Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Throttle for PMDG 777

[HARDWARE] FS9/FSX compatible: USB plug-and-play. Perhaps something for when the PMDG 777 is released, which would add to your realism?

For those of you whom have a smaller budget when it comes to hardware, perhaps this is a little more affordable:

Or, for those whom prefer even MORE realism and are willing to invest in to something that's 100% 1:1 replica, maybe this is the one for you.


Flightdeck Solutions (FDS) continues on its path of being a "Full Solutions" provider for Professional Level Products. Designed to fulfill the requirements of our Professional customers as well as our "High End Enthusiast" we have engineered this product to withstand the daily rigors involved in pro level training as well as research and development applications. The PRO-MX series Throttle Unit Features:

  • Professionally Engineered/Scale Design
  • USB Plug and Play Design
  • FDS-FC1 Interface Pre-Installed
  • Custom Machined Components
  • Precision Laser Cut Housing
  • All Metal Design Levers
  • IBL Series Backlit Panels
  • Industrial Powder Coat Finish
  • Functional TOGA/AT Disconnect Switches
  • Accurate Reverse Thrust Functionality
  • Machined Metal Knobs
  • Machined Fuel Cut Off Devices
  • All Metal Throttle Stand (Powder Coat Finish)
  • Realistic Representation Trim Devices
  • Functional Parking Brake
  • Realistic Metal (Machined) Parking Brake Lever
  • USB Windows PnP Control Cursor Units (CCUs)
  • Accurate Reverse Thrust Lever Action
  • Realistic Rep Trim Devices
  • Alternate Flaps Panel with Green IBL Backlight

    Anonymous said...

    Ok this is a real important subject, in the market there are no real price value throttle.
    You can buy low quality like Saitek for 50€ then you jump to 400€ of goflight TQ wich is overpriced, then you got precision flight control that cost you 475 only the base console then add other 300€ for costum throttle.
    After those example there is left only costum company that cost you more then 1200€.
    There is a real hole on market for those product even if i't a small market.
    There should be a kind of logitech or thrustmaster brand, that could create a quality but more affordable throttle for around 250-300€.
    I't not neccesary to be eye candy 737 ng or 320 but at list with flap, speedbrake, Throttle, reverse and parking brake.

    Anonymous said...

    You forgot throttletek

    or the more inventive way of doing it low budget here

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