Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another glimpse from World Airliners 3 pack

FSX. Terrence Klaverweide has posted the Malaysian airlines livery to be released in PMDG B747 World Airlines 3.

And... GSX.... Released !

Just announced from FSDT Forum (JChams), the official release of FSX ground services.

Eiresim EIDW update.

Terry has laid the groundwork with awesome 20cm/pixel photoscenery for EIDW. Its a very early shot but it looks fantastic!

SimWings to support FS9/X for the long haul. No interest in Flight.

Thorsten Loth of SimWings has stated on his site his disapproval of the upcoming MS Flight market system, lack of open SDK, and possible royalty fees in order to sell 3rd party products.
It is very understandable that it may be difficult for developers to see good profits when royalty licenses must be purchased to sell products in a closed marketplace.../..

Greetings all!!

First I am very excited to join Dom in the daily adventure that is AirDaily X. A short while back I was very concerned that Dom might close this blog in order to pursue his career in journalism. The unbelievable support for Dom from the readers was astounding to say the least. I admit I was very excited to see him remain committed to the blog. This is a resource I follow daily and his continued commitment also meant I didn't have to check the long list of FS links in my favorites every day to find out what's new or updated in the FS world. However, Dom is still a very busy person and he works very hard to manage his time in order to keep things up to date here.
Where I come in…
As Dom's partner at AirDaily X, my goal is to do a few things. First, I believe my contribution on the blog will better serve the viewers in ensuring that between Dom and myself, no update or new FS product on the market will go overlooked. To ensure the time difference between Dom and me allow the blog to be updated during hours where Dom is usually offline. Which is a good thing for those in the US and Pacific regions. When he goes to sleep, I am awake and vice-versa.
Second, it is my goal to help expand the world of AirDaily X. We are working with comic artists to bring more fun and interesting FS comics to the blog as well as a startup of the AirDaily X Facebook page which will allow for more pictures, reviews, and for the readers to interact better with Dom and Myself.

New shots from Akesoft

FSX. The spanish team Akesoft is showing off two shots of a new Valencia V.2. Just an early stage.

I am proud to present...

I am proud to present you my new partner in Airdailyx, as much passionnate as me - and you - about flight simming. Newmanix will cover news and post pictures, comments or articles on FS news.
Newmanix lives in USA, California, and is a full partner of Airdailyx.
Long live !

Emilios next airport unvealed...

Emilios, author of Corfu X and co-designer of Djerba X is already working on.... Iraklion, Nikos Kazantzakis Heraklion LGIR in Greece, another great touristic airport.

Claresholm on final

FSX. Iain Emms, Orbx's Beta tester, is posting more shots of the small canadian airfield, in the south of Calgary. It's freeware and... imminent.

Monday, January 30, 2012

King Air C90 : main panel

FSX. Carenado has published a bunch of cockpit screenshots today, the main board, instruments and gauges. The project is not on hold anymore...

News from the Twin Otter extended

Aerosoft, Mathijs Kok has just announced that the Twin Otter Extended version will be available for FSX and Prepar3D. This heavy project might take 5 months.
Dom Mason

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Djerba X : Our own screeshots

FS9 and FSX. At last, a second airport in Tunisia (for FSX). Thorsten and Emilios haven't only designed the airport but the whole island as well. I can only hope that Fred Kabalu will release his Tunis Carthage someday...

EDRJ almost released

FSX. If you already know Aviasim AS Design and Darren Seare (the Dublin airport V.2), this is another project, Saaren - Duren airport. Release imminent.

New Orleans KMSY for free

FSX. FLIGHT magazin, based in Luxemburg and published in german, has posted an interesting article on Glenn Johnson freeware, New Orleans Armstrong KMSY. Our pictures here are showing the details of this scenery.

Bae146/Avro RJ : third beta tests

Quality Wings has just posted a new update on Bae146/Avro release date !

I want to thank you...

Thank you for your fidelity. There have been very few posts this last week due to some reasons : lack of news from forums and editor and i was also on a trip in Germany, testing connections flights between Hanover and Munich (lol). There will be more news this afternoon, grabbed from very good FS german press (FS Magazin and FLIGHT) and i hope i can announce you soon my new partner.

