Friday, September 21, 2012

Taxi2gate next project unveiled

FS9/FSX. Cesar has sent us infos on its next project (read also "The secret deal").

And the next airport will be Bratislava N. R. Stefanik LZIB, capital airport of Slovakia.
Following the growth of this country, the airport is under reconstruction with modern terminals. Bratislava is not very far from Vienna.

Taxi2gate already developed on Slovakian airport a year ago, with Kosice. Bratislava project has already ground layers finished.

Hush-Hush : Taxi2gate is also working on a second project in the meantime....!

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DAndre Newman said...

..and that second project is one that people have been wanting for a long time! I am very excited about it but i'm not telling.

Anonymous said...

I am soooooooooooooooooooo pleased Bratislava is coming. Eastern Europe has for a long time laid dormant. Now the last 18 months has seen it come alive.

Anonymous said...

Excellent.. Just let it be soon. :DDD And it is "M. R. Stefanik", no N. R. Stefanik. Thanks ;-)

Anonymous said...

In the meantime you can enjoy the freeware FS2004 & FSX (good fsx upgrade from the FS9 version) scenery of "MR Stefanik" here :

Unknown said...

First short preview (in Slovak language) of this nice project and also first screenshots for IVAO members are on our forum here:

DAndre Newman said...

As long as they were not taken without permission. :)

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