Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tallyho tallyho, Captain speaking

"At this point, I think it is safe to say that from an aircraft functionality standpoint, the NGX is largely finished"  Airdailyx offers a little summary ....

Dr. Vaos../ tuning/tweaking and adapting the autoflight and FMS behaviors under LNAV/VNAV../..
Alex is cleaning up last minute details in the options and sim functionality areas of the FMS../..
Vin is heavily engaged in optimization, working in conjunction with Michael and Alex to squeeze greater and greater performance out of the airplane. To give you an idea how optimization is going, we have improved FPS in the airplane 30% just this week alone../..
On my end (R. RAndazzo), I am going through approximately 12,000 pages of documentation on the airplane, one page at a time, validating the behavior of every light, switch, system and operation on the aircraft.  Stop.

We appreciate your patience- we have enjoyed sharing our enthusiasm for the development of this airplane with your enthusiasm for flying it. We promise the wait will be worth your time!. Stop.

Well, that's an update. Thanks again to P.M.D.G. international corporation ltd. (The original post has been summarized by Airdailyx).

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