Thursday, January 31, 2013

Orbx Stapleford part 1/2 : Our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. Second airfield for FTX EU England. And a third already coming (Shoreham), and 10 more later... !  I am really fond of this one because there is a remarkable mix between all Flow techs. Everything is seamlessly integrated. There is LIFE here.

Lot's of chatter about the Q-400

FSX. Yes, even the developers visit ADX and read a lot of comments posted by our readers. There were quite a few comments regarding the different purchase options and levels of complexity regarding the Q-400 including start up procedures in my previous article. We'll the guys at Majestic have responded and here is what they have to say...
[Video included]

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Aerosoft Robin features list avail.

FSX. Aerosoft has posted a full features list of the Robin DR400. Release is "very soon".

Orbx Stapleford released !

FSX/P3D. Iain Emms has taken his last pictures of the British Stapleton Abbotts EGSG. Creative Flow at its best, a large airfield, and a perfect location  near London.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

FlightBeam KSFO update!

FSX. Major changes are happening to SFO so shouldn't your FlightBeam SFO change with it? Well, yes. And thankfully, it is. Here's SFO's brand new control tower under construction, due to open next year.
FlightBeam will update this fresh look to it's KSFO product later this year along with upgraded textures, active jetways, updated DX10 compatible taxi lights, runway lights, and much more. This update will be absolutely free. Awww... that's sweet! Thanks Amir! No confirmation yet if the FS9 version will be included in the update.

Dobryï vetcher, Captain

These are some heros of Chernigov [Chernihiv] Higher Pilot school in Ukraine. Apparently, a few of these trainees became involve in flight simulation.... To found Captain Sim, five years ago. I am not rewriting history. Just try to understand the roots of Captain Sim, because i respect them.

SibWings An2

FSX/P3D. With all the airports popping up around Eastern Europe these days, I am really looking forward to finally having a proper AN2 in FSX. There is already a very good payware model for FS9 available as freeware. So Between SibWings and Aerosoft, it's very obvious the SibWings variant will debut first. And it looks damn good doesn't it?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MilViz Bell-407 3D VC

FSX/P3D. No, that is not a shot of a real aircraft. And no, the following screenshots in this post are not of a real aircraft. Yes, they are screenshots of an aircraft in development for FSX. I am of course talking about the Bell-407 by MilViz. These guys have several aircraft under development and we want them all! Have a look!

Majestic Q-400 status update!

FSX/P3D. What is likely to be the most sought after aircraft this year, Majestic has just released a status update of the progress of the Q-400's beta. There is a lot of good news regarding the progress of the beta and some very interesting news as well. But what most of you likely want to know besides the release date is: How much? Well we have the estimated prices and let me tell you. This baby isn't going to come cheap!

Such a disgrace

FSX. 5 flights on Captain Sim SP1. Vancouver, Phoenix, San Francisco, Montreal... Except one good flight between KPHX and KSFO, all my flights started or ended in a crash to desktop or some navigational failure. Here is my list of weaknesses. Feel free to complete it... The thing is.. I am really tired of my six months of waiting and the time spent in these wreck flights.

Twotter! Looking great!

FSX/P3D. Mathijs has shown off more images of the Twin Otter Extended and I have to give some serious credit to the developers on this project. The texture work is looking amazing. I am very excited to kick off my sorties from Kathmandu to Lukla again and this is the best bird for the task. Speaking of which, after this release, I hope someone makes an updated Lukla with updated FSX features. It's about time! Look at these great VC shots!

Drzewiecki is back! Warsaw EPWA in progress !!!

The tower of Warsaw EPWA
FS9/FSX. Stanislaw, founder of the Polish team Drzewiecki Design, has posted some WIPs (*) of a new project..Warsaw Chopin airport.  Nice but we don't have a clue about this...One hint though, this is a control tower. Update : another shot unveiled on Gdansk update.

Misha's paradise

FSX. Misha (OZx developer) has posted several gorgeous pictures on several airfields he is working, in Orbx FTX PNW vicinity. More airfields for Pacific Northwest then !


[Appetizer]. Very calm activity this morning. But.. Air France has launched its new Regional low cost company, HOP! New liveries and a lot of destinations in western Europe. Get ready to repaint your ATRs and CRJs!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Stapleford now imminent

FSX/P3D. New shots of Stapleford Abbots EGSG, a very active airfield in the north of London. The second airfield for Orbx FTX EU England is imminent, according to his developer, Russ White. UPDATED More shots!

