Thursday, March 31, 2011

Las Vegas updated but...

It's a flop. We were expecting real night lights and textures in US Cities Las Vegas but../.

Enigma B737-300 Landor livery

Airbus evolution : the final test 1/2

The Airbus evolution has landed, at last. Despite my reservations, i wanted to test this product. The version tested is the Airbus vol.2 Upgrade. I bought it directly on Wilcopub website but it's definitely not the best thing to do. ../.

Tallyho tallyho, Captain speaking

"At this point, I think it is safe to say that from an aircraft functionality standpoint, the NGX is largely finished"  Airdailyx offers a little summary ....

A postcard from Poland

A postcard and some news from Stanislaw Drzewiecki and polish team../.

The quest for a (virtual) paradise

Falling leaves !

Something new at Orbx (dammit). I was just writting something bad about Orbx (top of right column) and hop, John Venema leaks one of his new secret. After TextureFlow, the tiny people, Bob the pedestrian, here are falling leaves from trees. Okay, i will calm down, its still a work-in-progress but John seriously intends to put these new generation trees in the next general aviation airport of NA Blue Pacific Northwest.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About some designers in latin america...

Teasing designers is funny but let's tease every designers, no exception...

Any resemblance is pure coincidental...

Airbus evolution : the release

Airbus evolution 1 and 2, download versions only, full and upgrade, are now available, according to Wilcopub.  The shopping cart is working on their website. Airdailyx published several articles on this product.

Majestic Sofware Dash-8 400 project

FSX only. Majestic software and Samdim design are announcing partnership on the Dash-8/400 project. New screenshots have just been released. According to their developers, the partnership will "provide the best Dash-8Q400 ever done in Flight Simulator". Majestic Software already developed a Dash8Q300. The editor is managed by Oleksiv Frolov.

Fly Tampa Midway : full test

The secret ? Kept until the last minute. Six years after the first FS9 version, FSX is finally released. The unique one square mile airport has inherited this shape from an old ordinance of 1785, dividing land in townships of 640 acres. To Martin and George, Fly Tampa developers, Midway is the good size airport between two major ones (the next is Athens LGAV). Under some aspects, Midway is technically more complicated (than Buffalo) with motorways and roadbridges, many more air-bridges and - for the first time - a sophisticated typical houses autogen.

Midway V2 ! Without a warning !

Fly Tampa has just announced a Midway V.2 for FSX (KMDW) with interesting screens and videos ! Not Athens, Not Miami, Midway ! These guys will always find a way to surprise us.  Very few things are explained yet and we don't know for instance, if Midway 2 is US Cities Chicago compatible. Should be. Update : thanks to Manu who tell me that the FS9 version is still the V1. Apology.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fly too bad !

Airdailyx published a small post last friday on Fly Tampa forum. No reply since then. But to their credit, George and Martin are always quick to react and help as soon as its about custom support.
Tanpis* : "too bad..."

Enigma Sim : the B-737 on video

Enigma Simulations unveils a first screen
of his B-737-300 under Speedbird colors !

FS9 and FSX. Enigma Simulations, developers community, has released yesterday a first video showing the B-737-300SP project executing a cycle take-off - landing. This long term project will include in the last stage a VC cokpit for FSX and 2D panel for FS9. The FSX version will be native.

Palermo bellissimo

FSX. Aeroporti Palermo Falcone et Borsellino. Thomas has just upload this wonderful personal work to He made it under Google Sketchup and is waiting for your comments to keep up the good work. Punta Raisi (LICJ) is an impressive airport, west of Palermo city, around important relief.

Monday, March 28, 2011

CLS releasing a free Piper Arrow...

FS9 and FSX compatible. Commercial Level Simulation is releasing today a freeware ; the Piper Arrow. Process is simple, CLS explains that../..

Aerosim B767-300, a year later

FSX. To point out a bad product ? Okay here's one. But i remember that Aerosim is a very talented scenery designer. The Boeing 767-300 was not targeting the hard core market neither. And remember this aircraft has been designed in 2009 and released in early 2010.

Marshalls ; Utirik and Rongelap islands

Rongelap island. According to a testimony on P.I.S. forum, the entire atoll
has only 3 to 5 meters elevation and is under threat from the global warming...
Just posted today, eight more screenshots from Marshalls islands package, by P.I..S  Pacific Islands Simulation. These ones show various grass and shrub textures and mandgrove trees. One regret though as i don't see any sloped runways. Who knows, maybe there isn't any. 

