Monday, April 30, 2012

Release this weekend!! Final shots!

FS9/FSX. This much awaited addition to Polish airports Vol.3 is complete and ready to hit the virtual shelves. Before the Polish Wizard brought us Drzewiecki Design, ../...

2 cm/pixel... and a Premiere

FSX. John Venema has announced this morning a new airfield project, Stewart CZST in British Columbia, Canada, not too far from Ketchikan (Orbx) and Prince George (Simaddons). A world premiere, it's going to design textures showing 2 cm details per pixel.

New shots of Yekaterinburg

FS9/FSX. Aerosoft has just posted new screenshots (night ones) of the russian airport Yekaterinburg Koltsovo USSS. Seems in beta now.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Y'all can stop beggin for Glasgow now!!!

FS9/FSX. In what is obviously an instant great surprise from UK2000 mastermind Gary Summons, we now have the very first screens of the upcoming Glasgow Xtreme 2012! Excitement doesn't quite explain the excitement this news brings! Want more screenshots? Want the release date???

Pearson coming alive

FSX. Patiently, Florian is building Toronton Pearson. Interesting progress on photoreal textures in front of terminal. 

Two updates you need to know about!

FS9/FSX. TropicalSim and Taxi2Gate has just released some very important updates to their most recent US sceneries. So what is new? Fixed? Corrected?

The "other" Miami City scenery...

FS9/FSX. So far 2 years in the making. We only know him as TonyH. He has been working on this project for a bit over 2 years now and he has just released a few new screenshots of his Miami city project. He is clear, he may be busy with his personal life, but this projuct is very much alive and it's looking rather good! I wonder if there can be some collaboration between Tony and Stan on a possible merge to get the best of both worlds...

The SURVEY - 2012 - RESULT

Where is this market going ? Is this a profitable job to design sceneries ? Where are the customers ? That was the whole idea of this Survey 2012.

Flores : Our own screenshots

FSX (and FS9 soon). Another opus of Tropical Sim's Azores sceneries. Flores LPFL is a small island, at the far west of Azores. Small airport but long enough for all kind of aircrafts.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh Toulouzze

FSX. The french jazz singer sang it this way "Ooh Toulouse...". Claude Nougaro's song about the french pink's city is in "l'air du temps", since Aerosoft 's just announced a Toulouse LFBO project. To be released this summer but european simmers are still waiting for Lyon...

OMG (oh my god)

FS9/FSX. Polish airports vol. 3. Early shots...

Next update of GSX

FSX. Missed last wednesday, this announcement from FS Dreamteam about their next update. It will include a scenery editor, very easy to use, that will help you position certain vehicules around your aircraft, and at your favorites airports.

Airbus X Extended : more to see inside the VC

FSX. Aerosoft has unveiled new shots of the virtual cokpit, showing some differences with the original Airbus X. More info on the project advancement too.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Airdailyx Survey 2012

We are almost ready to send back our stats from our 2012 Survey. We have sent about 25 emails to editors, mainly those who are working on FS sceneries. Very happy to tell you that these companies have answered :

Larger view of Flores

FS9/FSX. Tropical Sim has showed off three new shots of the Azores airport Santa Cruz das Flores LPFL.

McPhat Studios : time to move on

FSX. That's a giant step. Next move. Considering the impass of the NGX liveries pack, McPhat Studios are now working more into cockpits where they will find much more value.

Poznan airport EPPO : first interesting shot

FS9/FSX. Drzewiecki Design has posted a shot of Poznan EPPO, one of the polish airports included in the next incoming Polish airports Vol.3.

Milano Linate : 4 more

FS9/FSX. Parthenosim has posted new shots of Linate LIML main passengers gate and ongoing work. Update : it's going to be payware.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aeroporto Da ILHA Das Flores. Screenshots!!

FS9/FSX. TropicalSim releasing some very nice shots of Las Flores. I am waiting till they are all done then i'll buy the complete set!

LatinVFR Caracas 2012. Our impression!

FS9/FSX. Okay, I know I have been wayyy behind on my impressions lately. No worries, I am catching up. This time we are heading to Caracas! Come with me won't you? Let's go!!

Oh wait! Lots of pictures! A warning for those with limited bandwith!!

