Friday, September 21, 2012

Space Shuttle Endeavor comes home.

[UPDATED] As most of us already know, the Space Shuttle Endeavor is here in California (it's birthplace) and it will be making several trips around the state piggy baking on the 747 before making it's final flight to LAX today. I am dusting off the ole Nikon to get some good pictures for you all. I will have them posted later today! I'll go for the 70-300mm lens for this one. It's a once in a lifetime event and I don't plan to miss it! If I can make my way down the 405 fast enough from the Getty Center to LAX, i'll get some touchdown shots too.

So dusting off the ye ode D40x did not go as well as I hoped as you can clearly see the spots that are on my mirror. I was quite upset! It was damn hot out there today and everyone had their cameras ready! I am sure we will see many on over the coming weeks. It was a real treat to see these beautiful birds fly by and a moment i'll never forget like watching the first A380 arrive at LAX.
Now there are many places I could have gone to see this lovely sight. But I have what I call my "favorite" place in LosAngeles and thus the shuttle flyby was just another excuse to visit the Getty Museum just 10 minutes from where I live. I love it here because I love architecture and the Getty pleases me every time! In the above photo you see just a few of the thousands that descended on the Getty Center today to catch a glimpse. Also note the smog L.A. is famous for. We have a saying here, we accept the smog because we don't trust air we can't see. LOL!
In this above shot onlookers watch as the shuttle circled over the Hollywood sign. Sorry for the dust specs! I'll have to take it in to be cleaned.

They were cruising a full 250! 

So besides the hundred or so shots I got I also took some pictures of my "happy" place. It's a photographers paradise and no visit to LA is complete without a visit here. Although I had to fork out 15 bucks for parking! WTF!
 Real Italian travertine!
The below shot is the grass helipad! I don't think this one made it into the US Cities LA. Also note the mansions of the super rich BelAir in the background.

I can stay here all day and take pictures but had to go!


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Anonymous said...


I am looking forward for your pictures ;-)

This is one of most beautiful spaceship / aircraft oictures ;-)



Anonymous said...

Ill be their at LAX to so excited, this is definitely history I will never forget!

DAndre Newman said...

I got some great pictures from the Getty Center but i'm angry these was dust on the mirror so all my shots have dust on them. It was truly an amazing sight!! I will never forget it! Pictures to come soon!

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