Monday, August 27, 2012

A new marvel in USA : Our Shots Part 2

My goodness! Why is there so much controversy over this project?! Then again, doesn't extremely beautiful things normally cause controversy? Sadly, its those of you who had so much to complain about that drew me out to do something I (D'Andre) have NEVER done before and will not do again anytime soon! And that's show off my FSX! I like to keep the heavy flying and large airports to FS9. So as I can barely squeeze out 25FPS with heavy airports with my non overclocked 3.5ghz system, I can't enjoy this the way I really want to. So as much, this is not one of my usual impressions. But I can give a few thoughts can't I? Well... Yes. Yes I can.
Hopefully these screens from my lousy system will give some justice to this very beautiful airport. Amir, you have outdone yourself!

 Keep in mind this is default FSX. I don't have any addons for it.

 I almost saw my reflection!

 True to life detail!

 Nice terminal interior texturing.

 Beautiful reflections!

 Look at the plants!! I love the lighting!!

Everything from the textures, (among the very best I have ever seen) to the lighting, to the shadows. Everything about this airport is perfect. If I could say anything, I would have liked to see more custom airport vehicles. But that's honestly the only negative thing I can say about this project. I am very impressed and that's why I honestly hope Amir finds a way to get this into FS9.

For those complaining about bridges? Be glad there are bridges. A lot of developers tend to get lazy and just provide a flat image. So be glad there are bridges at all.

The FSX frames are not bad at all but lets face it, I pull an average of 75 FPS at JFK and LAX with max traffic in FS9. Here with no traffic, I still won't hit 30. So whereas I do very much love the scenery, this is only the demo version you see before you. This is well worth the price of less than $40 bucks. Hell, it takes $90 bucks to fill up my Passat with these gas prices these days.

No more complaining. FlightBeam is a new developer and as such is already among the top 4 developers in this market. Some developers have been here for several years and don't even come close to this level of quality. You folks arguing about why it's 37 bucks instead of 27? You can't honestly look at these screenshots and say it's not worth more than $27 bucks. If you do, then this airport is not meant for you.

Maybe Blueprint will make a nice $27buck KPHX if they haven't already. This airport is worth every cent. and is for the serious flight simulation pilot. And when the FS9 version comes, (you can do it Amir!) I will pay every cent.

For those of you who who did buy it: It's tha bomb right? Tell us how much you like it! Oh yeah!



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Anonymous said...

Having only seen photos (keeping fingers crossed for FS9 version) I can say it really does look to be a lovely piece of work.

People do get excited (if you're a comic they throw tomatoes, if you're a painter they'll say 'my child could have done that!' If you're a chef they'll say 'what--$30 for a contre-filet?!??'...well ok, maybe on that one...) and will always continue to do so.

If I'm Mir I wouldn't worry--it's not an unreasonable amount for an airport. People get tattoos that cost 10 times as much--for something that only says 'mom' and isn't nearly as beautiful to fly over...

Anonymous said...

Trust me... it slamming..
Here's the thing, I too had / have an affinity for FS9; getting 60+ fps at major Airports with 100% traffic all sliders through the roof. Then I saw this coming from out of left I got up the nerve purchased a 2T HDD and started to config FSX and install the addons including this Wow...Wow WOWWWW!!!!
Listen you don't need 60+ fps to enjoy FSX; shucks, you don't even need 30(but it would be nice).
With all FSX features,moving traffic + plus this me its smoking FS9 right now and worth it. I'd pay it again

DAndre Newman said...

LOL!! That's a very good point!

DAndre Newman said...

The 25FPS I got is really not bad but that is without AI. I don't even have any AI packs installed in FSX! My major issue however is the V-Sync issue with my ATI HD96XX blah blah video card. I suppose If i drop cash into an nVidia it may clear the V-Sync issue, but there are many other things in line before I drop cash on a video card. Besides, I have a wife. Better to keep HER video card happy if you know what i mean!

Anonymous said...

This is why stuff gets pirated, unreasonably high prices and users not being able to afford that.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic screenshots!!!!

I was soooo looking forward to buying this. Maybe Amir will do a one week special reduced priced introductory offer on this, I won't be buying it until the cost is lower.

Anonymous said...

Those screenshots are amazing :-)))))

I am in Germany and I just tried to buy this, it's EUR 36,51 with taxes. I hit cancel, that is too much Amir.

Anonymous said...

I just tried the demo and I must say, this is a masterpiece...but an unfinished one. On approach to 07L the bridges' textures seem unfinished and they look like a 3D object pasted onto the surroundings. Is this a bug and something that will be fixed?

DAndre Newman said...

I'm sure it can be fixed. But honestly, it wasn't a big deal to me. It's not an aircraft taxi bridge just a bridge for road cars... It's not like I would be using it or anything...

Anonymous said...

I noticed this too. Seems rather sloppy for premium priced scenery.

The rest of the airport looks great though!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding, those bridges are smack bang on the 07 L / 07 R approach path and really kill the realism factor for me!

And yes, absolutely amazing scenery, but Amir needs to fix this.

DAndre Newman said...

Okay at this point lets assume he is aware of the bridge issue. Clearly, a lot of you are quite passionate about it. I'm sure he will take a look at it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually looking at the meticulous detail Amir has obviously put into this stunning airport, I too am surprised he missed this.

My guess is he didn't want the missing bridge textures to delay the release and will probably fix this very shortly.

Anonymous said...

Amir, I, along with many other users I believe, would like to see this airport discounted, even if just as a one week promotion. Would you kindly consider this? As someone else already pointed out, EUR 36,51 with taxes is way over my budget.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dom and D'Andre why don't you guys do a new poll:

Should aircraft and scenery designers attract more potential buyers when releasing their product by offering a 1 week discounted release promo for their product?

Anonymous said...

I think there is someone obsessing just too much about the bridge. I think is just one person.

Mir, why don't you delete the bridge altogether?

DAndre Newman said...

I would have to say no to that because I believe it's quite obvious everyone would still want a discount even if everyone considered the price to be reasonable anyway. But maybe FB could consider a promo similar to what FSDT does like a KPHX-KSFO bundle or something... IDK

DAndre Newman said...

Traffic drives across it. Bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is obsessing about the bridge, many have noticed this! Take a look at comments on the Flightbeam Facebook:

Alexey Ostroumov - And why those bridges are of different colour compared to those roads?

And the good news is, it will be fixed!

Flightbeam Studios - That's already on task as a hotfix. Those bridges were literally added last second from BETA feedback :)

Anonymous said...

It is actually RWY 25L/R and when you have enough time on the final approach to take a detailed look on the bridges and the textures underneath it I don't know if realism is so important to you ;)

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