just published a second preview of Carrasco Montevideo SUMU.  UPDATE : Release !

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Milano Linate : night shots

FSX. Parthenosim has made an update on its Milano Linate airport (its first payware). Still no informations on a release date.  More than 75 % finished ?

Sao Jorge Azores : our own screenshots

FS9/FSX. With Sao Jorge LPSJ, Tropical Sim is closing its second Azores pack. LPSJ is a rather small airport but the team pratically redesigned the whole island.

A little bit more of Roma Fiumicino

FSX. The Italian team (they don't even have a name yet), has posted four ambiance shots of Roma Leonardo de Vinci Fiumicino X. The project was started this year.

Airbus X Extended : night shots

FSX. Aerosoft is showing off a lot more screens from the Airbus virtual cockpit. A lot of us were complaining about the poor lights in the previous version.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beechcraft B-55 Baron released!

FSX. MilViz has just released their Beechcraft B-55 Baron for FSX. Congrads to them on their first GA aircraft!

More news from Newport.

FSX. Glacier Peak Flight Simulations has posted more renders of Newport News.

Azores LPSJ released!

FS9/FSX/P3D. TropicalSim has just released the first airport in the Azores pack 2. Sao Jorge. This looks great!

AWG Page KPGA, letter of sorrow ?

FSX. The young team, AWG, has released a week ago Page KPGA in Arizona. Apparently, some resolution were too low and AWG wants to apologize (a freeware, by the way). I don't know about you, but we like this Page airport. Amazing landscapes around it !

Heraklion by night

FSX. Emilios has posted a last shot before beta stage. The front terminal at night.

Warsaw City announced !

FS9/FSX. After the very good welcome of Miami City, Drzewiecki Design team is working on.. Warsaw/Varsovia City. It will also include an airport. By the way, Stanislaw confirms they will design, later, a Warsaw Chopin EPWA airport !

Friday, May 25, 2012

Upcoming AirDailyX impressions...

The image says it all! It contains 2 products I will be sharing my feelings and excitement about! 2012 is our year of great addons! We will try our very best to cover them all as the year progresses! Stay tuned!! ((-D'))


FSX. So this is the plane those dudes below are waiting for... niceeeeeee!!!!

MilViz. More of uh... This...

FSX. Dudes hanging around and stuff. What's up? Chillin? Yeah we chillin... with our arms out. Okay. Waiting around. Maybe for the plane in the background to be finished... I guess.

Piper PA-46 released.

FSX. WSSimulation has just released their latest aircraft for FSX, the Piper PA-46.

Summah Time!

FSX. Summer textures in Helsinki! Lovely!!!!

And Blueprint's Rio de Janeiro is ready

FS9/FSX. So many news tonight. Blueprint has just released Rio de Janeiro Galeo Intl. and is announcing its roadmap.  Rio is high score. Tropical Sim is still working on its own version too.

Aerosoft on Fire : Erfurt announced

Erfurt EDDE

FS9/FSX. The German designer, world leader in FS simulation, is now working on german airport Erfurt. For both platforms. Release "very soon".

CRJ Nextgen ? Not the aircraft of the year

FSX. After the official shots (not showing any detail), here are some "insider's" shots. Disappointing aircraft. Definitely not a hardcore product... That's the special recipe from Wilco : one great aircraft, three bads, another great aircraft,  three more bads... full test this week end !

Majestic Dash Q400 update

FSX. Majestic software, "Boss", has posted a new VC screenshot and informed that progress are going well.

Godzone releasing Murchison NZ

FSX. Godzone Virtual Flight, the New-Zealand developers, have released an another airfield on Vector Land Class VLC website.  

Tribhuvan Released!

FS9. Thai Creation has just released Tribhuvan International Airport for FS9. It's now available at Simmarket! It should pair up well with Aerosoft's Lukla!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Monroe Firstair on final

FSX. Beta team is sending us their last shots. We can feel the air of Monroe Firstair already. This week end ?


FS9/FSX. Yes, that stands for QualityWings Avro Business Jet. Will be included in the stage 3 release. And no. It's not just a repaint. Oh yeah!

Wheels almost up!

FSX. More of the JustFlight 800XP. You just can't say this baby doesn't look good!

Black Box Simulation. More Airbus.

FSX. 3 new screens of the upcoming Airbus project from BlackBox.

A.M.S. Cancun FSX

FSX (FS9 already released). Out from nowhere, A.M.S. Aviation Multimedia Studios, the mexican team has revamped its website and confirmed a Cancun FSX airport in their forum. "Released very soon".

Kangerlussuaq : to buy or not to buy ?

FSX., a young editor, has released its airport, Kangerlussuaq. I am not to judge his work here. But i would say, under my own responsability that the scenery is not reaching the payware level yet. Not from usual standard, not from the paywares released these last weeks by other young teams (AWG, DeVinci, AS Design...) . But you know, this scenery is probably the only one to be released in Greenland before a long time so it's up to you. And we all need to support young teams.
Good luck and good night !

Lancair Legacy... night lights UPDATED!

FSX. RealAir Sim Lancair legacy by night...

Another bunch of Monroe

FSX. Monroe Firstair is in advanced beta. Release this week end ? Unless Jackson Hole comes first. Here are new shots with the famous train that will connect Monroe to Harveys. Courtesy Iain Emms.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OryxSim, more Toronto!

FS9/FSX/P3D. OryxSim is nice enough to ensure there are no gaps in service for people in Toronto relying on FedEx! That's why they are nearing completion on the FedEx facility. Wow, just wow! Better and better with every shot!

McPhat DC9 VC shots!!

FSX. McPhat Studios has just within the last hour brought us some hi res screen shots of their DC9 VC! Whoa baby! Click to check them out!!

Namaste Nepal : more shots !

FS 2004. Thai Creations is polishing its Namaste airport in Nepal. Great terminal. Good addition to Imagine Sim New Delhi and Thai's Parot.

Video Spotlight!

Now here is a well done video featuring QualityWings757! Very realistically done! Check it out!!

KONT2012 Released!

FS9. Shez Ansari has released the KONT 2012 we have been Beta testing. Go get it!!

Introducing Saint Lawrence Design.

FSX. No word on FS9 or P3D yet. This is the second new developer we have introduced this week. This time it is Saint Lawrence Design working on CYTZ - Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. We love new developers, we wish them the best of luck on their first project.

Airbus Extended. Fresh shots!

FSX. This morning Mathijs posted a few more shots of the AirbusX extended. Looks nearly complete. Lots of new features too!

800XP Business Jet. Another shot.

FSX. I love business jets and we just don't have enough. We'll here is another render of the 800XP from JustFlight. Looking good!!

Another detail of the Lancair

FSX. RealAir Simulations has posted its 7th screenshot, another detail of the Legacy. Release in a week or so.

"He'll just leave this here..."

FSX. No word on FS9 or P3D yet. No word on what this airport is but the approach looks fun! Can you guess? In development by The Airport Guys, or as I like to say: "Those Airport Dudes"...

LHPR the latest shot!

FS9/FSX. A team that has quickly moved towards the top of my favorite developers list, LHSim has posted a quick shot of their upcoming LHPR scenery! Looking so detailed!

And yes Lionheart is...

FS9/FSX. I guess the upper hand here is it will be for FS9 as well and it's by Bill, who brings a level of quality I prefer!

IRIS DA-40 Released!

FSX. Iris Simulations has just released their Pro Series DA-40 Diamond Star XLS for FSX. It's also on sale at 50% off which is $15 bucks. Huh... Isn't Lionheart working on this very aircraft??