Friday, September 21, 2012

PacSim Jeju : Our own screenshots

FSX/P3D. Fortunately, PacSim is the only editor who is able to design north-asian airports, with ASA team and Thai Creations of course. And developers of Djakarta are probably able to do some to.
Aerosim, Overland, Elite-Air ? We don't believe in their projects anymore. Not for sceneries. Near China and Japan, Jeju is an excellent choice and, as usual with Graham, the surroundings are included.

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Anonymous said...

...some of this is butt frikken ugly. Looks like Aerosoft circa 2001 stuff - PASS on this one...

Mason Dominique said...

I disagree.
The ground textures and the main terminal are great. There are many details in the surroundings. Ony a few buildings textures - in the surroundings - could have been better.
It's a really huge scenery.

Anonymous said...

To each his own based on type system you have and how it renders texture quality. Ground texture is HD and it handles perfectly on my system, but your system may not. Here's another review at the Korean forum that disputes your "butt frikken ugly" remark. Go check it out here under (see topic: [FSX] PIS Jeju airport 반짝 날..), or more importantly, buy the product to make proper intellectual judgement. Funny when kids jump up and down over something they yet had to have. I don't have any issues with all PIS products. They are making Asian sceneries where big companies fail to do and they deserve support. Period!

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