Friday, August 31, 2012

Tupolev-204 in development

FS9. We have been keeping our eyes on this project since April. The developer has posted some recent shots of the freeware 204. It's not bad, but the texturing needs serious work. But hey, it's still a work in progress.
Just a moment to say thanks! As summer comes to a close, rest assured that AirDailyX will continue to have your back year round when it comes to FS news, reviews, and opinions! The month of August was our biggest ever with 97,000 page views. Clearly, our little 2 man crew must be doing something right! Very soon, we are going to need a third wheel! Thanks for making us part of your lives everyday!


-Team ADX

SGAS FS9 Released!

FS9. Now available on Simmarket!

Black Friday

Dear friends, readers, It's like black friday. We've done a large survey on every websites and blogs, and nothing. I am even desperate about some editors : Parthenosim, Flylogic, Airport Guys, no news about Terra Brasilis, no release date on Majestic software, no more from Orbx despite their ongoing projects etc etc...
You've got nothing today and we are sorry but we are even more sad about that. Tomorrow is another day. Oh, and a comic is coming, imminent.. 
Dom Mason

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grenada X : my favorite

FSX. It's my weakness, cute as a picture, the Caribbean Grenada X project.

Aerosoft ErfurtX released!

FSX. Aerosoft has just released Erfurt for FSX. All buyers of the FSX version will find the FS2004 version for free in their customer accounts as soon as it is available.

MyTraffic 2013 : still not okay

FSX. Aerosoft is announcing the imminent release of MyTraffic 2013. I am not buying. Not, unless someone can provide more info.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Q400!

FSX. Majestic shows off a slew of updated shots of the Q400!

Waco released!

FSX/P3D. It's like a Cadillac and a Rolls Royce with wings! Now available!

Airbus Extended Liveries

FSX. Mathijs has posted some very exciting liveries of the Airbus! There are a lot too! Check them out!

Three more on Jeju

FSX. Graham has posted three more screens of the South Corean airport Jeju Gukje Gonghang RKPC. Possible release in early September.

Budapest LHBP is officially launched!

FS9/FSX. LHsim has decended on Budapest International Airport. The former name was Budapest Ferihegy now known as: Budapest Liszt Ferenc. The project is officially launched! If you haven't yet, read the ADX interview with LHSim HERE. The projected completion is Jan2013. All the best guys on your first MAJOR airport project!

Hermosillo getting good

FSX. David Diaz has posted more screenshots of the mexican airport Hermosillo MMHO. Judge yourself of the main terminal.

Mega Helsinki in late beta

FSX. Aerosoft team is in advanced beta stage. Almost ready to provide a release candidate. New pictures.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sindal almost finished

FSX. John, founder of Vidan Design (Bornholm..) has posted several updates of Sindal, an airport in the north of Denmark. I am not talking enough of Vidan  because i am less attracted by airfields but the work here, reaches Realism and a touch of Art. Sindal is to be released very soon.

Waco. Last and final call folks.

FSX/P3D. Here are the final shots of the Waco.

C337 FS9master. Oops! Skymaster!

FS9. Carenado C337 Skymaster for FS9! Yesssss!!! My guess is it will be out by next week. I'll be doing an impression for those interested. My last 2 FS9 Carenado reviews were viewed nearly a thousand times. Clearly you all are showing your support. Carenado is cranking out these FS9 babies at a rate of 1 every 2 1/2 weeks! Build extra hangars if you need them!

FlightBeam KPHX Hotfix available.

FSX/P3D. Here is the hotfix you all have been waiting for! No more complaining!

OryxSim Toronto still in progress.

FS9/FSX. "We've been extensively tuning the ground textures following feedback from beta testers. We're not there yet, but at least it looks a lot better now! Attention Beta Testers: Check your in-boxes for a new FS9 Beta, FSX Beta will arrive tomorrow."

Monday, August 27, 2012

Coolsky DC-9 : liveries announced

FSX. Espen has posted the list of available liveries with the DC-9.

29 Palms. Stop it!

FS9/FSX. 29Palms just showing off pretty features of their upcoming Mykonos project which includes moving luxury yachts you can land on!

A new marvel in USA : Our Shots Part 2

My goodness! Why is there so much controversy over this project?! Then again, doesn't extremely beautiful things normally cause controversy? Sadly, its those of you who had so much to complain about that drew me out to do something I (D'Andre) have NEVER done before and will not do again anytime soon! And that's show off my FSX! I like to keep the heavy flying and large airports to FS9. So as I can barely squeeze out 25FPS with heavy airports with my non overclocked 3.5ghz system, I can't enjoy this the way I really want to. So as much, this is not one of my usual impressions. But I can give a few thoughts can't I? Well... Yes. Yes I can.