Tours Val de Loire : a foot in professional designing

FSX. The french team Sky Designers has released his second airport after Salon de Provence. Tours Val de Loire, in France region Centre is another important military airfield where are based EAC Jet fighters school (40 Alpha Jets according to Wikipedia) and personal resources headquarter. But its also a civilian airport open to public air traffic. LFOT has strong links with the irish low cost company Ryanair and the civil traffic is growing pretty fast.....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Sim. Guernsey : new set

FSX. Two days ago, i posted something about Earth Simulation new range of products. But in the meantime, its seems that the english designer has added some more screens of Guernsey. Interesting but i am still waiting for some shots of the local airport.

Flight sim labs, first screen released this week

A.M.S. Cancun 2011 : FS9 AND FSX !

New screenshots from Aviation Multimedia Studios and a confirmation: yes, the mexican Cancun airport will be for FS9 and FSX../..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flyhalf : the australian touch, for free

Cyprus airport of Paphos, Barbados Grandley Adams, and last but not least, Mauritius "Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam " Int airport. Who is behind these three freewares ? Full disclosure of mister.../..

Vilnius desperate...

The last screen published yesterday by Aerosoft

September 14, 2010 - March 26, 2011. More than six months after Vilnius airport project announcement, Aerosoft is still unable to release the lithuanian scenery. The worst thing is that Vilnius airport was really at an advanced stage ; terminal, parking, runway, grounds.. a lot of things were finished. What the delay ? "Is something rotten in the kingdom of  ?".

New reader on this blog ?

Dear visitors, with 3 or 4 posts/day, some of our best illustrations are relegated in archives. Don't take harshly these pictures, their only purpose is to tease our flight sim designers.

New aircraft project unveiled


Foronda Vitoria : ground marks finished

Akesoft, the spanish designer (Valencia, Lleida) has published five more screenshots. I would say that this project if halfway finished ; buildings placement over, ground textures, runway, taxiways and now, all the ground marks../..

Friday, March 25, 2011

Day by day, La Havana taking shape...

FS9, FSX. La Havana (MUHA) was expected in february. Miscalculations happen. While we are waiting for this master achievement (cuban capital city airport), Intersim's team leader Junior, takes time and share his passion. I like it like that even if sometimes we don't agree on some

Who's Who on the flight sim market ?

My "Who's Who" heading is updated every month.
This time, about 30 new people have been added from Aerosoft, CLS, Cielosim, Coolsky, Earth Sim... and  i am now including professionnal and technical providers and editors.
Surprisingly, Carenado doesn't publish any developer name.
Mexsim is definitely removed.

France VFR strikes back

"Reacting" to France Touristique new Corsica vol.2 (see our last post), the first french designer France VFR has just announced yesterday the soon release of several packages. The new generation of Corsica with a 1 meter resolution/pixel and a new MESH LOD11 for around 20 euros / 24 dollars. There is a scoop ;

Earth Simulations : products range extended

Darren and Vikki Vincent, designers of Earth Simulations, are announcing a significative expansion of their shop's products range. Products will not only be sorted by simulation category (Air, Sea, Land..) but with different kind of flight platforms accordingly ; FS, X Plane etc. For instance, VFR scenery for X-Plane 9 is now available on E.S. webshop. 

FLIGHT SIM LABS : A first one !

First screenshot of FSL A320 FSX. A pop-up view of the 2D panel with FMGS, ND ...
A new hope in Airbus community...
More explanations from Lefteris Kalamaras himself here :

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Guayaquil FS9 : release imminent

Boris Forero, designer of several airports of Ecuador, is announcing imminent release of Guayaguil FS9 completely new version. Boris is in the last stage, writing the readme file and some charts. The new scenery will be available at Simmarket../..

Guess game

And which designer has the wider international team on flight sim market ?

1) McPhat
2) Aerosoft
3) CLS

If Aerosoft can.. Airdailyx can !

Your servant in his headquarter, somewhere in Paris suburb. A transparency operation !

Good price paradise for FS9

After Xin Chao Hanoi, Thai creation team is now releasing the airport of Angkor (VDSR), Sua S'Dei Siem Reap in Cambodia. A fabulous cheap scenery not only depicting the airport but also the temple of Angkor. The whole scenery is even completed by a large photoreal ground texture.

Oakland airport Beta 2 almost ready

Flightdream has delivered new screenshots of californian airport Oakland KOAK X (FSX) in San Francisco Bay. These ones represent beta two stage that will be released in a few days. Images are not the best ones to judge of Salgo's work but let's wait the next ones.

Las Americas. A promise is a promise

Lima SPIM hardly released than Latin VFR is already unveiling first shots of Dominican Republic Las Americas MDSD. How come a team can release one new airport each month. What a formidable mechanic while others can barely publish a thing once in the year.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For Italy became a desert and i blame le Ministero dell'Ambiente

Until some extra news in the night, this is a short post on Italy. I know i neglected italian designers, not voluntarily. Three years ago, italian department of Environment and italian civil aviation authority decided - for the commun good - to set up an ambitious project of freeware simulation over Italy and some Italy border countries (the "SIRX"). This project failed and might be (its still not shure) converted in some payware initiatives.

