Sunday, July 10, 2011

San Jose del Cabo FSX : hot test

FSX. Bajasim's first scenery for FSX. This mexican team is specially skilled when its about textures. San Jose del Cabo is one of the best mexican airport ever designed for FSX.

Installation. Easy but scenery must be registered in the library.
File : 50 mb.
Price : 20 € / 28 $.
FSX version is free for FS9 version owners (note that Simmarket don't even check that, so you are going to ask your free version directly to Bajasim...).
Framerate : Extremely smooth*. With iFLY FSX loaded, more than 20 fps (at gates or lined up) on a quadcore 2,33 Ghz, 8 Mram, ATI 5850 and 1 screen. All cursors full except autogen at 60 %. * 10/15 fps usually obtained on this "old" config with other sceneries.

The bad :

* The airport area is not perfectly homogeneous. Some gardens have flashy green textures but, who knows, maybe the real gardens are really like that.
* No custom road traffic.
* No static aircrafts. (2 or 3 three local aircrafts would have been great).

The good :

* It took three months to finish the FSX version, despite Bajasim team expectations. But this scenery is an achievement :
Specular and bump textures everywhere, hundred of buildings and transparent windows and out of the airport,
* instead of the defaut FSX terrain, a whole new area of custom autogen and 3D models to depict Los Cabos city and resorts.
* A real good addition to mexican airports. A lot of  possible flights to California, Torreon, Mexico, Guadalajara, Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta (some of their airports already made by Taxi2gate).
* Very friendly framerate.

Los Cabos resorts.

Los Cabos custom grounds and autogen (doesn't exist in FSX defaut).

Los Cabos Intl airport, MMSD.
One runway only but a high capacity airport for further extensions.


Anonymous said...

looks nice, what about frames rate?

Bajasim said...

Thanks for your review! we are glad having good comments about our product. We expect to have a decision on our next scenery on next week. We will keep you informed. Thanks again!


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