Sunday, December 11, 2011

Onet Phnom Penh VDPP : our own screenshots

FS9 and FSX. This is the fourth scenery from Onet Valley in south-east of Asia, this year. With Thai Creations and ASA, FSX users have now six or seven airports for Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

It's not a heavy kind of airport but a good base for some exotic flights in south-east of Asia. 
The airport is not too far from Bankgog or Wattai, Samui island, Yangoon etc.. Or some long haul to Singapore.

Some custom ground textures at dusk. But some really
nice photoreal textures are also available for Cambodia, at AVSIM or FLIGHTSIM.

FSX defaut Phnom Penh capital in the backstage

Night lights rather good at night.

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Anonymous said...

Can you confirm that there are a lot of unvisible crash objects at the airport? In many review it was an important argument for a bad rating.

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