Friday, November 30, 2012

FiumeShots! Part one.

Exclusive for ADX readers ! We are working very hard on the beta of this lovely airport. For now, here are a few shots from the beta process on my system. Should hold you all over! Our friend Rainer Duda is working on some screenshots for the near future as well for those of you who prefer a pro! Please keep in mind this is not the final product.

Port-au-Prince : Our own screenshots

FSX. After FS9, a few weeks ago, here is the X version of Port au Prince MTPP. I am impressed. The terminal has been very carefully designed here, with high resolution textures. Ground textures are very good and the airport (no special surroundings) includes a lot of details and objects. Is this Spectre a new serious professional developer ? I tend to agree, if the adventure goes on...

Oh my ! A B-737-200 ! By Milviz !

FSX. Yes i am overreacting here but.. Oh my god ! First shots are promising.

Port au Prince FSX released !

FSX. Spectre has released its FSX version of Haitian Port au Prince capital airport (MTPP). Full test incoming.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Approved !

FSX. I have tested the Lionheart Super Pacer yesterday. Short test - not a review - and explanations. Updated. Mistakes happen. We test a lot of things and with this online manual, i did not see the cleaning bottle feature.

Yes I know.

Seems like I really haven't been active over the last week or so... Yes I know. Work, family life, and personal projects intervene every now and then. Thank goodness for my brother Dominique for keeping the shop running! We are working on quite a few things for the blog. New comics are coming, more in-depth reviews, interviews, and exclusives including Rome Fiume! Very exciting! So hang in there guys, we are on the ball!

A static Dreamliner Lot

FS9/FSX. Drzewiecki Design likes the Boeing Dreamliner. Actually, Lot Polish Airlines was the first european airlines to order this new amazing aircraft. A static model is already on progress..

New shots of the P-38

FSX. A beta tester has posted updated WIP (Work in Progress) of the MilViz P-38 blank model.

Felts Field, Again !

FSX/P3D. New shots from Iain Emms of the first airport and scenery for Orbx Northern Rockies. Dusk lights and PeopleFlow unveiled.

Super Pacer : our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. Eventually, we wanted to take a closer look at this little tiny bee ! Signed by Bill Ortis.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Felts Field, Washington, NRM

For use with FTX Northern Rockies Mountains

FSX/P3D. And more views of Spokane Felts Field KSFF from Jarrad himself. The initial "built" is now in the hands of beta testers who will try to crack and break this 8th marvel of the world !

Help us on our new poll

[Market]. You have probably took an eye on our new poll. 125 of you have already answered. Our idea is certainly not to disturb you with another poll. It serves another purpose. To show editors and developers that we, the simmers, have no unlimited money on our credit cards, even for Xmas. Many developers are working to release products and sceneries for the end of the year. The least i can tell is that's a risky bet...
Good luck and good night !

Aerosoft Robin : details on the canopy

FSX. More previews of the Robin DR400 have been posted yesterday evening by the developer, Joachim. Some interesting views of the canopy and the pilot.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bella Coola seen by Emmsie

FSX/P3D. Iain Emms, Orbx VIP, has tested the Canadian airfield (runway length = 4 200 feets !).

Ateh's teaser on Belgrade

FSX. Ateh One Video prod. has uploaded a video of SkyHighSim Belgrade LYBE X. The video is really nice. The airport ? Very few details unveiled, as usual. Too bad !

Another preview of Canary Islands

FSX. An interesting view of a terminal at night. La Gomera maybe ?

Aerosoft Tomcat X : first glimpse

FSX/P3D. The German editor/developer has unveiled the first screenshots of its Grumman Tomcat X project. Work in Progress, including on the external model.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bella Coola !

FSX/P3D. After our exclusives, Russ White has posted the first official preview of Bella Coola CYBD. And the news are good : " Almost ready for release", says Russ. Bella Coola is half way from Ketchikan / Stewart to PNW airfields.

Canada, the new attractive force ?

[Market]. Let's leave the Persian Gulf for a month or two, and think Canada. No need to be a  foreteller, the end of the year will be under the sign of the leaf.

Totally forgot about this!

FSX/P3D. It's been so long since an update on this, I totally forgot Carenado was working on a Cirrus SR22GTSx and man does this baby look smokin!

Another for OZx

FSX. Misha of OZx is well underway on his current freeware project YMGD Maningrida Airport. Very nice!

Heraklion FS9 released!

FS9. The FS9 version of Heraklion is now on deck! Go get it 9ners!

