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Bydgoszcz. Our impression!

Well i'm back again with the latest installment of Polish Airports Vol.3. This time we head to EPBY: Port lotniczy im. Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego Bydgoszcz-Szwederowo located in the city of Bydgoszcz. Damn that's a long name! Do not ask me how to pronounce it! Is this scenery good? Yes! Yes indeed! And I have lots of pictures and impressions to prove it! So with that said: Bandwidth Warning!! Lets go!!
Quite naturally, the feature that stands out the most as with all Drezercki's work is the photo-real textures. I would say this is the indegenious feature found in all of DDesigns work all the way back to their very first published project. Here, they succeed in every way. Just look at the actual building and compare.
Photo used under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. Source: Wikipedia
These guys are right on the mark. Now I am one of those Mega Airport people, and I am also one of those countryside airfield people. What about the in-between? Well I can honestly say I have never been so excited about small airports!! Usually, smaller airports like this tend to get overlooked detail wise. But not here.
This is without a doubt the level of quality you get when the developers get almost completely unrestricted access to an airport.
In the above photo the photoreal quality is so good, for a moment you forget this is a simulatior. It's appearence is so real it's like just looking at glass. The reflection VS the stairs give a real feeling of being able to look into the building itself. But remember, there is no building.
Speaking of which. The photo-real textures are worked so perfectly on the cars and buses. The parking lot is teaming them. Well done here.
 That bus driver looks scary!!!
  I just can't stop looking at the windows!!! They look so damn real!! A++
Fences are something I make a very big deal about! Great job here. BTW there is an animated gate entrance to the military area.

 Even the field lights are photo-real! These guys left in every detail!
Very nicely done!
The petrol station just shy of the runway. And yes, after all my whining about the Hot Wheels being static in the previous scenery in my last review, these are indeed moving!!
 The detail here is uncanny.
A shot of the 2D with 3D trees. 3D foreground, 2D background.

These two here having an interesting conversation...

Some of the surrounding autogen buildings include actual buildings as well.
Great looking cars here!
Again, a scenery developer that knows how to get static aircraft right. I recommend leaving it there as you will not see much here AI wise. There are very few commercial flights here which are Sprint Air, OLT, and Ryan Air. Besides this, there are a growing number seasonal charters from Western Europe. So don't really expect this airport to get busy.

More closeups of the glass. Honestly looks so real!!
See the woman pushing the stroller? Want to know just how far these guys take this work??? Yes, there is a baby in there!!! I said to myself, "I wonder if they would take it that far ah what the heck, lets have a look..."
Good looking trees with the custom autogen in the background.

The custom autogen looks very good! And gives the impression the airport exists in a populated area.
The scenery hangs on to the airport's military heritage and is displayed very well here.

A shot of the control tower. Not exciting as EPKK and EPWR.
Should give you an idea of the area that surrounds the airport.
Night textures are great but not all windows have night textures. In the below scene it's like you are really looking through glass into the building and not a 2D image. Very well worked here!
With an airport this small and in such great detail, it's very difficult to say what was done wrong here as perhaps it's not fair to pick apart such a small scenery. But honestly, it is so true to detail there is really only one thing keeping me from saying 100% prefect. And that's the 2D tree walls. Why am I picking apart the trees? Because I have something to compare them to. EPKK. I don't have an overall problem with the 2D tree walls when they are used as a filler to gap the space between the 3D trees. But here, the 2D trees are too prominent. They seem to say, LOOK 2D TREES HERE!!!! And I found myself looking at them too much. From a distance they look okay, it's only when you get up close to you see where they lack detail. But if that's the worst thing I can say about this work, then obviously, this is an extremely well done and put together airport.
I love the eerie feeling the darkness of the surrounding trees have. Very realistic!
Again, night photo-real textures done right! It's as if I am really looking into the building through glass.
The main ramp is very well lit at pitch black night.

And of course, the winter textures do not disappoint.

Ultimately, what I love about Drzewiecki design is their ability to make me want airport scenery, even very small airports that I never knew existed. This can be very difficult task of selling a product of a small unknown airport in Poland to a guy in Southern California. I have made many trips to Europe but sadly Poland was one I continued to overlook time and again. But that is mostly due to the fact that I started from the West and to this day, I am still working my way East. Soon enough, I will get to experience these great little airports. Till then, Drzewiecki Design is doing a damn good job representing these airports in the simulator in near perfect detail.   

Polish Airports Vol.3 is available on Simmarket for about $33 bucks. Well worth the price for 3 airports! Which means, stay tuned for my impression of the last airport in this group! EPPO: Lawica!!

Once again, Great job team! I love it! Two thumbs up!! Keep em' coming guys!

((-D'))  D'Andre 

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Manu said...

Thanks for the review, I like your enthusiastic way of telling us all about that little piece of fantastic scenery :)
Keep up the good work here!

D said...

Looks great, and a very nice price too !

Thanks for the review, love you site :)

DAndre Newman said...

Thanks guys!! Really appreciate the feedback! More to come!


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