Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ariane Design launchs a new variant of his B-737

FS9 and FSX. Ariane Design has released a new variant, the Clipper C40, derived from the B-737-700 and bought by the U.S. Navy. This product is of course as expensive as the others, 70 english pounds for the download version.

Eiresim Luton : technical improvement

FS9 and FSX. Terry Smith has managed to include a tunnel in Luton airport scenery. A premiere for the irish developer.

Monday, May 30, 2011

CLS announcing new liveries for the DC10

 FS9 and FSX. Commercial Level Simualtion is announcing a payware pack of liveries will be available next week for the DC-10/F/15/30/30F and -40. 22 liveries.

News from two aircraft projects (Enigma Sim)

FSX. The developpers's community, Enigma, has showed off first screens of the native freeware FSX B-757 project. The Bombardier Challenger is now at an advanced stage.

Level D B-757 Poll : analysis

That's it. 27 % people think that Level D will develop a B-757 someday but 35 % think that it can take a month, a year or even a decade. And 12 % point out that the designer systematically erase interrogative or suspicious posts.

Keflavik, Iceland : some new shots and 3D objects

FS9 and FSX. Aerosoft has put some new eye-candies in his forum.

Bornholm X 2011 : hot test (FS9 version)

FS9 (and later, FSX). Drzewiecki Design, the polish team, was probably not aware of Vidan Design's project when they started their own. But since there was another Bornholm in competition, they took their time to work on their vision of this danish airport and island.

From Key West with love

FS9 and FSX. Latin VFR is sending us a first postcard (FS9) from his next work, Key West, in Florida. No hot details but we can see that as usual, the Costa Rica's based team has taken care of the surroundings. The whole island will be depicted. Incoming in june.

Central Rocky montains : more previews

FSX. First, thanks for your fidelity. I am sorry that yesterday afternoon there wasn't very much news. Orbx, the australian designer, has now published new screenshots of NA GOLD CRM on his forum. To summarize, the team is working this new NA Gold project, plus New Zealand South, plus a new addon for NA Blue PNW along the west side of Discovery bay. This addon will be released in late june.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Corfu X : at last, a first view of the terminal

FSX. Emilios, from Live in FSX, has just published a first preview of the front terminal in Corfu, with some transparency effects.

Aerosoft Stavanger X : another preview

FSX. Another preview of the norwegian airport.

PMDG : a new night video inside the cockpit

3,42 mn of video inside the B737 NGX. Some preview of night lights systems.

On Avsim forum ;

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Corse HD : not the 8th wonder of the world

FSX. France VFR, tThe french editor finally launchs a new product, a mesh-photoreal scenery, without autogen and airfields. It's a meticulous work but we still expect Rhone-Alpes Regional scenery and new airports.

Airbus evolution and us, naked !

This image is possibly copyrighted. We will have to remove it tonight.

One month after Airbus evolution release, we are still desperately looking for repaints. Sorry but it seems that Wilco publishing does not really care of it - or did not inform us - of any incoming extras liveries. McPhat is also too busy to give us back his repaints. The studio designed several liveries two years ago but they disappeared... We ? We remain naked but they don't bother.

Pacific islands Sim still fond of... Pacifica

FSX. P.I.S., the american team is already showing off previews of Fua'amotu Intl airport (NFTF), in the kingdom of Tonga. To be released in... june !

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bae146 Quality Wings : 3 new liveries

FS9 and FSX. The american designer shows new liveries of his incoming British Aerospace 146 Avro.


May screenshots !

Eiresim Luton : new original shots

FS9 and FSX. Terry Smith has shown more pictures of London Luton, unveiling Monarch and Corsairfly hangars, plus a first temporary Afcad.

Skysoft Simulation comes to light

FS9 and FSX. Skysoft Simulation is still working on his mega FSX project Beijing, to design the Capital's international airport, ZBAA, the new terminal 3 and all the surroundings, including the exhibition center (picture)../.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Harrier Jump Jet V2 improvements

FSX. Wilco Publishing has released a version 2 of the Harrier Jump Jet, including some hotfixes. Majors improvements concern the virtual cockpit ; better HUD collimation for Track IR, better handling of the autopilot, revised VTOL gauge, reduced reflectivity in virtual cockpit glass.

