Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When the mob rules our city...

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Another video of New Zealand South

JerdooFlightX has published another thrilling video of Orbx New Zealand South large scenery.

Bajasim finishing LaPaz FS9

FS9. The young - and talented - Mexican team is posting new shots of LaPaz MMLP, Mexico for FS9. The scenery is almost ready.

Akesoft Sevilla X : more shots

FS9 and FSX. The spanish team Akesoft has posted new shots of Sevilla LEZL. Ground textures and night lights finished, first buildings erected.

CYVR Very first ground layers...

FSX. FS Dreamteam (Kappa) has posted the very first shots of Vancouver airport for FSX. But mind that this one is going to be a 4/5 months project (in best cases...).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Carenado progressing on its King Air C90

FSX. The Chilean designer has posted more screenshots of its C90 HD project. P46T imminent.

Monday, December 26, 2011

33 airports for Norway

FSX. "Andrew" is working on this colossal project, designing some 33 airports of Norway, including the largest ones : Oslo or Bergen. A good addition to some Aerosoft and Cloud9 paywares.

Friday, December 23, 2011

FS Dreamteam Zurich V.2.5 released

FSX. FS Dreamteam has released last night its Zurich airport V.2.5

Some previews of KPHL FSX

FSX. SunSkyJet has posted three screenshots of Philadelphia airport KPHL for FSX. The project is still on beta stage. The american team released an excellent version for FS9 a year ago.

USSS under a cold winter

FSX. Aerosoft is posting more screenshots of Yekaterina USSS in winter.

Cracovia FS9 to be released tomorrow

FS9. Drzewiecki Design is releasing Cracovia airport (Krakow) EPKK tomorrow if everything goes well. FSX might follow in three weeks. More shots with seasonal textures here.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

And now... Phuket VTSP

FSX. Jtanabodee, founder of ASA (Samui airport) is working on Phuket airport VTSP in Thailand, one of fifth largest airports in this country. ASA was also to co-work with Thai Creation on Macao airport (no update on this).

Microsoft Flight Team : new post

December 22nd, 2011 - Happy Holidays from the Microsoft Flight Team

Happy Holidays from the Microsoft Flight development team!
We’re pleased to announce that we will be showing off...

Ketchikan : more previews ** Updated **


FSX. More previews of this Alaskan airport, Ketchikan PAKT from Orbx, probably the last scenery to be released this year by the Australian team.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The spectre... spectacular

FS9 (and soon FSX). Okay, i am overstating with the word spectacular but this new developer (an other one !) is finishing a thrilling Port-au-Prince airport. The beta will be online in a few hours/days. And FSX will follow in January. I still don't know if its a freeware but desserve to be paid, anyway.

A couple of screenshots from Tropical SIm

FS9 and FSX. Leandro has just posted 3 previews of Washington National Reagan KDCA. To be released very soon...

Does AVSIM understand the word "technological" ?

AVSIM just posted that Antarctica X is "one of the most technological advanced series ever created".
Right or Wrong ?

Stavanger Sola : our own screenshots

FSX. Another work from Jo Erlend (Oslo, Trondheim...). With Stavanger, there are four very good FSX norwegian airports - paywares - to explore this country. [FSDT still selling the nice Bergen airport].

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Flylogic unveils new shots

FSX. The Swiss developer has posted a dozen of screenshots from its swiss airfields package (Gruyeres, Ecuvillens, Neuchatel, Bex and Bellechasse). Be aware that these wonderful pictures are taken with Switzerland Professional.

Djerba-Zarzis incoming !

FS9 and FSX. Flightsimdevelopmentgroup (FSDG ?), the new development team is working on this new tunisian airport, a well known holiday spot. is born

It is with pleasure that i inform you that a new baby is born, a new development team with Emilios (Corfu X) and Thorsten Reichert (Iceland X and so many more..)..

Monday, December 19, 2011

Want to drive a Porsche in 2012 ?

FSX. Lionheart Creation (Bill Ortis, Dynamic) is working on the Avelina Elektra ! Pre-launch screenshots available on Facebook.. and now on Airdailyx.

Vitoria, an other brasilian quality airport

FSX. Matheus Rocha has finished Vitoria airport (SBVT), city and surroundings, says

France VFR sceneries... status.

FSX. The french designer - who is always announcing a lot of stuff - but eventually release 2 or 3 products a year, is still working on Haute-Normandie VFR region with 3D Automation feature. In the meantime, it might release 2 "Photo" sceneries, Picardie and Basse-Normandie, two regions in west of France, in a few days...

And Jefferson under a hot sunny day.

FSX. Almost the end of Orbx Festive releases. Here are some summer screenshots. Last scenery to be released with Ketchikan.

