Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Airbus projects : status ?

FSX. There is actually three ongoing Airbus projects. Three advanced versions of the Airbus A-320. Who are the competitors ? Aerosoft, BlackBox and Flight Sim Labs.
Do we - do you - have news from them ? It depends... from what we read lately in their forum...

Piaggio P-180 V3.0 Released!

FS9/FSX. Great freeware model! Another great job by Mario Noriega! I downloaded it and it's really quite good. My Wilco model is still in the hangar due to the lack of support...

LYBE for FSX still alive

FSX. SkyHigh Sim, the Serbian team, is still working on Belgrad Nicola Tesla LYBE after their first version for FS9. They have posted some advanced screenshots and their roadmap, once Belgrad is released.

Airbus X : external views

FSX. Very few news today. It's mid-summer ! Fortunately, Aerosoft has just unveiled the external views available on  the Airbus eXtended.  A couple of shots showing wing views here.

Monday, July 30, 2012

LHPR-LHBY for FSX Released!

FSX. Now finally FSX users can experience what I have been going on about! You can read the FS9 review HERE, see my interview with the development team HERE, and get your copy... uh... where is it?

Rio de Janeiro : our own screenshots

FSX (and FS9 to follow soon). That was a surprise. Tropical Sim has just released Rio Galeo this morning while we were still expecting more previews. Did Tropical Sim rush the thing ? While its still not reaching a top class designer skills, this is perhaps the best SBGL airport ever done for FSX...  Airdailyx will wait an update before making any hot test.

Myrtle Beach

FSX/P3D. I know a good ground image when I see one. The latest shot from TAG.

Majestic Q400 : thrilling...

FSX. Majestic Software has posted a dozen of amazing shots (details of virtual cockpit, external views..) of the Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400. Sounds imminent...

RIO de Janeiro released !

FSX. Tropical Sim has just released Rio Galeo Antonio Carlos Jobim Intl SBGL on Simmarket. FS9 version will follow soon.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Grass baby!!

FS9/FSX. Now everyone who has read one of my many reviews know I LOVE good looking grass, plants, shrubs, and trees in my simulation. Now TAXI2GATE is showing off some beautiful new grass textures! Wow that looks GOOD!! Do I feel an impression coming on??

1 more Tunis prize left!

Congrats to Papp Sándor our 115th member on Facebook. You got the last prize of Tunis Carthage 2012. Stay tuned folks, we will have more contests in the near future!

H&S Design Eurocopter EC145 Released!

FS9. For those FS9ners who have been waiting patiently, your Eurocopters are ready. There are 6 models in total to keep you busy. They include the: Base Package, Norm Pack, Norm Rad Pack, Rega Pack, US HEMS Pack, and the UH-72A Lakota Pack. All are available as separate downloads. Who has the download links? Well we do of course! Silly goose!

New shots from Heraklion

FSX. Emilios has just posted three shots of Heraklion LGIR airport. Possible release in early August..

I cannot resist...

FSX. ... showing you more shots of SunSkyJet Philadelphia KPHL X. After a week of vacation in the french Gorges du Verdon, i am excited to discover this heavy work. And not disappointed !

Saturday, July 28, 2012

AirDailyX Exclusive! Interview with LHSimulatons.

A young development team whom I without a doubt believe is on their way to the top. The talent, the quality, the passion. These are clear in the projects they produce. I am very lucky to have the opportunity to get a very indepth look at what is driving this young team and what they are planning for the future. This is likely the most indepth interview here at AirDailyX and my very first interview as an editor here. So join me as I get to the bottom of what LHSimulations is all about and what makes them so good.

My girlie takes the stick!

Every now and then besides her correcting my spelling on the blog, my wife tries her hand at FS. She never seems to want my help but for me to just sit back and say nothing is just too difficult for me... Aughhh! But it is funny and for what it's worth, she did a good job. As they say, any flight you can walk away from... Click below for video.

The heliport is completed. Moving forward...

FS9/FSX. Words from the Polish Wizard himself! So the question, what airport will we see previews of next? Hmm...

Just a couple more days... (for us at least)...

FSX. Those are the words from the McPhat team. Very nice!!

First shots of SGAS!

FS9/FSX. Cesar of Taxi2Gate shows off some beautiful screens of his latest WIP, Asuncion airport in Paraguay. These look NICE! And we are the first news source to show them off! Enjoy!

Friday, July 27, 2012

NZ North Island released!

FSX. Very highly detailed! Go get it! After all, it's Orbx!

29Palms showing off.

FS9/FSX. Mykonos! Looking very good!

The latest on Aerosoft's Twotter!

FSX. Not much but nice to have an update nonetheless!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's next from Eagle Rotorcraft?

FSX. coming soon! These guys are busy!

Waco YMF. WTF?

FSX. Never heard of it but I want one! The latest project from Alabeo!

Y'all probably wonderin...

Where the heck is Dom? Well he was last seen in the South of France layin on the beach with a bunch of Playboy Playmates in bikinis... We'll that's the rumor anyway. He'll be back in a couple days. Till then, y'all still stuck with me! HA!


Is that? Wait!! Is that a PMDG 777??