New screenshots of Miami airport

FS9 and FSX. Intersim studios unveils new pictures of Miami airport project.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Focus on a young video designer

We knew about Touch and Go Films and Jaggyroad. Here is AlphaSimulation X. This young team just launched their YouTube channel a few days ago.

Intersim Varadero : our test

Juan Gomez Intl.
FS9 and FSX. Announced in february, delayed time and time again, the FSX version is there, a few weeks after FS9. With Santiago de Cuba and La Havana, Varadero is one of the most awaited cuban airport. Is the wait worth it ?

First shots of Kona Intl (Hawaï vol.2)

An early preview of Kona.

FS9 and FSX. FSDreamteam has published some previews of the Kona airport (PHKO). This is the last airport to build in order to release Hawaï voL.2.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aerosoft to launch new aircrafts

Aerosoft is announcing a new serie of airliners in his pre-order page. The designer is really working for the flight sim market. See ! Expected to market ; a 737-800 Air Berlin inflatable, an Eurofighter Typhoon inflatable and a... 380 inflatable. Several sizes available soon. Prima !

FSADDON+ announces new projects

Abundance of new projects at FSADDON+ (Silvercloud). The Publishing and News group predicts that the Fieseler Storch vintage aircraft will be released between second half of june and early july. Italian designer Real Earth X is also working on his next scenery, the Matterhorn-Cervino peak and on two airports ; Cortina d'Ampezzo and a payware version of Belluno.

Essendon, Australia.

A mid-size airport for charters, ambulance flights and GA

FSX. And...  Orbx again. But this time, it's about an airport project that had been planned a long time ago in the road map. The australian airport of Essendon (YMEN), in Melbourne is "not very far from beta build" according to John Venema. Here are the first previews.

iFLY 737ng FSX : a first impression

FSX. The run is over. iFly will have been finished his FSX version a few weeks ahead of PMDG. Here are some impressions on this aircraft.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Professional Flight Planner X in beta stage

FS9, FSX  The team who developed Topcat, the aircraft performance calculator, is also working on a new "professional" flight planner, the PFPX X. Several beta testers are now working on it and the final release date is expected this summer.

Nemeth Design Agusta 109 : Beta 3

The livery is from an hungarian private investigations company...

FSX. Iain Emms, a Nemeth Design beta tester, has unveiled a new livery yesterday and confirmed that the project has reached Beta 3. More screens here : http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/8165-a-109-new-vip-livery/

First screenshots of New Zealand South Island

FSX. The australian designer, Orbx, has published a dozen of previews showing various textures of the south part of New Zealand. This product labeled NZ BLUE is planned on their road map for a long time but there is not any release date yet.

Bornholm island 2011 : last developments

FS9. Drzewiecki Design will release Bornholm island on may 31th. The team is just finishing some works on night lighting, the simulation of the ALSF-1 approach lighting system, animations, textures and some landmarks on the island. The FSX version is planned in june.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thai Creation discloses his new airport

FS9. Next to Paro Intl, Kritta, developer and founder of Thai Creation, has published his first screens of Ho Chi Minh city Intl airport, Tan Son Nhat VVTS.

2 appetizers from L.I.F.

FSX. Live in FSX has published two more screens of Corfu X at dusk. The airport will be distributed by Aerosoft and published next month.

Time to tease the frenchies too

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birmingham Xtreme : Hot test !

Birmingham EGBB is among the oldest airports designed in FS.

FS9 and FSX.  Months after months, UK 2000 (Gary Summons), patiently reworks his english airports collection. Some of them are already at V.3. Birmingham EGBB is now reaching the V.2. and this include up-to-date improvements already seen with Heathrow and Gatwick.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Intersim / Taxi2gate / A short update

FS9 and FSX. Just received a comment about current projects from Intersim staff. According to this text,  (here on right column), Varadero FSX will be sent today to the simshop. La Havana is on beta test and Miami city is finished. The teams have also planned two new airports Tamiami and Opa Locka...

