Sunday, September 30, 2012

Carenado B200 King Air imminent

 FSX. Very few previews from editors and developers these last days. We are starting another exclusive interview with an interesting scenery developer... In the meantime, Carenado speeds up the process on its new King Air.

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Mondial Simulation Paris Part 2

P as Passion. Most of the associations exhibiting here are french speaking (We are in Paris..). We will be glad next time to make a report on a German or British event for instance. And maybe elsewhere ! 

Mathijs Kok Interview, Part 2

Second part of Mathijs Kok interview. Discussions on piracy, about Simware and some advices to young developers.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

New shots from Siletz Bay

FSX/P3D. Iain Emms has made his own shots from a beta copy. Bill Womack's next airfield, in PNW, is almost done. CreatureFlow included.

Mondial Paris : part 1

We will take more time tomorrow to present you some of the exhibitors in details. This edition shows real progress in cockpit developments, and low cost cockpits, especially. Today, a few cockpits pictures.

An interview of Mathijs Kok (1/2)

Direct from Paris, and the 7th edition of the Mondial Simulation, we have been very pleased to meet and interview Mathijs, Project Manager at Aerosoft.

Orbx Hampshire studios at work !

FSX/P3D. It's alive and almost finished. Goodwood Chichester EGHR, the british GA Aviation airport is progressing well. First shots. A first step for Orbx in England but a large one for FS Community.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Cagliari : new shots

FSX. Sagga (Devinci, Kobe X, San Diego X) has posted new screenshots yesterday night of Cagliari Elmas airport in Sardinia. Promising.

Alsace is the next 3Dautomation product

FSX. France VFR has made good progress on its 3D Automation technology. The team is finishing Alsace VFR. The previous scenery has been released 2 years ago but did not include this new technology.

Want more B200?

FSX/P3D. It's official folks. I have decided to do my first FSX/P3D review. Just looking at this bird... I can't keep my mouth from watering! Carenado is nearing completion and I just can't contain my excitement! She will pair perfectly with Mykonos! Am I right? or am I right?

More from Bangkok!

FS9/FSX. jtanabodee shows off more WIP shots of his upcoming Bangkok airport scenery. It's still a very early work and we fully support him on this endeavor. I recommend holding out for this one!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

More from the island of Mykonos.

FS9/FSX. 29Palms are not going to leave out so much as a square inch on this island. Beautiful! Just beautiful.

High quality!

FS9/FSX. Stan gives us another look at just how detailed the models and textures look up close. Part of the Warsaw city project.

The King Air B200, again !

FSX. Carenado is posting some inside views of the King Air B200. To be released in a few days. After that, there are only two left, the SR-22 Cirrus and the TBM-850. The Chilean designer is going to announce new projects!

Another glimpse of Robin

FSX. The developer of the Aerosoft version of the french Robin aircraft is posting a new glimpse of the cockpit. Much more attractive that Lionheart's one version... I gave up that one just because of the awful dark windshield. Why buy a VFR aircraft if i cannot enjoy the landscape ! Hope this one will be better.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Carenado B200 Material Tests

FSX/P3D. I am not fully sure what a material test is. I just know this aircraft looks damn beautiful!

Marsa Alam. Promising!

FSX. He calls himself the Jetman and clearly he has some skill. For those Sharm El Sheikh fans out there, it looks like you may soon have another Egyptian airport. The photoreal quality is impressive.

Good ideas, bad ideas..

Ok fine, Aerosoft is releasing its own Navdata manager, Navdata Pro.. whatever.. It's a good idea for a company, it's even a Graal, to get recurrent earnings for ever. But for us, consumers, con-simmers... it's a few bucks less for our aircrafts and sceneries. The good idea of the week ? It's from ../.

More Pawnee!

FSX/P3D. Alabeo shows off more of the Brave375!

Siletz Bay officially announced

FSX/P3D. Orbx has added a "coming soon" page, about Bill Womack next "jem". Siletz Bay S45 will also include... CreatureFlow.

The Antonov-2 is taking shape

FSX. Aerosoft is showing off some external views of the Antonov-2 project. Still a 3D model.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An helipad in Mykonos

FSX. 29Palms has posted two more glimpses. And unveils a helipad.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta. Our impression!