Drzewiecki Design: Polish Airports Vol3

FS9/FSX. Stanislaw, (we call him Stan the Polish Wizard) due to his extremely high level of talent and quality of work in his projects, has just released another fine update to the polish airports Vol3. It is already looking to follow in the footsteps of it's predecessor, EPKK. Looking good!

AeroSim still workin' on that 787...

FSX. Picture quality isn't that great and I am more optimistic for the QW variant but nonetheless, Aerosim is making progress!

Enigma is on a roll!!

Enigma Simulations has released a very early stage photo of their 737 work in progress! My eyes are popping!!! Here's what the developer had to say...

Virtualcol Jetstream: Our own screenshots

FS9/FSX. I must say, even though they are very simplistic aircraft, the quality overall of Virtualcol's prop aircraft are well above freeware and reasonably priced. I should also note that this aircraft is on sale at a 30% discount until April 30, 2012. I took this advantage and I must say, the price to quality ratio is very reasonable.

ST-Louis : Our own screenshots

FSX. Second heavy airport for Taxi2gate, after Mexico. St-Louis has not been designed quite often. A nice location for flights inbound Chicago, Dallas or eastern destinations like Atlanta. Very good quality airport except a small bug (car traffic crossing the runway 29).

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Airbus X Extended : first liveries unveiled

FSX. First liveries of the Aerosoft Airbux X extended versions have been posted by Holgi. Finnair, Drukair, Norwegian, Lufthana etc.


FSX. Mathijs Kok (Aerosoft), has just announced Bari LIBD international for FSX. A totaly new version since the FS 2004 old version released years ago. First shots. More italian airports to come.

Monday, April 23, 2012

ST-Louis available !

Taxi2gate latest scenery for FSX

German airports vol. 3 2012 almost ready

FS9/FSX. JerdooFlightX has posted a video of the new German airports vol.3. This pack will include Hamburg and Bremen (with maybe a third aiport ?). Fully updated from the previous German airports pack. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

AES 2.22 What's next!

FS9/FSX. Aerosoft Enhancement Services. This is by far in my opinion the most important tool for flight simulation. But that's just my opinion. We love AES and the version 2.21 has completely changed the way we do business on the ground. We have no idea what new features may be planned for AES 2.22 but we do know at least some of the airports that will be included in the 2.22 release. At least 2 airports on this list people have been begging and begging for. Wanna know? See the little blue link below? CLICK IT!!

Scansim working on Copenhagen V.3

FS9. Claud Kludder, founder of Denmark Scansim, is now working on Copenhagen EKCH V.3.

Not more than a week away!

FS9/FSX. Cesar of Taxi-to-Gate has just announced the Lambert-St. Louis project is complete and will be released this month. Well depending on where on this planet you happen to live there is just roughly 8 days left in this month. So that means soon! Real soon! Let's just hope this airport will have AES. It's the only thing holding me back from purchasing previous TTG products. And this work is looking VERY good!

Sharm el-Sheikh 2012!

FS9/FSX. From the team that brought us Keflavik, Larnaca, and Djerba is currently working on Heraklion, Prague, Copenhagen, and now Sharm el-Sheikh! This morning, Thorsten of FlightSim Development Group released the very first screenshot. Here we go again! Hellooooo Egypt!!

FS9's Eurocopter EC145 more shots!

FS9. A few more shots from FS9's latest development Eurocopter EC145! Looks really good!!

Miami City 2012 update.

FS9. Stan has just released an update for owners of payware version of Miami City 2012. This update includes the Port of Miami with cruise liners, cargo vessels, private yachts and port cranes. This update is sure to expand the look and feel of what's under your KMIA final approach!

And two more !

FSX. Just announced today, are two new airfields for PNW, Walker airfield OR57 in Oregon and Cresswell 77S. First shots from Ken and Greg.

Sweden 2011 has been released

FSX. Released on April 8th, the famous Sweden 2011 project adds many airports in the south of Sweden, including Malmö airport.

Akesoft still working on Sevilla

FSX. The Spanish team (Sevilla V.1, Foronda, Lleida...), is still developing their large Sevilla San Pablo airport (LEZL) while working on a Valencia V.2 and San Sebastian. 2 new screenshots here about the design of Airbus hangars.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Virtualcol BAE Jetstream expansion.