Fukuoka, a small test

Colorful, exotic, highly detailed, but yes, expensive.
FSX. It's probably no use to write an extensive article on this new japanese airport, from Aerosim. But. Despite the price (around 55$/44€), Fukuoka Kuko (RJFF) is really a nice and heavy airport based on highly detailed terminals, with colorful (and animated !) city ads.../.

Birmingham to be released tomorrow

FS9 and FSX. UK 2000 announced that Birmingham Xtreme EGBB, in UK, will be available tomorrow. There are two versions, the full V2 installations and the upgrade for V1 version owners. This new Birmingham will include the new pier and has been reworked ; imagery, textures, buildings and objects models, lighting etc.

Intersim Studios Taxi2gate in a state of agitation

A new secret Star Wars spaceship ?

FS9 and FSX. The floridan and latin designers have published a short report of their activities. First, the cuban projects are "off the table" and completed until further developments (there is no mention of La Havana). The developers are now focusing on Miami projects. There are also plans for "futur major projects in the US and possibly in South America". This might announce that Montevideo will be (or has already been) launched. I am keeping the best for you here...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aerosoft Zurich - our statement

Published on Aerosoft's forum, may 12. Beta 5 stage.

FS9 and FSX. Airdailyx will not insist on this new Zurich Kloten LSZH project until our hot test.
The reason is that FSdreamteam version is slightly old-fashioned but unsurpassed in term of quality and framerate. FreeZ version is, well,... free. Aerosoft did not hide the fact that their professional departement required this scenery for other projects. We will come back to this.

Copenhagen airport : to be updated

FS9 and FSX. Claus Kludder, chief of Scansim, designer of Copenhagen airport, is announcing that an update is in preparation. This will affect both versions and improve 3D model textures with high definition textures provided by Swedflight team. To be continued.

Enigma Simulations explains FS9/FSX impact on aircrafts

A comparison between FS9 (left) and FSX. Same paint, same model.

FS9 and FSX. Jordi Blumberg, an administrator of Enigma Simulations community, has posted an interesting comparison between FS9 and FSX. The purpose ? To explain that FS9 shows too much limitations in term of external visual effects../.

The Lancair V 1.2 patch

A new VC rain effect (version 1)

FSX. Orbx has released his new Lancair V 1.2 patch, improving the aircraft in many aspects ; a windshield rain effect, new volumetric 3D landing lights, a new passenger, some updates on the external visual model and a full batch of small instruments upgrades.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ariane Design releases a global service pack

FSX. This is odd but yes, Ariane Design has just released a service pack fixing issues and problems shown by customers. This "GSP", global service pack is for free. The upcoming Navdata, next month, will cost more than 40 US $. Fascinating...

New addition to the Tre Cime pack

A 10 mn film on the real Tre Cime region

FSX. Italian designer RealEarth X has completed the Tre Cime scenery with a new extra, the Auronzo area. FSADDON+ is also showing a high definition video of these areas. http://fsaddon.eu/wpfsaddon/

Another Baron in production

FSX. MilViz announce that they are working on a Beechcraft Baron 55. External design is already finished. There isn't much more info on the version (a military one ?). MilViz and Nemeth Design have also confirmed that the Chinook project is still planned.

Previews of GEX Africa Middle east

GEX Africa + Xclass LC

FSX. Scenery Solutions is almost finishing Ground Environment X AFME, a whole new set of textures for the Africa continent and Middle East. Two days ago, screenshots from Congo, South Africa, Afghanistan etc have been published. Be warned that most of them are configured with other addons.

Carenado changes his plans

FSX. It's a scoop. The chilian light aircrafts designer is launching a new project for FSX, the Cessna Skymaster C-337. The King Air and C T210 Centurion are not on hold but the process is probably slowing down.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The next Pacific Island Simulation is...

FSX. The american designer, Pacific Islands Simulation, has unveiled a new project about the Fua'Amotu international airport  in the Tonga, Pacifica. It's more of a transition work until something bigger.