Midi-Pyrenees Photo HD VOL.1 released!

FSX. FranceVFR has just released their latest high-res photo-work of Midi-Pyrenees Photo HD vol-1. Now as Dom mentioned earlier, there is a trees package you can download for it but honestly, in my opinion, the days of photo sceneries are nearing an end. People want autogen. No matter how good things look from the sky, things need to look good on the ground as well. Personally, FTX Global. That's what's on my mind.

Flight1 B200. More!

FSX. As we mentioned previously, even if you already have the Carenado variant of this magnificent aircraft, it's the instrument panel that comes equipped with this model that will make it worthwhile for purchase. Today, Flight1 released a few more development screenshots of their B200 project! Take a gander!

We'll it's about damn time...

FSX. Honestly, of all the few large payware turboprops we have seen in FS, this is one I personally feel should have been done long ago. All we have had are the freewares that always fell short of expectation. Well now, besides the Q-400 and the Metroliner on the way, finally we are getting... wait for it... THE EMB 120!! All we have to show is a very early render but I am very confident Razbam Sims will deliver top quality!

Chhatrapati Shivaji!

FS9/FSX. Thai Creations has admitted he has been quite busy with other simulated projects not related to flight simulation. Hey, developers make money elsewhere too... The good news is, he has started and has progressed quite well on Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai India. This will make the third payware airport in the country. One by ImagineSim and the other still yet to be released/distributed by Aerosoft.

GeeBee wrapping up!

FSX/P3D. Honestly, even I thought the Alabeo GeeBee Model Z would have been released by now. But of course, we all love a thoroughly tested product and besides, this gave the team a bit more time to work up a couple more eye popping paint jobs for the model. My money says it will be released within the next 2 days. We'll be looking for it!

France VFR Lorraine...

FSX. The French designer is now showing off the first shots of Lorraine but we are not anymore in the mood to promote these "Photo" sceneries. Obviously the editor is pushing on this range of products that are much easier to produce than the VFR range. If we buy these photoreal sceneries, are we shure to see the VFR version someday ? Runs the maths, it's barely possible.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

QW BAE-146 new shots!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Yes. It has been quite a while since we have had a proper update on the status regarding the QualityWings BAE-146 project. Everyone has hailed the Avro version and as such, everyone is looking forward to the 146. The team has not posted much in this current update but we have a couple of new shots to help you keep calm and carry on!

MilViz 737. Watch the 3rd pre-beta live now!

FSX.P3D. Our friends at MilViz are cracking away quite well on their 737 project. With the latest screenshot released today, they explain the hard work that has to go into the features of every switch, gauge, and function. This may even be more complex modeling than the CS variant of this classic aircraft.

PMDG - NEW Thomson livery

FSX. ICAO: TOM  -  NEW livery for all those Thompson virtual pilots out there...enjoy!

Wales announced

FSX/P3D. It's an Orbx week-end. After glimpses from Stapleford and Shoreham, after PeopleFlow updates, here is... FTX EU Wales. Announced yesterday by John Venema.

Belfast weekly update

FSX. "Shamrock" has posted some new glimpses of Belfast EGAC airport project. I was already impressed by the fire station. Now, these new buildings are really promising.

Oh my god! Japan airport!

FSX. Graham from PacSim (Marshalls, Jeju, Puerto Vallarta, Xiamen..) has unveiled a first screenshot of its Japanese airport project. Very well advanced apparently. Tokyo? No! Nagoya Chubu Centrair RJGG! 

EGSG, EGKA, new previews

FSX/P3D. Only Iain Emms can catch these crispy sceneries (here, Stapleford).

Orbx PeopleFlow and animals updated

FSX.P3D. Orbx is announcing an update : new Peoples and now shadows.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


[PRO HARDWARE] To all those who have ever dreamed of an elaborate setup, here's one of the worlds leading manufacturers on home cockpit design. If you don't have the cash, you are welcome to drool. If you do have the cash, here are some companies based out of Canada.

Update on Rome.

FS9. Just FYI. An update from DFS, the FS9 version of Rome is expected within the next 2 weeks. We'll announce as soon as it's available. Information of the FSX version to follow.

