Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jirayu Tanabodee clears up a couple things.

As we all know, Simmarket just released a new version of Armi Project's Suvarnabhumi airport for FS9 and FSX. Quite a few people are quite confused as to weather or not this is the new scenery currently in production by A_A Sceneries. We confirm not only is it not, but you might want to think twice before purchasing the Armi product.

Well there are 2 reasons.

1. The new A_A Sceneries version will be ten times better.
2. It seems Jirayu was screwed out of the deal he made with Armi to refurbish the product.

As we all know, and let's fact it: The original Armi Suvarnabhumi product was total crap and a serious drag on frames. Jirayu AKA jtanabodee of A_A completely reworked the project from the ground up. I was one of the beta testers on the upgraded project and can say without a doubt he saved the project.

Well allegedly Armi was supposed to share in the profits of the work with Jirayu but stopped paying him after just a few months after the upgrade was completed whilst all the while Jirayu continued to offer support for the end users.

I myself was wondering why he was building another version of this airport and now it seems we all know why. So the version you all currently see on Simmarket is an Armi updated product and is not the new version currently in development by A_A.

Here is a comparison of the 2 products:

The current Armi version

The new A_A version currently in development

A quote from jtanabodee: "[By] Just looking at the [main airport sign] its [very] different. You are on your own if you purchase [the current Armi] scenery. It is all his now, I have nothing to do with [that] scenery anymore. I'm not done with [my new version in development] and I'm not going to rush it."

I personally fully support the new A_A version and you are free to decide for yourself.  Jirayu's skill is without a doubt among the best developers! But that's just my opinion...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up, I'm going to wait for Jirayu's version :-)

Anonymous said...

Me too, for sure!

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