Frankfurt Egelsbach EDFE : new pictures

FSX. Aerosoft has posted more screenshots of Frankfurt Egelsbach airfield, a 3800 feets runway, located in the south of EDDF.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Port-au-prince MTPP

FS9. Don Limpio has almost finished Port-au-Prince Haiti capital's airport (MPTT). A work including very good custom textures and static aircrafts.

Vidan design : several updates

FSX. The Danish founder of Vidan Design is announcing updates for Bornholm X (V.1.1) and danish airfields Herning (V1.1) plus Endelave and Rarup.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Simaddons Prince George : hot test

FSX. Ralf Eisenegger has developed another British Columbian airport. Prince George CYXS. Good opportunity to fly in western Canada. Especially with incoming Orbx Ketchikan PAKT.

East Midlands status ? Early shots...

FS9 and FSX. Gary Summons put some early screenshots of East Midlands EGNX. Expected to be released in mid-January.

Tropical Sim announcing... KDCA !

FS9 and FSX. The Brasilian team is almost to release Washington R. Reagon KDCA. Release date . Christmas 2011. More pictures this week ?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Orbx Wollongong : our own screenshots

FSX. Wollongong YWOL. Some screenshots i took a few days ago. AUStralia Blue pack strongly advised to enjoy the airport surroundings.

Airdailyx Alert...

With Christmas huge discounts everywhere, be shure you will get the best support for your sceneries. Check the designer's forum, look for official email support and test it if you are not shure....

Microsoft FLIGHT : new entry...

Microsoft knows how to make the noise... and the buzz. Some sounds samples here.
But as says George, What else ?

Cracovia : 7 screenshots!

FS9 (and FSX later). It's a deal. Stanislaw Drzewiecki will make all efforts to release Cracovia EPKK for FS9 at the foot the of the Christmas tree for December 24th. Amazing screenshots.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ketchikan !

FSX. While Orbx is ready to release New Zealand South (impressive landscapes), John Venema has published the first interesting views of Ketchikan PAKT, Alaska. A nice stop between Anchorage and Vancouver or Kelowna.

FSADDON+ announcing Pieve di Cadore

FSX. Another Dolomiti X scenery from the italian team Real Earth X. According to Francois Navman Dumas, the scenery is almost ready. A 3 mn video avail.

Bronco OV-10 : imminent release

FSX. Aerosoft is ready to release its Bronco OV-10, a powerful multirole military aircraft. Internal development.

Monday, December 12, 2011

News from Quality Wings

FS9. The Bae146 AvroRJ is finally entering Beta test stage. Lars, Renzo and Codey are expecting a release next february. Nice picture of the overhead panel.

Myrtle beach by... TheAirportguys

FSX. This is a new development team, TheAirportGuys, showing more and more informatins about their projects. After Triangle North, they are now beta testing Myrtle Beach KMYR in North Carolina.

Akesoft San Sebastian : more pictures !

FSX. The talented spanish team, Akesoft, is still working on San Sebastian Hondarriba LESO, in Basquian region in Pyrennes, south of french Biarritz. Advanced textures with terminal.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another project from Paulo Ricardo

FSX. Announced by Terra Brasilis, Paulo Ricardo has posted some original digital pictures from Brasilian Natal airport (SBNT), his next project, after Sao Paulo Congonhas.

Onet Phnom Penh VDPP : our own screenshots

FS9 and FSX. This is the fourth scenery from Onet Valley in south-east of Asia, this year. With Thai Creations and ASA, FSX users have now six or seven airports for Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

DeVinci San Diego : Hot test

FSX. San Diego KSAN is released. Second FSX project from DdeVinci 3de and first payware. This is also the very first San Diego payware airport for FSX, after many attempts by other developers.

Another exclusive interview ? Carenado !

5 questions to Fernando Herrera, founder, CEO of Chilian companies Carenado and Alabeo.

Friday, December 9, 2011

A video of Stavanger

FSX. Stavanger Sola ENZV. A 5 mn video from the developer himself, Jo Erlend, who has almost finished this new norwegian airport.

Amazing pictures of the Bronco

FSX. Nick C, from Aerosoft forum, has posted new thrilling shots of the OV-Bronco.

Oliver Pabst"s AES major upgrade

FS9 and FSX. Oliver Pabst is announcing AES 2.20, a majorv update with some upgrades on vehicules and better animations. Release very soon. This version is not a beta and not mandatory. For those who want to test it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

More from DrzewieckI design

FS9 and FSX. Cracovia airport EPKK in Poland. More screenshots.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An exclusive interview with ... UK 2000 !