Progress from Dublin V.2

FS9 and FSX. Darren Seare (Aviasim Design) has posted more 3D models from Dublin V.2 project EIDW.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New pictures of EDNY

FS9 and FSX. Rainer Duda himself has posted a dozen of screenshots from Friedrichshafen EDNY project. A very nice aiport near the Constance lake between Germany, Swizterland and Austria.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bad times ?

It is of editor's responsability to send informations and previews times to times - not too often - but at least some glimpse about their work. Honestly, i am worried about how things are evolving.

Monday, January 23, 2012

A major breakthrough ?

FSX. An interesting comment on Feelthere Facebook page. I wanted to keep a trace of this. I totally respect the team of Feelthere. Thanks to them, i flew in FS world with many of their aircrafts and some are very good. What i don"t like ? Pompous ads...

Robin DR400 : cockpit screenshots

FSX. Joachim Schweigler has posted three new screenshots of its Robin DR400-140b project.

Puerto Vallarta now on beta stage

FSX. Puerto Vallarta MMPR on beta stage. Exciting screenshots from Pacific Islands Sim. Thanks Wamples ;)

UK 2000 East Midlands : our own screenshots

FS9/FSX. This is the very first version of East Midlands EGNX in FSX. UK 2000 "Xtreme" brand image with high quality lights, textures. Custom traffics everywhere...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Aerosoft Maastricht-Aachen : hot test

FSX. Fourth dutch airport from Aerosoft, after Amsterdam, Lelystadt and Rotterdam. HQ of  Eurocontrol Upper area control center MUAC. Multi-purpose airport for low-cost, cargos, GA, bizjets...

Thanks To Etienne

FSX. I just found a small - and free - update to add Mario Zucheli station in Antarctica X. This base is really interesting to fly to/from Mario Zuchelli to McMurdo. Sascha Normann has authorized this nice work. LimeSim is still thinking about a more extensive update.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

US Cities Detroit : our own screenshots

FSX. LimeSim has developed - with Aerosoft - one of the largest scenery serie ever in FSX with Indianapolis, San Francisco, New Orleans, Chicago, Buffalo, Cleveland, Las Vegas... Screenshots here with UTX and or without Blueprint KDTW.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Carenado unveils a new Cessna

FSX. The Chilean aircraft designer is launching a Cessna Skylane CT182 Turbo with last generation G1000 avionic display included. First pictures.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A mega airport on the Thame...

Already announced last december, the project from Lord Foster is receiving more supports from some politicians lately. An airport on the Thame ! And maybe, someday, a new scenery airport for us...

French VFR Haute-Normandie news

FSX. These are among the first shots illustrating France VFR scenery design engine with 3Dautomation, High definition Photo textures, Nextmesh relief etc.. Still no release date but seems imminent now. Others PHOTO sceneries already released will also get the same process with free updates.

UK 2000 : road map 1er/2nd quarters 2012

Just posted today, Gary Summons statement on incoming projects : (from his forum)

Roma Fiumicino expected... in 2012 !

FSX (and FS9). Thanks to Newmanix, it appears that Dreamfactory is about to work on Roma Fiumicino LIRF, Italy. Aerosoft has confirmed.

Copenhagen : update

Thanks to a comment sent this morning, it appears that Thorsten did not give up with Copenhagen project.

Maastricht airport on final !

FSX. Aerosoft and beta tester Nick C. have published a last set of pictures before release. Another mid-size high quality airport for Netherlands...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Claresholm almost ready

FSX. This small airfield, located south of Calgary Canada is almost ready for release (freeware !). And totally fits NA BLUE Northern Rockies.

EKCH airport still improving...

FSX. It appears clear that Aerosoft will not develop Copenhagen EKCH airport, EKCH from Scansim has one merit : Claus Kludder has improved more and more his project. After a V.2, the developer is still working on new landclasses. I appreciate the effort... more and more.

Ketchikan.. to be updated very soon

FSX. [|update] Orbx will release very soon a service pack for Ketchikan PAKT airport in Alaska, near British Columbia.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frankfurt Hahn already in beta stage

FSX and then, FS9.. Aerosoft has posted a dozen of screenshots of Frankfurt Hahn, the second largest airport in Frankfurt, used by some low cost companies.

Monday, January 16, 2012

iFly NG toolkit for cockpit builders available

Jouni Törmänen has released a toolkit to interface iFly B737 NG 9/X with FSUIPC and several hardware. Still in beta stage but is available.

His name is Darren...