A glimpse of the Robin

FSX. Joachim Schweigler has posted an update on its Robin 400 project. External views, cockpit.. We are impressed by the high quality of the cockpit textures here!

Enigma still going...

FSX. We have been getting readers asking about what's going on with this project. It's not much but at least we can see it's still ongoing. Nice texture work thus far!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another preview from Arkansas Regional

FSX. Wideloadwhitford is still working on Northwest Arkansas KXNA. Night shots.

New textures for the Twotter

FSX. Aerosoft has just posted new shots of the Twin Otter DHC project. High resolution textures applied on the virtual cockpit.

Orbx EU ENgland Part 2: Review

FSX/P3D. The Australian touch redefining a new vision of England. The thousands of squares miles in British Columbia were a challenge ? But imagine all the details needed for England !

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grenchen X released.

FSX/P3D. Aerosoft airport Grenchen X is now available on Simmarket!

Pacer superpack released!

FSX/P3D. Bill Ortis jas just released his latest aircraft masterpiece which also includes a few VFR airfields as well!

Iris Venture MG.1 released!

FSX. Inspired by Grob 109B, Iris has just released it's latest ultralight MG.1. Great for sight seeing or just derping around in the wind!

Britanny on 3D Automation !

FSX. First screenshots of France VFR Britanny scenery with the 3D Automation engine.

New shots of Bodo.

FSX. Tucked far up there in Norway, Bodo shows off a couple of really impressive terminal textures. Very nice work indeed!

Friday, November 23, 2012

So guess who else is working on the AN2...

FSX. SibWings. Yep and their version is clearly much further along than the version in development by Aerosoft. I really love this plane. Sad it didn't get a bigger part in "The Expendables 2".

Buttkicker! It's time you felt it!

[HARDWARE] Hey, I did say we had some good things after Thanksgiving right? So when track IR first came out a few years back, I completely failed to see the point of having it. In fact, I disregarded it so much, I didn't bother to even think of having it until about a year ago. The thing is, I have spent so much on software over the years, I never really bothered to search for hardware (other than the rig and the flight controls). Well now, external hardware is becoming so advanced, it's damn near imperative that we start making more of a concerted effort to look into what's being developed for our flight simulators. Thus, for the very first time, ADX offers you our first hardware review, the Buttkicker! Your butt is going to experience arm-chair flying like never before!

First interesting shots of Doha

FS9/FSX.  Posted today on FSDeveloper, a few shots of Doha OTBD in Qatar. Ground layers are finished and first hangars erected. Nice! And perfect stop to Dubai. Too bad we don"t know very much about this developer.

Here comes Sanya Phoenix!

FS9. Everyone, their mothers, grand mothers, and great grand mothers are wondering when the hell is SkySoft going to release some freaking shots of Beijing. We'll we have no clue, but in the mean time here is another work from the developer.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

More WarsawCity for FSX.

FSX/P3D. Perhaps with the release of FT's Dubai, the FS9 release of WarsawCity 2012 may have gone a bit under the radar considering how closely the two products were released. I am very impressed with
the Warsaw product but have decided to hold off on my review till the FSX version is released. With over 1,300 reads of my Dubai review so far, readers are quite clear they like the combined platform review style. So stay tuned folks, Warsaw is going to shine and you are going to want it if you don't already! In the mean time, we have fresh WIP's for you!

REX Latitude Released!

FSX/P3D. Now finally we can go see what all the hype is about!

Incoming Hind!

FSX. Depending on what side of the fence you may be on, an approaching Hind can be a welcome sight, or a gruesome one. Well I know what side of the fence I am on and that's the cockpit!  Virtavia is well underway on the Mi-24 'Hind-D' and I want one! So watch your back!

Spitfire Mk IV for Free.

FSX. Got an email from the JustFlight guys saying the Spitfire Mk IV is available for free download! Head over and get yours now!!

BlackFriday Deals!

Here in the US, BlackFriday is a day that always follows ThanksGiving. It's simply an excuse for overstuffed people to kill and pepper spray each other to get ahead at Wallmart in order to buy some marked down cheap made in China garbage. For you lot however, BlackFriday also means some great FS products are on super sale!

GeeBee lookin awesome!

FSX/P3D. Alabeo's Model-Z is looking fantastic! The exteriors are complete the they have some lovely liveries to show off. Looks like they are working on gauges currently.

Pacer Super Pack coming soon!