Four questions to Gary Summons, founder of UK2000. Where does he come, where is he going and opinions... Gary is not a talker. So let's enjoy these few words...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LLH Annecy : our own screenshots

FSX. Annecy Meythet LFLP is a small airfield in french Upper-Savoy. Developed by an experienced developer, LLH Creations and Eric Majeraz, who already released 9 altitude airfields and airports. If you like to fly over Swiss-Italian-French Alps, its a good place, like Sion or Chambery.

And another one from Iain Emms

FSX. I cannot resist these kind of colored screenshots. Here is Jefferson county. So thanks, Iain. Believe it or not, it's helping me to forget about Standard and Poors guys, who are trying to annihilate Europe for some hiden profits. So, i am definitely stayin in my virtual word. Much more news tomorrow with an interview and some personal shots from a french airport.

Aerosim B 787 : new shots

FSX. The Japanese aircrafts and scenery designer has published more screenshots of its B 787 Dreamliner. Several detailed pictures with landing gear.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Antarctica X : Hot test !

FSX. Largest addon scenery ever for FSX. Dozens of stations and ice runways. McMurdo impressive installations and runway...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New detais of New Zealand South

FSX. Orbx and Iain Emms publish more shots of Nelson surroundings and airport.

Flight Sim Labs : Airbus galley

FSX. A third screenshot of the A320 has been posted on Facebook by FS Labs. Three screenshots since the launching of the project, two years ago. Prima !

Simaddons release Prince George CYXS airport

FSX. Simaddons, a small swiss designer, has released Prince George airport (CYXS) in British Columbia, Canada. As usual with this designer, this scenery is an expansion and the base pack Halifax, also including special effects  interface is mandatory.

Harvey Field on Final

FSX. Release imminent for Harvey Field S43 by Orbx and Heiko. Another and - one of the last airfield - for NA BLUE PNW.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ultimate shots from 3de San Diego !

FSX. Sagga Toure is posting dozens of screenshots in his forum. Definitely showing hundred hours of work around the airport.

P46T : ultimate shots before release...

FSX. Carenado shows off more pictures of the P46T Malibu Meridian Jetprop with all HD textures and a livery. Release imminent, no doubt.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

France VFR 3D Automation on final

FS9/FSX. The french designer is posting some night shots of its new technology, 3D Automation.

MICROSOFT announcing today...

December 1, 2011 - Beta Program Now Accepting Applications

"As promised in our November update, we have big news for all of our Flight fans: the Microsoft Flight launch sequence has begun!

Some screenshots of Airbus X extended

FSX. Aerosoft has posted some screenshots of the Airbus X virtual cockpit and external view, just to give some proof of the fps.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PFPX professional flight planner : new progress

(Any platforms). The team of developers who released the famous Topcat perf. manager, are still working on their new project, the Professional Flight Planner X. Since their last update, they have re-designed the interface and they are just testing and polishing it.

Traffic jam..

Sometimes i use this old picture of some jammed traffic on an airport, Mumbai actually. But the oldest readers of Airdailyx already know what it means. Traffic jam. Too much sceneries rushing each others because we are approaching Christmas.. Here is a list of incoming products. Watch out if you, editor, are about to release somethin... choose the right momentum..

Aerosoft publishs more pictures of Yekaterinburg

FSX. These are the second set of pictures from the russian airport project, Yekaterinburg Koltovo USSS.

Cancun X : three more screenshots

FSX. AMS, the mexican development team, has published three more shots of Cancun X airport (MMUN).

Alice Springs on final approach

FSX. Orbx has posted more screenshots of Alice Springs YBAS, a mid-size/Heavy airport lost in the center of Australia but very interesting to enjoy some flights over the country. YBAS is one of the "eight" festive sceneries to be released in a few days/weeks now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Latni VFR sending us 2 exclusive shots

FS9 and FSX. Two exclusive shots of Miami airport, the five months project that will be released in early december.

Monday, November 28, 2011

OryxSim : New preview of Castlegar

FSX. Florian Fermin, founder of OryxSim, has posted some new shots of the canadian airport Castlegar CYCG, in British Columbia, its third project in Canadian Rockies.

John Gabbert's updating its website

FS9. The canadian amateur developer of Vancouver airport CYVR, in British Columbia, has updated his website last wednesday. The airport is in Beta test and will be available for FS9 only, since FSDT is cooking a FSX version.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another canadian airfield

FSX. Orbx is announcing Claresholm Industrial CEJ4 near Calgary and ready for NA BLUE Northern rockies.

The Atlantic Crossing

IVAO has organized today, its Atlantic crossing event, between several heavy european airports with Boston and NewYork. 13 IVAO divisions have gathered. Hundreds of filghtplans have been planned over Atlantic.  

Antarctica : the conquest begins !

FSX. 25 pictures taken from the newly released Antarctica.   A whole new world to explore. A paradise for many kind of aircrafts and chopers.

