Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ACARS airborne client

[HARDWARE] FS9/FSX compatible:  ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) If you LOVE flying over a NETWORK, such as VATSIM or IVAO, this perhaps is something you'll want to use moving forward.

The ACARS software is FREEWARE, for starters.  


Since it's initial release a few years back, the software has come along way, and so far is more user friendly than ever.  Setting this software up can require your attention, however the benefits once configured can open up doors to ETOPS and crossing the pond using VATSIM, thus immersing yourself among the realism that is out on the market today.  Since the 777 and 747 is around the corner to being released, this is a promising product and can be used on those ETOPS operations.  

Now's the time to download / install and learn how to use it before its to late. ;-)

See below for some images and pages that the ACARS system can address when used to its full extent: -


Lets start a discussion below on what people think of this product if you've already used it, or even the revised NEW version available since NOV 2012.  I'm interested in peoples comments below for trying to setup and configure this as a novice and if the step by step guide is really as simplistic as it can be.  Let's see...


Ciki said...

It´d be nice to have this connected with A/C´s FMC (PMDG, Aerosoft)

Anonymous said...

Darryl, this is a great software package that I use. It works with topcat and as far as I know, the dev is even able to work with va's to implement it into their custom dispatching and acars programs. The only downfall, that was mentioned in the previous post, is you are not able to connect to onboard FMC in PMDG, LevelD, and Aerosoft. At least not yet.

Real easy setup too as mentioned.

Not too many controllers seem to be using it in North America either, not on Vatsim. Mainly used for the annual Worldflight event.


Maverick!! lol

Fabo said...

Nice pick to show off, Darryl.

Re: Ciki: I agree. I have been thinking about this ever since I heard about NGX SDK.
Too bad it is not possible at the moment. PMDG said it was possible that they would open the MCDU in future, so here is for hoping.
Aerosoft SDK at this stage does not allow MCDU comms either, but they hint at it being possible to hook something up with the right CDU, so...

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