FSX. Well I guess it is... Damn! Sweet!!


FS9?/FSX. Carenado's B200 is looking very sexy. No word on FS9 yet.

The latest from Drzewiecki

FS9/FSX. Although still a work in progress, the work looks good!

Jeju Island. Next on deck.

FSX. Pacific Islands has just announced their latest project in the works for FSX. This time, South Korea.

"Flight has landed."

This time I am not at a loss of words. Microsoft for the first time listened to the flight simulation community. They worked with our highest developers in the community. In the end, they turned their backs and did what they thought was best. Those actions mirror their failure as the total lack of success for the fraicnise Microsoft Flight has come it's end. And yet again, MS laid off many good people and a potentially truly great platform goes to the dumpster. C'est la vie...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Carenado announces the latest toy for FS9

FS9. The Carenado C208 Grand Caravan makes it's debut in FS9. It's not one of Carenado's sporty higher performance aircraft, but it is a personal favorite and finally I can retire that old Feelthere model.

Aerosoft Varanasi 2012

FSX. Mathijs shows off the latest external product development. So the question is: Where is Varanasi?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Carenado in action!

FSX. Carenado has just released some shots of their latest super advanced Skylane due for imminent release. Nice to see these older style birds look so fresh!

Cockpit HD released!

Remote flight has just released their Cockpit HD app for iPad. Those gauges look good. Very good!

The Avro gets closer to FSX!

FSX. QualityWings has just released a bunch of photos showing off the Avroliner for FSX. This comes just a day after they released the first service pack for FS9. These guys are busy!

Monday, July 23, 2012

AWG CRJ, the latest!

FSX. Tired of the complete lack of having a proper payware CRJ? Well AWG shows off what we hope will be our Bombardier in shinning armor. 

Due Friday!

FS9/FSX. H&S Design EC145 is nearly ready to land in your backyard. The above photo shows the FS9 version, the below shows the FSX version. OOhhh so nice!!

It's a beautiful summer in Hungary.

FS9. I can hardly remember back to the days when I only went after sceneries modeled after places I have actually visited. What I failed to realize is, visiting new places in the sim can almost be just as fun. A lot of developers have been taking me to a lot of new and exciting places lately. But right now, I am enjoying a wonderful summer in Hungary. If you are new to this country like me, I have some cool treats you may not be aware about. Come sit with me. It's a nice day!

Sharm-el-Sheikh Part 2


QualityWings SP.1 released!

FS9. The first needed service pack for the QW Avro is released. Go get it! So what did they fix? Improve? Add? Let's find out!

The latest from Dzrewiecki

FS9/FSX. Stan has confirmed what airports will be modeled in high quality and which will be lite airports. Oh, but what is this?

VirtualCol Comalapa ? Serious progress

Comalapa MSLP in El Salvador
FS9 and FSX. The small editor who developed many columbian airports is definitely improving his work. Oh, it"s still not Latin VFR yet but this Comalapa is a clean work. And a great addition to Central America...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

CanaryX. The first shots!

FS9/FSX. Manfred, the golden child of SimWings has finally brought us some first shots of the first airport El Hierro to be included in the Canary Islands project.

Comalapa Released!

FS9/FSX. Want to visit San Salvador? VirtualCol released it's latest scenery.

Introducing FlyingBear Studios

FS9. We have a new developer emerging for the world of FS9. FlyingBear releases their first project: Da Nang.

Ottawa the latest...

FS9/FSX. Here the most recent screens of Ottawa from AeroFiles. The team is also working on an updated version of Billund.

DA40 XLS Released!

FSX. Bill has just released his latest toy. I am sad to report that an FS9 version will not follow. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

! R E L E A S E D !

After a very long wait, Ianj and Shez have released their marvel for FSX. It"s time for donations too !

Sharm-el-Sheikh : part 1 / Beaches

FSX AND FS9. First great egyptian airport for FSX. New exotic destinations toward Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Dubai and more... FSDG HESH is also including resorts and beaches.

More about New Zealand North

FSX. Can"t resist showing you more screens from Aaron Myers, Iain Emms or Alex Goff on the hot New Zealand North Island. Release in a few days now.

Hun Landmarks!

FS9/FSX. LHSimulations has just released the latest Hun Landmarks pack. You will need it to enjoy with their latest work of art: LHPR!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


FS9/FSX. Now that contest is finally over it's back to work! Again, congrats to all our winners! If you have not yet won, be our 115th Facebook member to Like us and collect your free copy of Tunis! Okay, what do we have here? It's another airport from my home state California in development by Aviasim! Damn that looks good!
And finally after dozens and dozens of entries, we finally have our winners! We thought the questions were quite simple, however we were surprised how many got at least 1 question wrong. We didn't really count the guess question, that just gives us an idea on how popular our readers think we are. So, what were the correct answers? Who are our lucky winners? Let's find out!

And another Alaskan airport !

FSX AND FS9. Fairbanks just been announced by Tiziana from Aerosoft forum. A new destination after Anchorage...

Balloons festival

FSX. In New-Zealand North island, Alex Goff (Orbx) and other developers have inserted hundreds of balloons. They will appear, as in real life, from 7 to 9 am between September and June.