FS9 Skymaster.

FS9. Carenado shows off more of the beautiful Skymaster for FS9. Beautiful. Do I smell one of my reviews coming?? Ooooohh...

Another picture of Jeju

FSX. PacSim is working hard on South Corean airport Jeju. Graham still tries to release it in August but must wait some info and materials from partners in South Corea. A tip about the way he works ? He is in contact with a real B-747 pilot to get some precious details...

An interesting view of Catalina airport

FSX. Limesim and Aerosoft are posting a picture of Catalina airport to be included in US. CITIES L.A. Impressive.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A new marvel in USA : our shots

FSX. Flightbeam has hit, again. Airdailyx has just sent a freelancer to take some screenshots.

Forget Robin, it's Catwoman

FSX. Lionheart's team is announcing a small (free) pack to add two ladies in command !

Taxi2gate Asuncion Part 2/2 Hot test

FS9/FSX. Rio Galeo, Bermuda, Polish Airports 3, and now Phoenix, Taxi2gate was not lucky to release its Asuncion this week. But this one is going to be THE unique stop in South America, nicely located between Sucre, Santiago, Rio etc..

Roma Fiumicino : new shots

FSX. New shots posted by the Lanconelli's team. The scenery is still in beta stage, some minors bugs beeing fixed. Four new shots but, unfortunely, very few details of the airport.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Edinburgh Xtreme v3 Released!

FS9/FSX. With all these releases lately, some of us are going to be in trouble! Do never let your wives look at your credit card statements! Never!

Lionheart's Robin : Our own screenshots

FSX. Ah ? A french aircraft... Odd. And the manual, the markings, everything is in french. A nice tribute to the Avions Robin by William Orties. We like.

Mega Helsinki.. new ones !

FSX. Posted today on Aerosoft forum, impression shots of Helsinki Vantaa.

Progress on KLIA

FSX. A.S.A. is also working on Kuala Lumpur airport, KLIA, that has never been designed for FSX. Jtanabodee is also looking for photos materials. Progress on ground textures.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Saarbruecken X. Another...

FSX. Another shot of the upcoming Saarbruecken X from Aerosoft. Very nice elevation!


FSX/P3D. The FSX version of FlightBeam KPHX has been released! Go get it NOW!!

Waco in final stage!

FSX/P3D. Get ready to get Waco people!

Tropical America and Caribbean released!

FSX. Head over to Flight1 and grab the latest Ulitimate Terrain scenery enhancement for FSX!

Polish Airports 3 FSX / part 2/2 : hot test

FSX. More details of this last Polish airports volume. Thanks to Drzewiecki Design team, there are now10 polish airports for Poland (including Cracovia) and 11 with Lublin, soon.

DA CRJ : pictures found out !

FSX. The Digital Aviation - Aerosoft CRJ/700/900 project has been resumed a few days ago. In the meantime, Aerosoft has just re-uploaded the best screenshots available. Thanks to the simmers who have been persistant.

My Traffic 2013 announced

FSX. Announced in Aerosoft Pre-orders, My Traffic 2013 is said to be "uncompromisingly optimized for FSX". So we can expect a full native FSX development. Or not ? And we will have a second request : simplify the installation procedure. The oldest ones gave us headaches..

Project Baku or Projects ?

FS9/FSX. Very interesting projects of Baku UBBB airport in Azerbaidjan have been shown on FSdeveloper and Avsim lately. Unfortunately, the developers are not giving us their intentions about it.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

FlightBeam showing off.

FS9/FSX. In anticipation of their imminent release of KPHX, FB is showing off some very nice pictures!

Progress on Hermosilllo

FS9?/FSX?. The Mexican airport of Hermosillo MMHO is progressing well. The author, David Diaz, is designing it with Sketchup tool.

New pictures of the Extended Airbus

FSX. A beta tester has posted many more views (external and internal) of the extended version of Aerosoft Airbus X.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some important words from Mir.

Mir has some very exciting words he wants to share! As for when KPHX will be released? Well.... Oh yeah!

Tropical America/Caribbean Preview 2

 FSX. Flight1 shows off more of their upcoming  Tropical America and Caribbean package for FS9.

More Waco!

 FSX. All I can say is: sexy!


FS9. Carenado announces its next project for FS9. Skymaster! SWEEEEEET!

Coolsky unveils the Training guide

FSX. Espen opens a new topic about the formidable training assistance guide included in the DC-9.

ASA working back on VTBS

FSX. Asean Scenery Airports, Jtanabodee (Samui, Phuket, Macau X...) is working on a whole new version of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi VTBS. The developer explains that new technics will help him male a totaly new airport, much more realistic. The city is well advanced too. Updated 08/23

QW AVRO for FSX Released!