Bajasim resumes his work on San Jose del Cabo FSX

FSX. After the FS9 version, the young latin designer Bajasim has announced yesterday that they had to hold on their FSX version for a few weeks. They have just resumed their work and published a picture.

Those who just care about your money

Some news about some designers. Aerofiles has now a wonderful website and a marvelous Facebook page. But all of this tend to sell products again and again. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Aerosim Fukuoka released

The next airport will be Osaka Itami

Last minute


Fictional sceneries : do we really like that ?

In his last scenery, "Cushman Meadows", Orbx has launched fictional airports. But do we really like that ? It's pretty hard to decide between pros and cons. On designers side, making a fictional scenery is satisfying a phantasm../.

Central Rocky Mountains : zoom on textures set

FSX. Orbx is showing off more details about their North America C.R.M. A lot of specific textures.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

iFLY B737 NG FSX : first testimony

Miami KMIA by Flycay... a large view..

FSX. Jonathan Schutte, CEO of Flycay Airways, the active latin virtual airlines, is  still working on Miami airport frontport from FS9 to FSX. This time, we have the opportunity to see an overall preview.

iFLY B737 NG / FSX First video

Hawai Vol. II to be published before KLAX ?

FS9 and FSX. FSDreamteam has unveiled a new batch of screens yesterday. Hawaï vol.II will include Kalului PHOG and Kailua-Kona PHKO.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nemeth Design : liveries and some interesting zoom

Koçoglu Aviation, a turkish company.

FSX. The hungarian chopers designer is puting online new liveries of the A109 AgustaWestland project.

iFLY NG FSX / official 18 liveries list published...

737-600 ; Westjet and Scandinavian.
737-700 ; Air Berlin, Southwest Airlines (Illinois One), Airpost (french-european).
737-800 ; Air Europe, Continental, Delta, United, KLM, South African, Kulula, Thompson, Ryanair, Virgin Australia.
737-900 : Alaska, British Airways.
and BBJ version  : 9H-BBJ.

UK 2000 and his new Birmingham !

New Birmingham Extrem V2
FS9 and FSX. The english designer told about Newcastle but the next release will be the blazing Birmingham airport (EGBB). I had it for FS9 but this one is really reaching FSX standards. Almost every textures have been reworked.

On a shiny sunday..

Oh, that's new...

FSX. While the australian designer Orbx is launching massive may discounts, we have been informed of a new coming addition in Washington state : a whole area probably as large as Cushman and including Protection island and two airfields ; Diamond point and Olympic field.

QW Bae 146 : another batch

China Eastern

FS9 and FSX. American designer Quality Wings has published,  yesterday night, three new liveries for the British Aerospace 146/Avro RJ, from Europe, America and Asia.

Friday, May 13, 2011

About time and money in the flight sim market

Let's talk about currencies exchange rates and flight sim future, although i do not see a direct link here. In our daily lives, this is unnoticed but the Euro is continuously raising to approximately reach 1,40 US dollar.../.

Scandinavia : a rebirth

Cloud9 Bergen FS9/FSX. Launched in... 2007.

FSX. Stavanger, Bornholm... At last, five years after FSX launch, scandinavian countries will have a decent treatment. The sooner will be the better. Some landscapes there are marvelous. Updated 05/14 with new Stavanger picture.

Eiresim says good bye to the old PMDG 737 NG ?

PMDG 737NG in its defaut PMDG livery

FS9 and FSX. Terry Smith spent a few hours to update his London Luton. Some screens with new hangars. But as i am a romantic, a picture got my attention.. It's a good bye, to the excellent old PMDG 737NG... born in 2003....  here the last screens of Luton

New pictures from Drzewiecki Design...

FS9 and FSX. It's (almost) a media war on Bornholm scenery. The polish team is still teasing us with some stunning screens. Vidan Design Bornholm X is already released, D.D. not yet !

Latin VFR : exclusive

Viva Santo Domingo, last airport available on FS9/FSX.

The interview published yesterday evening and deleted accidentaly by Blogger..