PMDG 737 NGX - VC color change tool

FS9/FSX. Here's a neat little tool to customize your NGX's VC and interior.  If your bored of the same VC tone, this is a great little tool to add some personalized colors to your VC for your own favorite airline.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Vagar public beta!

FSX. Happy Saturday folks! The Vagar project is looking better by the day and the progress is going quite quickly. In fact, now that it's in beta, I think the release should be within the next couple weeks or so. If you want to get a better look at the features of the work so far, we have a video link in here somewhere for you as well.

DA-CRJ on pre-order??

FSX. Joseph, you rock broheim and thanks for the tip! So yes, We were tipped off by an ADX reader that supposedly the Aerosoft / Digital Aviation CRJ is in pre-order status in the Aerosoft shop. Could this really mean the aircraft is nearing completion without a proper preview in several months? Hmm... What is your opinion on this? Any of you thinking about dropping the credit card digits?

CityCenter for FS9!

FS9. Andrea Bertolucci is an amazing artist and not only has he already brought us several new developments for the Las Vegas strip in an effort to keep the FS9 variant up to date, he has also brought us the Houston and Milan skylines. He is currently working on his first airport project along with Ground Zero for D.Design's NYC. But, wait... now here comes the Las Vegas City Center! Nice! And my opinion, the quality is a step above the US cities projects for FSX.

Extended goes 1.04

FSX/P3D. In today's age in flight simulation, it is very good to see expensive quality products continue to get support and updates. If your AirbusX is running great, Aerosoft just released update 1.04 to make it even better. Give it a try and let us know!

ImagineSim KCLT!

FS9/FSX. Our good firends Cal and Fran at ImagineSim are quity busy these days and they have a lot of plans in store for us. Today, we get the very first preview shot of KCLT in progress! "We're moving forward from KATL and introducing a lot of new and high quality modelling..."

More from the boys in Budapest!

FS9/FSX. Our friends are still only showing just a small screenshot here and a screenshot there. Frankly, this is upsetting me. This team should be showing off more work from a project of this size and quality. Pretty soon, if this continues with so few pictures, I am going to have to take matters into my own hands.We have our own people on the ground in Budapest too... This serves as a warning to LHSim.

How Flightbeam toys with us !

The young developer, Amir, has updated its homepage and is already working on a 4th project !  Washington Dulles is still a "Work in Progress".

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New shots of Stapleford

FSX/P3D. Russ White shows off more screenshots of Stapleford EGSG airfield for EU England. The good news ? 1 week to go...

PMDG FMC Controller for Mobile Devices

FS9/FSX. Using simconnect.dll this nifty little tool is for all those geeks out there who have smartphones or even iPad's...

Adelaïde X announced !

FSX/P3D. Aerosoft unveils a new airport scenery project, Adelaïde X YPAD in Australia. First screenshots posted!

Vidan design: Very talented!

FSX. The Vidian Design team has released more mouth watering screenshots of SonderborgX. The work is obviously very talented and well done. The buildings stage in nearly complete, but there is still much work to do.

Getting a bigger picture...

FSX. Now we are finally getting a better overall view of the quality we can expect with the new Mexico City in development by Taxi2Gate. Frames are always a concern but I get the feeling the team is well on top of that. And the texture work already surpases the last version by far! Check out the latest...

Midi-Pyrenees imminent

FSX. France VFR will release Midi-Pyrenees "Photo" scenery this week-end (maybe friday). You will able to download the free autogen (trees) from their website and upon your serial code.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Captain Sim B-777 SP1 available!

FSX. It's about time ! Captain Sim is finally announcing the Service Pack 1. At this stage, the aircraft should be perfectly flyable. Read the full list of improvements and fixes.

i-Fly / PMDG NGX & Level D 767 repaints

FS9/FSX. Another website that I have come across lately, holds promising results for NEW livery's for the NGX family. We also posted on this re-painter last week regarding their QW757 and Aerosoft Airbus repaints.

ACARS airborne client

[HARDWARE] FS9/FSX compatible:  ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) If you LOVE flying over a NETWORK, such as VATSIM or IVAO, this perhaps is something you'll want to use moving forward.

Throttle for PMDG 777

[HARDWARE] FS9/FSX compatible: USB plug-and-play. Perhaps something for when the PMDG 777 is released, which would add to your realism?