Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Help us on our new poll

[Market]. You have probably took an eye on our new poll. 125 of you have already answered. Our idea is certainly not to disturb you with another poll. It serves another purpose. To show editors and developers that we, the simmers, have no unlimited money on our credit cards, even for Xmas. Many developers are working to release products and sceneries for the end of the year. The least i can tell is that's a risky bet...
Good luck and good night !


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the majority so far is in the >75 range. I'll be lucky to get one add-on.

Mason Dominique said...

Well, good question. There are several answers to that.
First, remember that more than half of people in this hobby, are usually 30 years old ore more. With "adult" revenues and specific leisures.
Second, we try on ADX to be a mature blog with interesting topics on the FS market, new ideas etc.

Thanks to ask.

François said...

Not entirely true. The large majority of the flightsim hobby are well over 55 years old by now !
You may also want to read my Column on Aerosoft recently..... adds a bit of background and reality I think ;-)


Mason Dominique said...

Hi Francois.

I disagree, even if you have some serious market surveys. On IVAO servers, people are 25-45 years old.
And if i analyse the average intellectual level of comments on some huge forums, we are barely over 20..

Best to you

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