Friday, November 25, 2011

New stunning shots from Miami

FS9 and FSX. Latin VFR is showing off new pictures of Miami airport KMIA for FS 2004 and FSX. Beta tests already engaged on both platforms. The largest airport ever designed by the developer.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Coolsky DC-9 : a close-up !

FSX. Espen √ėijordsbakken, founder of Coolsky, is posting an interesting glimpse of its incoming DC-9 with pictures of the main panel.

A video of VehicleFlow

FSX. Orbx has uploaded a video about the new VehiculeFlow feature, providing interactions with PeopleFlow and more.

More previews of CLS A330 Cargo

FSX. Commercial level Simulations has published more shots of its Airbus 330 Cargo project.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More from Harvey Field

FSX. Heiko from Orbx, is showing off some progress on Harvey field S43 (NA BLUE PNW).

[B2B] Carenado announcing Alabeo...

The Chilian designer, Carenado, has posted a communique about a new subsidiary, Alabeo../..

Cancun X unveiled...

FSX. After their acclaimed FS9 design of Cancun, the mexican team from Aviation Multimedias Studios (AVS), is publishing a first shot from the FSX version. A good news but still, we might be very far from a final release...

Antarctica X Ultimate preview before release...

FSX. Aerosoft to release very soon Antarctica X !

Monday, November 21, 2011

Jefferson County : another preview

FSX. Scott Armstrong (Orbx) is posting more screenshots of Jefferson County OS9, another airfield for NA BLUE PNW.

More previews from Cracovia

FS9 and FSX. Stanislaw Drzewiecki has uploaded two new screenshots of Cracovia EPKK, official Intl. airport of the famous old polish city. Release very soon for FS9.

Aerosoft OV-10 Bronco : final shots before beta tests

FSX. Aerosoft is publishing eight new pictures of the Bronco, mainly inside cockpit shots. "Close to beta.. and this beta will be short and sweet", says Mathijs today, for the german group of FS and simulation distribution and developments.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

News from Tropical Sim

FS9 and FSX. Leandro and Carlo, from the Bralizian team T.S., are announcing...

McPhat Studios announcing its PMDG NGX packs

FSX. Four packs including four liveries in each one ! McPhat Studios will release very soon the first payware liveries for the blockbuster PMDG NGX. Here is the list :

A new set of pictures from Alice Springs

FSX. Coming soon, this airpor from the very center of Australia, Alice Springs. Screenshots from Ian Emms are taken with AU RED pack for Australia center outback.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

P46T Malibu Jetprop : interiors

FSX. The last Carenado previews are showing the interiors of the Piper P46T Jet Prop DLX Malibu Meridian. We are a few weeks ahead of release.

Antartica X : landscapes

FSX. While Aerosoft is planning to release the box version around mid-december already, The team developers is posting more screenshots with some views of the Antartica landscapes.

New pictures of NZ South

FSX. Orbx, the australian designer, is posting more shots of FTX New Zealand South Island. Here are some pictures from Ian Emms, beta testing the scenery around Milford Sound mountains.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pictures of the day...

FS9 and FSX. Posted on Drzewiecki Design, two interesting shots. The first one is actually what the final Cracovia airport EPKK will look like in a few weeks when released. The second, taken by a simmer visiting the real airport, shows futur extensions.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flylogic : first screens of Grenchen X

FSX. Flylogic, the swiss developer has jus released Altenrhein for FSX. In the meantime, some screenshots of Grenchen LSZG airport have been posted.

More shots from Orbx christmas eight

FSX. More screenshots today from New Zealand South (with a defaut airport) and some others from Harvey field.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Exclusive interview with... Steve Halpern

Exclusive for Airdailyx, a few questions to the CEO of FLIGHT1, Steve Halpern. You want to join the distributor, to know how it make decisions among new projects. Here are some clues.

13 new screenshots from FLIGHT...

Looks like that Microsoft wants eventually to speed up the process or make more buzz around FLIGHT while Laminar Research is almost ready to release X-PLANE 10. Time for the battle of screenshots...

First previews of... Orbx Ketchikan !

FSX. Ketchikan airport (PAKT), signed by the very same developer of Fall City. Previews. Download avail in time for your Christmas tree...

News from.. SunSKyJET !

FS9 and FSX. The american team is almost (crossing fingers) ready to beta test Philadelphia KPHL airport for FSX. The FS9 version has been released a year ago.
Cherry on the cake, Ian and Shez have developed a totally new website. Thanks !

LLH Creations : more previews from Annecy

FSX. Eric Majeraz has posted a dozen of new screenshots from the french airport Annecy in Alps, not very far from Geneva. The scenery will be available  in late november.