PMDG 747 HDT liveries

Terrence Klavererweide, lead designer (with Nicolas Nastri) from McPhat's studios, disclosed a couple of days ago first informations about the PMDG B-747 HDT package.../.

La Havana, final polishing...?

Intersim Studios is still working on La Havana airport (MUHA) project. The team is making final adjustements (here the terminal 2) and also work on some new generation jetways.

Corsica vol. 2 : Let's fly there !

French and even some european VFR pilots awaited this product for a year, after the volume one. Here it is, Corsica II and now, the possibility to fly across Corsica island. And at 50 cm/pixel, the landscape changes totally.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bear Gulch, Fictional

An Orbx beta tester sent new screenshots of the fictional area of Bear Gulch in Cushman Meadows. Nice ? Yes. Essential ? not shure. I am more intrigued by NA Blue projects. Bear Gulch and Cushman Meadows will be an addon of NA BLUE Pacific NorthWest. You buy the basic plate (NA BLUE XXX) and then, if you wish, you buy some more elements. Its something like... IKEA in flight sim world. Another good cash machine concept.

April congestion

In late january, i really feared a massive products launching jam. Well, it will happen in... april.

Intersim / First KMIA shots

The floridan team has released this morning some monochrome shots from his Miami airport project.
Further news expected this week end ../.

Live In FSX, an eye-candy

Emilios, chief of Live In FSX greek designer, has sent two new marvelous screenshots of Corfu airport (LGKR). This time, the designer has just finished the famous Vlaheraina (Vlacherna) monastery, a very well known landmark for pilots flying the final approach runway 35.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Captain speaking...

Important telegram from Robert S. Randazzo. "NGX is rapidly nearing release" stop.
"From a technical standpoint, the development is essentially finished and we are in detail/optimization/cleanup mode../.." stop.

This was a message from P.M.D.G. international corporation LTD.

Liverpool, new masterpiece

While Gary Summons (UK2000) is polishing minor details on the airport, Kevin Firth designs the airport surroundings that include some large areas of industrial parks. UK2000 is not FSdreamteam nor Fly Tampa but i love this english touch. When looked with scrutiny../.

Aerosoft charm offensive

3D development team

The german designer is certainly showing the right track to a lot of designers around the world. Disclosing the staff, desks, behind the desk, accountancy, YES ! that's a good move and Airdailyx applaudes.

FSDT "GSX" what it is

Tons of comments have been written on FSDreamteam forum about the futur Ground Service X utility. Let's summarize what can be really expected. This will help us to understand differences with Orbx's PeopleFlow and Oliver Pabst's AES. I also wish here to improve and update my article "battle of the tiny people".

Marseille "rebooted" ?

In last december, during Paris Le-Bourget Mondial of Simulation, Aerosoft representative leaked a first rumor about France plans. Three months later, what's new ?

Orbx Bear Gulch

Simulation or reality ?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boeing B-747/8 Taking-off

real live

iFly to release the FS9 full version next week

Chinese designer of the Boeing 737 NG, iFLY, expects to release a full DVD version in about seven days. This new version will include the last updates plus 50 more fixes for a better management of VNAV ALT logic, a new option to display the SEL/OAT in celsius 4 format.../..

Simware announcing Corsica vol.2

The belgian shop near Bruxelles, already announcing France Touristique Scenery Corsica vol.2

A new set of liveries

Ansett Australia, Air Canada Jazz and Air Lingus. This the march delivery of...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tropical Sim, next destination : Azores

Tropical Sim, the latin american designer told about Azores project more than eight months ago. Azores islands will be commercialized under three successsive packages.

A fully simulated racing circuit !

A couple of days ago, totally neglected by news mag and blogs, FTX Full Terrain Orbx updated his Bathurst scenery project. Bathurst will be a typical australian scenery, with the Bathurst airport (YBTH) and... an incredible racing circuit around Mount Panorama.

Coolsky and the mysterious new feature ?

After the McDonnel Douglas Super80, nowegian aircrafts designer Coolsky is working on his next aircraft, in a manner of speaking as the DC-9 was launched prior to the Super-80. Espen √ėijordsbakken, founder of Coolsky has announced two important things ; for the first time, McPhat' Studios, liveries designer, will be in charge of panels. The studios, who is making a first move in this direction, might have found there a new activity. He will intervene as a Coolsky "sub contractor", Espen beeing himself a master in panel designing../

More on Carenado next projects

After the Baron 58, Carenado speed up his next projects, the Commander 114 and the C T212 Centurion, showing off new inside aircrafts and external views.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nice week end from Airdailyx

(Any resemblance is coincidental)

To all readers and people who sent me their best comments, nice week end.
More news tomorrow.