FS9 and FSX. Fully accredited by Terry Smith himself to develop a Dublin airport vol.2. His name is Darren Seare and no doubt he will keep us posted with his work. Is it still "Eiresim" trademark and quality ? Too soon to say...

incoming NGX livery

FSX. From what we know, PMDG did not grant authorization to sell liveries package or still don't wish to. Maybe someday, we will have an explanation from them or from McPhat studio. Fortunately, the talented team is releasing some freeware liveries. And here is the second...soon...

US Cities Detroit imminent

FSX. Aerosoft has published some screenshots of Detroit, the last US Cities title from LimeSim. Release is imminent.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Carenado PA46T Jetprop : our own screenshots

FSX. Dual screens G500 display, GNS530 and GNS430, weather radar, HQ stereo sounds, 3D gauges etc. What else !

An exclusive interview with... Mathijs Kok !

Direct news from Aerosoft. Projects in 2012, Opinions on new platforms etc. Mathijs has taken the time this morning (sunday !) to answer to our interview request. Thanks a lot.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Sascha W. Felix, famous author (with Volker Heine) of FlightSim Commander.

Friday, January 13, 2012

UK 2000 : beta testers new shots

FS9 and FSX. UK 2000,  the english developer, has posted more shots of East Midlands airport (EGNX) on his forum. Release in mid-January.

Orbx might be working on ....

FSX... on Jackson Hole airport KJAC in Wyoming. And will be compatible - of course - with NA Central Rockies mountains.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blueprint's KJFK imminent / first shots

FS9 and FSX. Blueprint Sim is almost ready to release N-Y Kennedy KJFJ. As usual, the design is... sober. Some terminals might look good but the ground textures really look like FS's defauts.

Night views from Phuket

FSX. Asean Scenery Airports has posted some realistic previews of Phuket VTSP at night.

Monday, January 9, 2012

France VFR showing off Rhone-Alpes pictures

FSX. The french developer France VFR has now released another french region, "Picardie", but the most awaited scenery is the huge Rhone-alpes around Chambery, Chamonix, Annecy etc. Another set of pictures has been posted.

Orbx introducing... PeopleFlow 2

Among other projects, the Australian designer is working on new generation People Flow, showing more abilities, new features.  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Djerba X imminent

FSX. FSflightsimgroup is posting more detailed shots of Djerba in Tunisia.

Dear friends...

Was in my bed, ill, this week end and totaly unable work. Back again !

Friday, January 6, 2012

Taxi2gate La Havana : our own screenshots

FS9 and FSX. This is the second largest airport - after Mexico - from Taxi2gate and a long story, since the team probably used original materials from their partner, Intersim. Anyway, a great airport, at last in FS9 / FSX.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ultimate VC shots from the Piper Malibu

FSX. Carenado has posted more shots of the PA46T Malibu Jetprop DLX.

Microsoft FLIGHT beta demo

Very interesting testimonies about some simmers who have just tested the demo.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tropical Sim Washington Nat. More shots.

FS9 and FSX. We cannot really see the main terminals of KDCA but T.S. has posted a dozen of screenshots around the airport. Release imminent.

Microsoft FLIGHT posting more previews...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More details shots on Phuket

FSX. Jtanabodee has posted a dozen of new shots, including details of the main terminal of Phuket VTSP in Thaïland.

How Simware sells the MCP Combo II...

I already posted some remarks about VRInsight new MCP Combos dedicated to Boeing and Airbus. What resellers dont tell you about these new marvels is the lack of compatibility with up-to-date aircrafts addons (PMDG...). I just found another trailer from Wilco Pub/ Simware showing us how wonderful are these products...

Seattle Tacoma project !

Just announced this morning, Devinci development (Sagga Toure, KSAN) and Salgo (ex-Flightdream) are forming a new team to design Seattle Tacoma airport for FSX. More news soon.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Lionheart Avelina released

FS9. William Ortis, founder of Lionheart (Epic LT, WT-9 Dynamix...) has just released the Avelina.

PA4T Carenado : 3D cockpit views

FSX. Carenado is posting new pictures of its PA46T Jetprop Malibu. Night main panel lights.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy new year to our readers, visitors, editors, advertisers !

Phuket FSX : more pictures !

FSX. Asean Scenery Airport is still working on Phuket VTSP in Thailand. Jtanabodee has posted more shots of the main terminal.