Friday, May 20, 2011

Fukuoka, a small test

Colorful, exotic, highly detailed, but yes, expensive.
FSX. It's probably no use to write an extensive article on this new japanese airport, from Aerosim. But. Despite the price (around 55$/44€), Fukuoka Kuko (RJFF) is really a nice and heavy airport based on highly detailed terminals, with colorful (and animated !) city ads.../.

The whole area is based on a very large photoreal imagery of 75 squares km. The scenery also includes the impressive network of double levels motorways and a few monuments of the city.

There is no special problem with the paiement process except a very low downloading bandwith. And here, we are talking about a 510 mb file... The manual enclosed includes all the charts and explanations.
Despite the price, i bought it and it's my way to help the country.

AI traffics are from My Traffic V.52

The Fukuoka bay at a glance and 75 squares km of imagery.

More infos here :

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