Sunday, July 31, 2011

Incoming, a new freeware in North America

FSX. After the marvelous Vashon airfield, Orbx is working on another freeware for one of its north-west sceneries.

A new flow is coming...

This is THE NEWS of the day. From John Venema' voice, we hear that Orbx is ready to disclose a new "Flow" technology after Object, People and falling leaves. Some simmers, among the venerables ones, are already guessing WaterFlow, which could enhance rivers and lakes. The final answer in a few days with a video.

Danish Airfields X : first previews !

Vidan Design has published his first preview of Danish Airfields X. We start with Herning EKHG in central Jutland....

A small video on de-icing feature in Simaddons

This short video edited by Airdailyx shows how works the de-icing in Simaddons canadian airports.

A great lost

It's a sad news in the flight sim world. Jean-Pierre Brisard has just passed away.  With Premier Aircraft Design (PAD), which he joined in 2004, he built dozens of freeware aircrafts. I personally remember of the Socata and the Robin.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Aerosoft Keflavik : hot test

Keflavik Intl. BIKF

FS9 and FSX. The unavoidable airport to complete Iceland X. Special price applied. Lack of animations but great textures.

France VFR and FSADDON+ on a closer cooperation

|BtoB] Announced yesterday, the french sceneries designer and the dutch distributor-editor will extend their partnership.../..

Majestic and Samdim Bombardier Q400

FSX. More screenshots with australian regional Quantas Link.

Cross fingers, a KSAN at last for FSX

FSX. A young developer, Sagga, has launched a San Diego airport project. The first previews are promising but FSX simmers will cross fingers... This is the third or fourth KSAN X project after Cielosim* and Flightdream attempts.

Friday, July 29, 2011

New Guess and Win at Wilco Publishing

Two new aircrafts will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Another contest after the Hawker Harrier...

Corfu X : another glimpse

FSX. Two gorgeous screens of Corfu X. Coming in august. Developed by L.I.F. with Aerosoft support.

La Paz MMLP, Bajasim : first serious preview

FSX and FS9.  While some people are still exploring San Jose del Cabo, the mexican team Bajasim is already working on La Paz MMLP (La Paz SLLP is from Latin VFR). This time, the team will finish FSX version before FS9. Logical as 3/4 of developers are doing so...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Simaddons Halifax under scrutiny

FSX. Halifax is not new but it has been updated several times. More informations on Simaddons and this canadian airport.

Back on the tracks of SkyDesigners

The french young team who developed Tours and Salon de Provence, two military airfields, are now updating their works on Blogger. Douchambe UTDD and Dijon are finished and icing on the cake, there is a french aircraft carrier for free.

Another preview of... BEIJING

Still not reaching payware standard ???

FS9 and FSX. The enormous Beijing project is not finished. The developer behind it tries to reach payware standards. Until new updates on this, Beijing 2008 might be freeware and will include the airport and dozens of landmarks. Unfortunately, news are erratic and the team doesn't have a page on internet.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PMDG Prices and packages...

PMDG 737NGX Base Package: 69.99 $* ETA: On/Before 04AUG11
Contains the 737-800/800WL (winglets), 737-900/900WL
(*) until release of the first expansion pack.

iFLY B737 NG : 19 new liveries in two days

FS9 and FSX. Flight1 server has just updated iFLY X with 12 more liveries from all around the world. 7 more for iFLY FS9.

Another preview of Fall City

FSX. Just a few pictures of Orbx Fall city. This will be a technical jump with falling leaves and the new LeavesFlow feature but too bad this airfield is rather tiny...

MCP Combo II : between hopes and regrets...

FS9 and FSX. The korean high tech company, VR Insight, is ready to deliver the new generation MCP Combo II for Boeing and Airbus. Two specific modules for each aircraft technology. But../..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Annecy Meythet, the french alps regional airport

FSX. LLH Creations, a french developer, has posted a dozen new screens of the regional airport Annecy, near the Annecy lake in the french Alps. Ultimately, there should be a compatibility with some France VFR products.