Where to begin on this one? It's Atlanta. By far the busiest airport in the world. It may feasibly be a simple undertaking considering the similarity between all the terminals. Easy to do a cut&paste job. So the question all of you out there are wondering: Is it worth it? Did Imagine do it justice this time? Should I really shove out the extra $28 bucks? Well lucky for you lot, you have me at your disposal to help determine the answers to these questions. After a thorough analysis of the product, my feelings are very clear here. Did Imagine pass the test? We are about to find out!
Bandwidth Warning! Nearly 80 screenshots are in here to help me help you decide whether or not you should go out and buy it! Okay intro is complete. LET'S GO!

Budapest coming together!

FS9/FSX/XPL. Our good friends over at LHSim are progressing rathar well on LHBP. Just look at these recent screenshots released today!

Airbus Xtended : A few more and a video

FSX. The beta team is showing a video explaining the fly-by-wire management. We are definitely a few days, maybe one or two weeks from release.

Oh my God!

FS9/FSX. Hang on... I need a second to pick my jaw up off the floor... almost got it... ok there! Sometimes you get a nice surprise that just makes your jaw drop! Stan really got me on this one! The city of Warsaw is really coming together and the quality is just unbelievable! Jaw dropping again...

Monday, September 24, 2012

More shots to quench your A320 thirst!

FSX. Just posted! More of the Airbus Extended. Should hold you over for a while longer!

Bratislava Exclusive!

FS9/FSX. At AirDailyX we love our FS developers and boy do they take care of us! This time we have another project exclusive you won't find anywhere else but here. César, our very good friend at Taxi2Gate has sent us some very promising shots of his current work in progress Bratislava! Between FlyTampa,  LHSimulations, DDesign and T2G, Eastern Europe is really coming to life! Just look at these amazing WIP shots!

Details of Dublin !

FSX. Things getting serious from what has been posted a few hours ago on Aerosoft forum. New pictures.

Aerosoft gulps down Simware

[Market]. We have just heard from the Aerosoft website that they have bought the Belgium FS products reseller Simware. Several consequences... !

Gianni, where are you?

Design Team has just released a new update to their LOWS scenery released back in 2006. But what is going on with the new version? No word from the team since 2011. Ouch! We hope all is well with the team.

Slipped through our fingers...

FS9/FSX. We'll it seems sometimes things go under our radar... Last week BDO Aviation released their latest project: Juanda WARR. It's a very nice looking scenery but you won't find it at Simmarket!

Andrea hard at work...

FS9/FSX. ...on the WTC complex! This rendition actually looks better than the updated Aerosoft version but don't take my my word for it. Have a look for yourself!

Iris and the G109B!

FSX/P3D. We'll it's Monday morning and time to kick off a new week! Whilst we've been sleeping, Iris has been busy. This time it's the Grob G109B. If I can think correctly, this aircraft is actually a glider and the engine is only used to keep it in the air should you loose airspeed. But I could be way wrong. It looks quite nice!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Atlanta is no stranger to me. Besides flying through KATL several times, I also did my in-flight training at the Delta Training Center. I am very excited to return to ATL and have a very in-depth look at ImagineSim's latest rendition of the airport. It's our next review. Look for it soon on AirDailyX.

From 2048 to 4096!

FSX. That's the word from the guys at McPhat. The initial DC9 classic was released with 2048 textures but a future update will include much higher res 4096 textures. WOW!

Hey TinMouse fans! Guess what?

FS9. For all you TinMouse fans out there, it looks like your good ol 732 is on it's way to getting a VC! Cool!

Majestic Q-400. MORE!

FSX. What is likely the most anticipated aircraft this year, Majestic continues to tease us over and over! Believe me, I don't mind at all! Hey, does anyone else bring you this much news and information on a Sunday? You can always count on AirDailyX!

More of Warsaw city!

FS9/FSX. Finally we get a closer look of the city of Warsaw and with textures! We also see some autogen start to spring up and it all is looking quite amazing to say the least! We also know when the project is expected to be released!

Mykonos! Super beautiful! More shots!

FS9/FSX. No one can say these guys are not super talented. The quality is simply amazing! There is going to be a hell of a lot of traffic gracing the skies of the Greek islands in the very near future and I will be one of them! Just look at these amazing shots!

Orbx LongView : Hot test

FSX/P3D. Ken Hall and Greg Jones scenery for Central Rockies Mountain. The team also worked on Moorabbin (Australia) and Creswell (Oregon) airports.


It's sunday ! A few video links to stimulate our passion.

