Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shame on Ariane Design

Ariane Design launched its Boeing 737 in november 2008. Technically the aircraft reach hard core simmers best standards. First of all, the FMC is very detailed with fully operational FIX and PROG buttons. Second, the overhead is fully fonctionnal.
BUT, two years later, we are still waiting in vain for an airac or the so long promised (payware) Navdata. Shame on Ariane Design, shame on its heavy identification procedure, shame on its low quality ND. Shame on its communication policy (no forum, no real news...).

Friday, October 15, 2010

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank you John de Young !

Who knows Ottawa ? Located in the province of Ontario across three rivers, this capital city has a very nice airport - Macdonald Cartier, with two runways. Obviously, it is connected to major canadian and quebecan airports ; Toronto, Halifax, Winnipeg, Calgary and of course, Quebec, Montreal etc.
Heading to the north, there are flights to Iqaluit or St John's. To the south, it is linked to N-Y, Philadelphia...
Note that Ottawa is also offering flight to Europe, London et Frankfurt.

Why i am writing about that ? Because John de Young designed months ago a very good airport with 3D max, incorporating custom lights (nice night lightings !), animated jetways and detailed surroundings (parking lots, road traffic etc.).

This scenery is free and downloadable on (on last check). CYOW is either available for FSX and FS 2004 and you can make nice FREE flights between Ottawa and Philadelphia (check our link about SunSkyJet).

CYOW main terminal

Friday, October 8, 2010

Last generation aircrafts : Are they smooth ?

I have just tested three of the latest aircrafts for FSX to compare their FPS performance.

I put the aircrafts in front of the runway 28 of La PAZ, loading Latin VFR scenery.
It's 12 hour, no weather, no traffic manager, i am not on any network.
The all purpose is to check the frame per seconds score from the virtual cockpit. Rules are simple.

Quality wings Americal airlines + winglets gives.........: 20 - 22 FPS
Airbus X Aerosoft US Airways gives........................: 25,5 - 30,6
Ariane Design (American Airlines + winglets) gives....: 24,5 - 26,5
For comparison, old PMDG 747, PW Oasis gives.....: 19,5 - 24,5

That's it !
Obviously, Airbus X and Ariane designs scores are good but Airbus X is (still) not a hard core aircraft and Ariane Design's cockpit's textures are of lesser quality. These scores are pretty good for me, considering that our eyes cannot assimilate much more frames. But the test took placed in front of a runway, in a middle of nowhere. At gate, in the airport, these FPS droped to 8 - 14 (on my computer).
This is not good enough to enjoy the flight. Who's fault ? Scenery designer or aircraft developer ?

La Paz SLLP, Latin VFR.

Test conditions were exactly the same for all aircrafts and I relaunched FSX each time.
In FSX, I put Fps on illimited, no shadows on aircrafts but full scenery details.

My computer : Quadcore Q8200 2,33Ghz, 8 gigabits ram, Nvidia GTS250, monitor HPw2207h.