FS9/FSX. I am actually really considering adding this little gem to my prop collection. Besides the larger Jetseream from PMDG there is only the freeware version out there. I still use that ole freeware too. Perhaps i'll break down and get it...

VIDP for FS9 imminent.

FS9/FSX. ImagineSim has released another set of photos of their upcoming VIDP scenery. Did I mention how impressive this scenery is turning out to be? We are looking forward to our first high quality scenery from the Indian Sub Continent.

Heraklion, 2 good ones

FS9/FSX. I really appreciate Emilios for he is always thinking of us. He posting regular posts on Aerosoft forum. We would expect the same from some others... No news here from Helsinki X, Yekaterinburg, Salzburg (canceled ?). But it's usually not Aerosoft staff fault. If the developer don't send anything....

Coolsky DC-9 : four more

FSX. Espen has posted four snapshots of its ultimate DC-9 (first historical version). Maybe some are original for you ?

The B-737-200 full ready !

The freighter version now ready

FSX. Captain Sim has just announced the release of the B-737-200 official Version 1.0 after several SP 0.7/.8/.9.  And in the meantime, the developer is releasing the convertible and freighter versions !

Philadelphia X airport, a few days ahead of release..

FSX. SunSkyJet is sending the final version of Philadelphia X KPHL to beta testers. A release is possible next week..

Friday, April 20, 2012

Enigma goes payware

FS9/FSX. Announced wednesday evening and from here on, the Enigma Sim team will be definitely focused on payware aircrafts.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Drzewiecki MIAMI city. Our thoughts...

FS9. Stanislaw of Drzewiecki Design has just released the long awaited MIAMI city scenery. I'll admit... I have some mixed feelings about the scenery. However, it was far worth the purchase. For $26 bucks you not only get something far better than the default offering, you get a very good looking approach into Miami as well.

Xiamen, China

FSX. Impressive, how fast P.I.S. is working on this new project, after Puerto Vallarta and Nauru. We can see many buildings and the main terminal, partly. That's almost a third airport finished in 4/5 months.

Gianni publishing more about Linate

FSX. Gianni, freelance developer from Parthenosim is showing a little bit much of Milano Linate.

Scoop ! Tropical Sim's announcing...

FS9/FSX. The Brasilian team is working on this large airport in Brazil...

Oh we like pre-paids !

Copyright Taloux and Airdailyx

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ontario 2012 update/beta.

FS9/FSX. We are currently beta testing Shez Ansari's latest work of Ontario (KONT) airport. What I can say is it looks very good and up to date. There is still some work to do and we are in the middle of testing the work but I thought I would share with you all just how good the work is!! It's REALLY good!! It includes some new features I am not going to tell you about.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Another glimpse of the Dash 8-Q400

FSX. The "Boss", developer of Majestic Software has just posted a new screenshot of the Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 project. The navigational display (ND) of this professional / semi-professional aircraft will manage holds and specific patterns. Majestic is also negotiating with FS2CREW for a partnership on this product.

A good picture of Toronto Pearson

FSX. OryxSim (Eindhoven X) has posted a rather convincing screenshot of Toronto Pearson CYYZ. A detail of the terminal front side.

"Thursday is the release day!"

FS9/Later FSX. "Thursday is the release day!" Not our words but words from the Polish wizard himself. The entire city of Miami is ready for takeoff and FS9 simmers will be on short final in just 3 days! The FSX version will be native from the ground up and will not be a direct port from FS9. This is expected in the near future.

Monday, April 16, 2012

FS9ners get 2 new aircraft!

FS9. Sure,  I fly FSX... it's da bomb! But by heart, I am still a die-hard FS9 fan and very proud of the high quality addons this old sim still has in store for it. Personally, my current nickname or FS9 is FS9.6. Why? Well I consider certain addons to not simply be addons. I consider them to be updates to the sim itself. My splash screen should explain things pretty well. This time, two new helicopters in very high detail are gracing our skies! One is already on deck, the other almost out of the hangar! Did I say free? Let's have a look shall we?