Diamond point : our own screenshots

Screen taken with the E.R.S. Enstrom 280FX

FSX. Some new screenshots made this evening from Orbx Diamond Point pre-paid product.

337 C Super Skymaster : new livery

FSX. Carenado, the chilian team, has silently added a new livery yesterday. The australian Westpac airlines.

Bajasim next airport already started

FS9 and FSX. The young mexican team, Bajasim, is working on his second project, La Paz Gen Marquez airport MMLP, in Bajasim California Sur. This airport is 65 nm north of San Jose del Cabo and its size, a little bit smaller than the previous one.

Monday, July 25, 2011

747X HDT : first package almost on final

FSX. McPhat studios speeds up the process now. We have a good idea of the first package content.

Project Airbus : a new glimpe of the VC

FS9. Two new screenshots of the virtual cockpit during a night flight.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hawaï Vol. 2 : our own original shots

FS9 and FSX. Here are a few pictures of FSDreamteam Hawai 2, including Kona Keahole and Kahului, 70 nautical miles away. It's not a "hot test" since we just posted the C-17 Globemaster and Orbx CRM. Maybe later.

PMDG : an interesting thread on the vertical display

New explanations of the vertical display on PMDG's forum :

Playing around the autogen

New entry in Kevin Firth's blog. Always interesting for sceneries developers.

When the leaves come falling down

FSX. I missed the thing the first time, but this morning, taking a look again at this picture, i got it. This is the very first screenshot of leaves falling down from a tree in FSX... in flight sim history. A small foot for man but..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Polish airports vol. 3 : first previews

FS9 and FSX. A first screenshot of Wroclaw Nicolas Copernic airport, in the south west of Poland.

Nick's video on PMDG 737 NGX

A few days ahead of NGX release, an amazing and very detailed video on the virtual cockpit, from (Angle of attack).

Friday, July 22, 2011

CLS working on the B747-200/300 V.1.5

FS9 and FSX. After the lite version 1, Commercial level Simulations is cooking the extensive version 1.5 with additional systems. First screenshots today from Albert Bouwman. Will be announced in a few days...

Dash 8 Q400 : incoming liveries

FSX. Majestic software and Sandim design are now working on liveries. After Air Berlin and Lufthansa Regional, Austrian Airlines and soon, Quantas airlink and Air Canada Express. Aother screen of ..../.

Who works where ? Update

Our database of Fight Sim market developers, artists and publishers has been updated : full Orbx staff available now.

Antartica X project : new previews

FSX. Antartica X from LimeSim, published by Aerosoft. New previews of the south african polar station Sanae IV

Flightbeam KSFO-X version 2

FSX (and FS9 soon). Amir unveils new screens of the final terminal 2 at San Francisco. The terminal has been remodeled, refurbished and will have jetways. The release, free for KSFO owners, shall coincide with AES update...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

C-17 Globemaster : hot test

FS9 and FSX.  Area51 is a young designer from Hong-Kong, in China. The team already developed the C-5M Super Galaxy and other military aircrafts as the MH-47 and the spy aircraft U-2S.

Tonga, second step

FSX. Pacific Islands Sim. shown off some previews of Niuatoputapu NFTP, the second island of Tonga after Tongatapu and Fua'amotu airport.

Flight Sim Labs : the first external view

Published on FSL forum yesterday.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Important progress at Stavanger

FSX. Jo Erlend have posted new screens of Stavanger ENZV, in the south-west of Norway.

The long wait for Cracovia Balice

The polish team, Drzewiecki Design, is posting some pictures of Cracovia surroundings. But the airport will not be available soon. We might expect it this winter, for FS9/FSX.

Orbx Essendon now in mid-beta

FSX. Essendon YMEN, a mid-size airport in Melbourne has reached beta stage. The main developer, Martin Henare, has set 7 cm/pixel imagery. Around this urban airport will be shown a freeway and commercial buildings.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enigma Sim, out of hibernation !

