Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Felts Field, Washington, NRM

For use with FTX Northern Rockies Mountains

FSX/P3D. And more views of Spokane Felts Field KSFF from Jarrad himself. The initial "built" is now in the hands of beta testers who will try to crack and break this 8th marvel of the world !


Anonymous said...

Funny white 3D grass left of the terminal :)

DMac10121 said...

I think another good PNW ORBX scenery (I realize this is CRM) would be Nelson. A small BC airport with a small surrounding tow with fun terrain around it with a nice small terminal. Just an ORBX suggestion. This is looking great!

DMac10121 said...

ORBX CZNL would be nice and perfect for them, although in PNW not CRM

Anonymous said...

It's the first airport for NRM, not CRM.

Anonymous said...

Jaw dropping.

I wish I was into flying light aircraft.

I also wish that ORBX could do the entire FSX world.

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