King Air C-90B : Our own screenshots

FSX. The King Air is probably in the top ten of GA aircrafts. This one is the sum of Carenado know-how in high quality textures and sounds and the high fidelity of instruments

South France PACA "Photo", a new set

FSX. Another bunch of the incoming Photo PACA scenery, that covers the south-east of France, from Marseille to Nice on the coastline and completing Rhone-Alps to the south. Probably the next product to be released.

A video of Nauru

FSX. Pacifica Islands Sim, alias "Pacsim", has uploaded a video of Nauru, showing off details of the airport and island.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

VIDP. Brand New Delhi baby!

FS9/FSX. We have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting... Well patience is a virtue and that patience is about to pay off very soon! ImagineSim has finally released a screenshot of their latest project in progress and we are pleased! Damn pleased!

SimWings roadmap: The future looks great!!

FS9/FSX. SimWings is by far one of my favoriate developers in the market of large airports! This is the crew who brought many countless addons and I have each and every one of them! The community was VERY pleased with the team's latest release PANC. There was an update from Thorsten Loth some several months back about future products. Well now, we have the 2012 plan all laid out. Do you want to what is up next??

Rome 2012 first pre-beta screen.

FS9/FSX. There have been a lot of mixed feelings about the EHAM scenery released by DreamFactoryStudio. Regardless of those mixed feelings, we keep hearing comments of skepticism regarding the new LIRF 2012. Cornel Grigoriu the head of DFS is putting a great deal of thought and effort into this scenery to ensure causes of previous concerns are not repeated here...

McPhat launches its Megapack

FSX. McPhat Studios has released a Megapack : all the liveries of the fourth PMDG B-747-400 UTX in one for a fair price..

Simaddons Calgary : new shots added

FSX. Simaddons has added a few more beta shots of Calgary, including raw computer models.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Patience in the empire of the sun..

Copyright Taloux Airdailyx

Flores / LPFL very first shots...

FS9/FSX. We start to see a small light after what was some very sad news a few weeks ago... the first shots of LPFL part of the Azores project from TropicalSim. We wish the team all the best as they push onward during this difficult time.

Rome Fiume first beta screenshot!!

Just an fyi as I post this from my iPhone. I just got the very first screenshot of the new Rome Fiume LIRF scenery for FS9 and FSX. I hope to begin beta testing shortly. As soon as i get permission, ill post it here!

((-D')) AirDailyX - we're on facebook!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

You say 29Palms ??

FS9/FSX. Silently, crawling among many young teams, 29Palms, a german team, is prooving us that our FS World is in a great shape. We lost some designers in 2011 but 2012 is so promising with Aviasims, Devinci and the Airport guys.....

Vancouver+3 : comparisons

FSX. FSAddon+ has released its Vancouver3+  a few days ago. Here are some shots to compare this addon with the Orbx NA BLUE PNW.

2 screens of the Airbus Extended

FSX. Mathijs Kok has just posted two shots that are coming apparently from the Airbus X extended project. One is about the Neo version and the other one might be the new fuel planner. At the time you are reading this, i am still making search about these new undocumented shots.

FranceVFR PACA Vol. 2 preview

FS9/FSX. Not much to say here other than it looks damn good! Oh how I wish this team would expand out of the French regions and into the rest of the world!!


Eaglesoft DO328. Ever?

FS9/FSX. I know there have been a lot of us who were excited that we would finally be getting a solid payware DO328 jet when Eaglesoft announced the project a few years back. But after seeing 3 other projects fly by in that time and the product being pulled from their future developments page i'm beginning to wonder... Is it coming at all?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another LH freeware!

FS9/FSX. Just a very nice quickie freeware from LHSim. But what is it??

Salt Lake City first previews!

FS9/FSX. You all remember Darren? The guy behind those awesome terminal models that will someday become EIDW V2 has started his biggest undertaking yet and we at AirDailyX wish him all the best of luck! KSLC is an US airport in heavy demand. This has been made very clear by sim fans after another developer quit a similar SLC project.

Caracas FS9 released!!!

FS9. Ricardo has just released the amazing Caracas scenery for FS9! I for one am very excited and will get mine shortly. I'll try to conduct a good review before the end of the week. Stay tuned>>> :)

Thanks Ricardo!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


FSX. Today Carenado has released the C90B KING AIR HD SERIES we all have been waiting so long for! It looks superb!! Thanks to Aldair for the heads up!! Just beautiful!