The Super Pacer : 4 more

FSX/P3D. Lionheart is still working on the Piper Pacer Super 180. External textures finished.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

FS Perfect Approach is born

We have received an email from  FS Perfect Approach Team.  "Fspateam has arrived for the new Flight Simulator Franchise as introducing ourselves Salvador Godoy and Glenn Johnson"..

Aerosoft Saarbrücken : our own shots

FSX. Saarbrücken EDDR or a very good quality airport to forget - and forgive - Erfurt. This one is a small  Intl airport but an interesting one, perched atop a plateau.

Airbus Xtended : new ones

FSX. Beta team tester has posted a few - but teasing - shots of the Extended Airbus.

ATL for FS9 released!

FS9. Now available on Simmarket. The FSX version to follow shortly! We will post a review this week.

Orbx OG39 : Our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. This scenery is gathering almost all Orbx Tech Flows and offer multiple kind of flights. Hot test tomorrow.

AWG working on Terrain Canada 2012

FSX/P3D. The young british team is now working on a Canada terrain with mesh and road/railway network. The scenery of about 6-8 GB is already available for pre-order. Although, we think it's too early since no serious screenshots have been posted...

Friday, September 21, 2012

OG39 Long View released

FSX/P3D. Orbx has just released the second scenery add-on for Central Rockies Mountains. OG39 Long view is actually two runways, one bitumen (long enough for a bizjet.. and more !) and a second one, perched atop the mountain, 2000 feets higher. All best Orbx "Flow" tech are inside.

ATL this weekend.

FS9/FSX. The updated version of KATL is on short final and will be ready this weekend! Gear down, locked, and three green! Dom, or I, or both of us will put together a nice review.

Taxi2gate next project unveiled

FS9/FSX. Cesar has sent us infos on its next project (read also "The secret deal").

PacSim Jeju : Our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. Fortunately, PacSim is the only editor who is able to design north-asian airports, with ASA team and Thai Creations of course. And developers of Djakarta are probably able to do some to.
Aerosim, Overland, Elite-Air ? We don't believe in their projects anymore. Not for sceneries. Near China and Japan, Jeju is an excellent choice and, as usual with Graham, the surroundings are included.

Space Shuttle Endeavor comes home.

[UPDATED] As most of us already know, the Space Shuttle Endeavor is here in California (it's birthplace) and it will be making several trips around the state piggy baking on the 747 before making it's final flight to LAX today. I am dusting off the ole Nikon to get some good pictures for you all. I will have them posted later today! I'll go for the 70-300mm lens for this one. It's a once in a lifetime event and I don't plan to miss it! If I can make my way down the 405 fast enough from the Getty Center to LAX, i'll get some touchdown shots too.

So just how big will Warsaw be?

FS9/FSX/P3D. Stan gives us the bigger picture. In this shot we can get a more defined look at just how many buildings will encompass the city center of  Warsaw itself. That's a lot of buildings!

Lionheart works on a Piper

FSX/P3D. Lionheart Creations (Bill Orties) is now working on a Piper Racer. First shots.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

FSDT Vancouver : more !

FSX. Just posted yesterday evening, 4 more shots of FS Dreamteam Vancouver CYVR by Kappa.

Jirayu Tanabodee clears up a couple things.

As we all know, Simmarket just released a new version of Armi Project's Suvarnabhumi airport for FS9 and FSX. Quite a few people are quite confused as to weather or not this is the new scenery currently in production by A_A Sceneries. We confirm not only is it not, but you might want to think twice before purchasing the Armi product.

The latest from Mykonos!

FS9/FSX. I am more and more impressed by the day with the skill I am seeing from 29Palms. For a new team on the scene, their level of quality is unparalleled!

Thank you !!

Belgrade airport taking shape

FSX. SkyHigh Sim, the Serbian team, is progressing well now on Belgrade Tesla LYBE for FSX. In this picture, on the backstage, a small view of the airport appears.

Gold Coast project launched

FSX. Watch-out. When a new project is signed Flyhalf, Max Kraus is not really far. The author of the famous Mauritius airport and Grantley Adams (freeware) is working on an Australian airport, Gold Coast Intl YBCG.

Twotter Extended.

FSX. Mathijs shows us a few more work in progress shots of the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended project.

Saarbruecken Released!

FSX. Aerosoft's Saarbruecken has just been released! This one looks very good and I like the approach! Go get it!