FSX/P3D. Lionheart Creations is proud to announce that it has begun the Launching of the newest aircraft line, the Piper Pacer Super Pack, featuring 33 variants, four aircraft versions, 3 panel versions, several 'era' paint schemes, 2 era instrumentation types and also features 30 updated and or newly created landing points in Alaska near Hope, just south of Anchorage. All for $24.95.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

** News of the world **

Dear readers and friends, we are facing a very weak day in a very calm week... Developers too busy finishing their work before Christmas ? Maybe.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

AN2 looking very lovely.

FSX. Aerosoft has just shown off a couple new images of their AN2 in progress and she is looking very lovely! If the FS9 crowd wants one, head over to LHSim.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Promising work from Spain

FSX. Jose, new in FS development, has unveiled a first work on a Spanish airport, LEMT, near Madrid. If this work is completed, it's going to be freeware. First shots are really promising, ground textures and hangars as well.

Eagle Rotorcraft ? Hats off !

FSX. Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations (ERS) has just sent a newsletter to a media/blogs list. Many news announced : the Grumann 1EB Tracer for FSX has been released this last week end as a native FSX version. And more...

Warsaw FSX : another one !

FSX. Stanislaw Drzewiecki has posted a new shot of the FSX version of Varsovia City. This scenery will include a 1 meter/pixel resolution and even more landclasses.

Skysoft ZSNT : next week ?

FS9. Nantong Xingdong ZSNT might be finished next week end, according to the Chinese team, Skysoft. A few shots posted today.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spokane Felts Field announced !

FSX/P3D. Jarrad Marshall (Orbx) has posted the first preview of Felts Field Spokane KSFF, a mid-size airport (first one !) for FTX Northern rockies mountains. Thrilling shots.

Imagine Sim Atlanta FSX : Our review

FSX. Atlanta V.3 for FS9 has already been tested a few weeks ago by D'Andre. Here is my FSX version review.

LVF San Diego : more progress

FS9/FSX. Latin VFR has posted (again !) new screenshots of San Diego (Lindbergh Field) KSAN. A first clear sight of the jetways.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wake up QualityWings...

FSX. Justflight has just released a couple of teasers of their BAE / Avro freighter. Although we among others consider the CLS version to be inferior to QW's, I can already see many QW Avro fans purchasing the CLS now as this is one variant where QW failed us. Let's just hope they change their minds on this one.

Am i ratting out ?

[|FS Market]. Here is an updated list of developers who have not published any new FS projects since 2 months or more. That's okay, some of them might want to stay off to handle a heavy project. Problem is : if eveybody stops communicating, this Flight simulation market will be slowly dying.

Orbx EU England : Our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. A first idea of Orbx first scenery in Europe. Coverage : England. Screenshots here are taken from London city, London, Plymouth, Dover, Liverpool, Scanfield, Manston etc.. Review very soon. Autumn season only here !

Orbx EUrope ENgland Released

FSX/P3D. Yes ! The first Orbx european region scenery has been released, early this morning, Australian hour. And this is the first scenery made by Orbx from HamPshire, in UK.

Friday, November 16, 2012

** News of the world **

This is a new kind of article where we will post interesting news from various companies. Today, news from Visualize-HD/Aviasim and Bodo Scenery.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Latin VFR KSAN : Preview n°4 !

FS9/FSX. Jonathan Schutte, CEO of Flycay, has posted four more shots of San Diego KSAN. Judge yourself !

EU England : last set of pictures

FSX/P3D. Mark Abdey has added a dozen of new ENgland screenshots. Release is now imminent.

Milviz F-86 Sabre : Our own screenshots

FSX. Military Visualizations has released its Post World war II military F-86 Sabre, two weeks ago. Here are "our own screenshots".

SkyHighSim Belgrade on final

FSX/P3D. The Serbian team has finished the beta stage and is now packing the airport. Belgrad Nicola Tesla will also be available for P3D  and a light version might be released too, for low end computers. New shot here, although i was all the way disappointed by the quality of the preview shots (not the scenery itself).

Eastman KEZM confirmed

FSX. The Airport guys (Myrtle Beach airport) have confirmed that their mid-size airports package will also include Eastman KEZM airport. A new picture here.

Orbx EU England... this week end !

FSX/P3D. Orbx has announced that their latest mega scenery package (and first step in United Kingdom), will be available before the end of this week end.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Overland maybe? I really don't know.

FSX. We just got a tip from one of our loyal readers of some sort of pending Haneda project. Now we know Overland was working on this airport previously but they seemed to scrap it saying something to the effect of they weren't happy with the quality. Whatever the deal, this is an interesting find. As for quality, you be the judge.