FS9 and FSX. Ron Waite himself has just posted an update on the B-737 project, explaining that the team worked a long time to practice FSX modeling and texturing. Here is a fully optimized FSX paint. "../.. Initial release within the next ../..."

Carenado Centurion : the golden aircraft

FSX. Like it or not, the new Carenado Cessna turbocharged Centurion is sold at 29 euros at Simmarket and this is probably as much expensive as in dollars. The reason is simple. The Chile currency, the Peso, is rising and rising against euro and dollar for a few months...If this go's on, Carenado's aircrafts  will transform themselves in...  gold.

Central Rockies : hot test

Somewhere in the Craters of the moon, Idaho.

FSX. Unlimited flights in wonderful places. C.R.M. is a huge area, one of the largest ever made by Orbx, with same qualities than NA BLUE sceneries. But what's bad ? What's good ?

About AES bottleneck (part 2)

Here are multiple comments about my AES post. I tend to agree. Aerosoft should support the product with one or more developers.

Hawaï VOL.2 released...

FSDreamteam has just released the second volume, including Kona and Kahului.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Is AES a bottleneck ?

Flightbeam, Drzewiecki Design, Fly Tampa, etc... What's the common point between these developers ? They usually need (or asked for) the AES well known enhancement. But the more they develop new airports, the more they have to wait for AES materials. So is there a bottleneck ?

Lhsimulation ready to release Debrecen LHDC

FSX. After FS9, the hungarian team has almost finished his Debrecen airport (LHDC). A work of quality that remind us Drzewiecki Design at their young age...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hawaï VOL.2 : Kona International

FS9 and FSX. A preview can hide another one... Too focused on KLAX, i forgot to check on Hawaï vol.2 previews. Here they are, Kona PHKO new pictures, thanks to "Simbio", one of FSDT developers.

Copenhagen update

FSX. Claus Kludder is still working to update Copenhagen EKCH. New screens have been posted and show some improvements in road traffic. In the meantime, Aerosoft has not released new previews of his own EKCH.

Tunis X : new previews

Tunis Carthage DTTA

FSX. New screenshots from Frederic Kabalu, who is developing Tunis airport in Tunisia. This project has been initiated by our special operation TUNIS FREEDROM AIRPORT with our partner, FSADDON+.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Imagine Sim. Denver : hot test

A new heavy airport for FSX. An update for old FS9 version. In term of quality, something halfway from Blueprint and FSDreamteam. An amazingly large airport located in the center of USA.

Diamond Point : A week ahead from release

FSX. Heiko Glatthorn (Orbx) confirms that beta tests went well. Release is scheduled next week.

Friday, July 15, 2011

FSDreamteam : another (an last ?) preview !

Los Angeles KLAX
FSX. Umberto Colapicchioni and team have just posted a dozen new shots from Los Angeles.

Mega Airport Dusseldorf !

FS9 and FSX. Mathijs Kok, Marketing and product manager (Aerosoft), has confirmed the Mega Dusseldorf and released previews...

Do you know this airport ?

FS9 and FSX. This is most probably the next Bajasim airport, after San Jose del Cabo. Possibly an airport in Baja California Sur, possibly not.../.

AVSIM FANCON event cancelled !

We have just heard that AVSIM is cancelling his FANCON at Washington Dulles. "Registrations and number of vendors committing to attend are disappointingly  few.../.", says Tom Allensworth, AVSIm's publisher.
Among possible explanations are the choice of the date, of the location (Washington) and insufficient level of business in flight Sim market. Airdailyx officialy regrets this decision and will support any new initiative of this kind.

Corfu X : new previews

Main terminal

FSX. Emilios, leader of greek team Live in FSX ("LIF"), has jus posted two new pictures of Corfu X airport LGKR, the terminal and an amazing aerial view. To be released in (early ?) august by Aerosoft.

