Sunday, April 29, 2012

The SURVEY - 2012 - RESULT

Where is this market going ? Is this a profitable job to design sceneries ? Where are the customers ? That was the whole idea of this Survey 2012.


This is a  summary of the survey. We told editors that some questions would remain confidential.

We asked to 25 editors (mainly sceneries designers) their answers about their targets, their customer base etc. 7 questions.

As we already told you, 15 editors from the smallest to the heaviest have answered :
Aerosoft, Orbx, Latin VFR, Tropical Sim, FSADDON+, Fly Tampa, France VFR, P.I.S., OrientalSim, OryxSim, Boris Forero, FSDG, FS Dreamteam, Drzewiecki Design and Simaddons.

First fact. they are still sticking on FS9/FSX and P3D. They have told us that this year, these 3 platforms will remain their top priority at 95 %, then X-Plane at 3,5 % and FLIGHT at 1 %.
Remember that's an average.

 We asked them "How do you see this year " (economicaly of course).

Excellent : 46,5 %
Very good : 33 %
Uncertain or bad : 20 %

We also asked them what could be the kind of jobs they are seeking, now or soon.

3Dmax/Gmax programer/developer : 8 answered yes (on 15)
Textures artists and painters :             8 yes on 15
3D artists :                                           7 yes on 15
Computer developers                          3 on 15

Some editors added other jobs not listed : project management, hired photographers (for airports).

And we asked them what could be the winning technologies (to improve, speed up design..)
which is a tricky question since all these editors are working in various kind of sceneries.
(and because D'Andre and I are still not profesionnal developers ;)

But here are the answers :

New textures modeling           5 on 15
Animated objects/people etc   4 on 15
3D new autogen                       3
New tools for 3D                     2
New tools for layers                0

Cherry on the cake ?
What we call "small teams", team usually composed of 2 to 5 designers, some on full some on part time. Well these teams have reported a very interesting average growth of 75 % per year.
Take it the way you like, growth of volumes or turnover, that's very promising for this business !

Dom and D'andre

-> to others blogs and websites. You can publish or mention our survey' resuts. Just mention Airdailyx or .. "according to Airdailyx..."


Anonymous said...

Could you compile the results on table or chart to make it easier to digest. Also, I believe there are more questions than that or are there not?

Mason Dominique said...

As a matter of fact. There is a table. We have sent it to editors who have participated in this survey.

There is no way we can send the table to others who did not take to time to do it.

Maybe someday, this table will be "declassified". Someday...


Anonymous said...

Actually, this table shows a lot of data and it is quite easy to guess in some cases which companies we are looking at. In my opinion this should not really become public. Nothing wrong of course, but imho no point.

Mason Dominique said...


I am deleting the datas and there will not be any more post on this topic.
that was a promise


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