FSX. Finally! Go get it. NOW!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dresden, promising...

FSX. Dimitri has posted an interesting shot of Dresden EDDC in Germany. Real progress and the terminal.

Taxi2gate Asuncion : Part 1/2 screenshots

FSX (and FS9 very soon). At last ! An airport in the center of South of America. That is really much what i was expected, a stop between Santiago,  Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Rio and Sao Paulo. Colorful and exotic airport.

Ultimate Terrain X - Preview

FSX. Flight1 has just unveiled Ultimate Terrain X: Tropical America and Caribbean. So how big is the coverage area? Have a look!

Latin VFR Bermuda 2/2 Hot test

FS9/FSX. Latest airport from Latin VFR under our scrutiny. There are many sceneries out there these last days, time to choose some and discard others...

OryxSim back from vacation...

FS9/FSX. ...and back to work on Toronto!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Coolsky : another insight

FSX. Espen is now showing off its Auto Config system that will allow the user to settle some configurations and panel state.

Some cockpit !

FSX. Milviz has posted a curious cockpit on its Facebook account... Presented as the F-86 Sabre cockpit.. Find the mistake !

Hush-Hush, Intersim ?

ADX Corporate News. It was just an email, a hello... We were rather surprised. But apparently yes, there is a new Intersim Studios on earth. Or, it is a really good joke? Well in a word...

Eiresim Dublin AXED?

ADX comic depicting Terry and Gary during the Eiresim Lution vs. UK2000 Luton issue back in 2011
It seems Terry is not too happy to hear that Aerosoft is planning a release of Dublin. According to Terry, from the looks of things, Eiresim DUB Ulitimate may be canceled. Hmmm.. reminds me of an issue concerning Luton airport a while back. Even despite that, Gary is still going to make his version of Luton airport anyway... So I guess Terry should proceed with his... that is... if he ever actually finds the time to work on it. Here is what he had to say... UPDATED: Mathijs' Kok responds.

Robin DR-400 released

FSX/P3D. Avions Robin was a french manufacturer of light aircrafts. The DR-400 Robin is a really pleasant aircraft to fly. Now released by the virtual aircrafts manufacturer, the american Lionheart (Bill Orties).

US Cities L.A. : new shots

FSX. A beta tester has posted some new shots of the incoming US Cities Los Angeles. One shot seems to show the seamless integration with FSDT KLAX.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rio Galeao. Our impression.

Oh Brazil! The women, the Sun, the music, the beaches, the food, the airports... Airports? Ah! Yes! The airports! I had a very nice flight this morning from Paris and now here I am. Rio baby! TropicalSim has given me a very compelling reason to head down South and I must say, it's not the women, sand, music or food that has captured my attention. It's the megabeast we all know as Galeão. This is a very interesting airport and TropicalSim has done quite a job creating it's pressence in the simulatior. So, it's summertime people, let's explore! Dom will also cover the FSX version in this review. Bandwidth Warning! Lots of pictures to load!

Enigma Sim releases a stability hotfix

FSX. The aircraft design team is announcing an interesting hotfix to solve a lot of crashes to desktop, while running some well known aircrafts... Jordi and another programmer have worked on this hotfix and the team has tested it without any....

France VFR : more on Poitou-Charentes

FSX. A few more screenshots of the next PHOTO scenery, the french region of Poitou-Charentes.

Drzewiecki Design : Varsovia progressing

FS9. Drzewiecki Design is now working on the airport of Sobienie EPSJ, include in its Warsaw City.

Polish Airports 3 FSX : Part 1/2 Screenshots

FSX. The third and last volume of Drzewiecki Design, with two modern mid-size airports, Poznan Lawica and Wroclaw,  plus the airport of Bydgoszcz.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Latin VFR Bermuda / Part 1/2 : screenshots

L.F. wade TXKF

FS9/FSX. The Costa-rican developer is slowly becoming the Caribbean airports specialist. The whole island of Bermuda is designed, like Cayman or Key West. Another version of L.F Wade, four years after FWI ow version.

Edinburgh, your next stop

FS9/FSX. At last, a sign of Gary and team. UK 2000 seems well advanced on Edinburgh EGPH, the scottish intl. airport. Pictures !

QW Bae146 : some more

FSX. Quality Wings might release the FSX version in late August. More screenshots have been regrouped in their Facebook page.

The Lockheed Hudson is released

FSX. FSADDON+ and François Dumas have released their latest project, the Lockheed Hudson. Several liveries and options are available.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Polish Airports Vol.3 FSX released!

FSX. Now FSX users can filally see what all the hype is all about. PA3 for FSX is on deck and you really want this airport package! If you arn't shure? Just check our reviews page and see why we love it so much!