Skymaster : some progress !

FSX. After the white GMAX screens, Carenado unveils previews of the 337C Cessna twin-engine Skymaster. Flying in FSX environment, this time.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pacific Islands Sim working on Fua'amotu V1.1

FSX. The Version 1.1 will include a few more buildings and more custom 3D vegetation.

German airfields 11 on the way

FSX. Aerosoft will release German airfields volume 11 and Südbayern area in a few days.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Anchorage delayed...

Thorsten Reichert has published more screens of Anchorage PANC. The heavy alaskan airport, for FS9 and FSX. is delayed. Among the reasons, the developer is (was) also working on Keflavik and Copenhagen.

Bombardier Dash Q400 : new preview from Majestic

FSX. Majestic software and Sandim Group have published two more screens of the external model.

McPhat Studios : First livery in action

FSX. The very first PMDG 747 Ultra high definition livery from Terrence Klaverweide.

East Ireland in photoreal quality

FSX. Thanks to Terry Smith (Eiresim), we hear that PlaySims (a new publisher), has released Ireland East VFR Photographic. This is the volume 9 of the well known Horizon Simulation.

30 first USA airports : status on paywares

Source Airdailyx. Free of rights.

Available payware airports in USA among the 30 busiest

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An indigestion of Keflavik...

FS9 and FSX. Another flood of screens from Keflavik's project...

Project Airbus releases more screens

FS9 (and possibly FSX later). Project Airbus A-380 freeware aircraft is still at work. The team is now working on gauges. Will include a virtual cockpit as shown.

Blue Sky Scenery : Grand Canyon almost finished

FS9 and FSX.  The Grand Canyon photoreal scenery will include ultimately at least four quarters of five download areas of approximately 50 mb each. The third part, Havasupai area, has been released a few days ago.

New russian airport for Aerosoft !

FSX and FS9. The german designer has just announced a new project : Yekaterinburg airport (SVX/USSS), in Russia, about 1200 nm east of Moscow. A heavy airport that will allow connections from Europe to Asia.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Protection island, some details

FSX. A few days from release. Here are some details of Protection island, part of Diamond Point scenery, in NA Blue PNW.

Antartica X : more astonishing views

FSX. This is going to be the largest area ever designed for FSX. More screens from LimeSim, Sascha Normann (distribution Aerosoft). Expected this summer...

Keflavik to be released next week

FS9 and FSX. Keflavik airport is finished and tested. Aerosoft is working on manual and files.

Page updated "Who works Where ?"

"Who works Where" now counts more than 250 names. Added, Milviz, X-Scena, Pacific Islands Sim, FSDreamteam, GAP, Orientalsim and many independants developers.

No more news from the front

Airports and aircrafts payware projects that we don't hear about anymore. But we have a right of information.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Aerosoft Keflavik on final approach

FS9 and FSX. More winter screenshots - and probably the last ones - from Thorsten Reichert. possible release in a week or so (grounds and buildings done).

San Jose del Cabo FSX : hot test

FSX. Bajasim's first scenery for FSX. This mexican team is specially skilled when its about textures. San Jose del Cabo is one of the best mexican airport ever designed for FSX.

PMDG 737 NGX : more screenshots leaked

FSX. Since the NGX is now in the hands of dozens of beta testers, new screenshots are posted.

Progress on Liverpool surroundings

FSX. Kevin Firth is back. The british developer is planning to design UK 2000 Liverpool airport surroundings, district after district. Speke first custom textures have been launched.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

FS9. MilViz resuming his Handley Paige project. New screenshots. No FSX expected yet.

PMDG 737 NGX : final approach

New message today from Robert Randazzo. Now on pre-release testing. Build 82.2732 has been sent to tech team and to "wide" beta team. "We have a 'nearly release ready' airplane that is not going to require a significant amount of tuning to reach release".

Central Rockies mountains : a video

FSX. Orbx has uploaded a new video for the incoming NA GOLD Central Rockies.