Monday, September 24, 2012

Iris and the G109B!

FSX/P3D. We'll it's Monday morning and time to kick off a new week! Whilst we've been sleeping, Iris has been busy. This time it's the Grob G109B. If I can think correctly, this aircraft is actually a glider and the engine is only used to keep it in the air should you loose airspeed. But I could be way wrong. It looks quite nice!

More shots here:!/irissimulations



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Anonymous said...

Its called a Vigilant - or grob 109-b as you mentioned. I used to be a flight instructor of 8 years on this prodct, and had some great times flying it cross country also. The beauty about it from a training perspective is its cruises at 2300rfp at exactly 60kts, so for planning purposes, makes it very nice on the maths 1 nm p/minute. Its used mainly as a MMG (Military Motor Glider) as a SEP (single engined piston) and requires a TMG (Tourer motor glider) rating to pilot. If any one could put me in touch with the makers of this product, i would be happy tpo pull out my POH and do some air checks to see in comparison how she performs to the reality. if anyone can put me in touch. thanks. Darryl at 632/VGS EGOE Ternhill where this aircraft is based.

Anonymous said...

Aircraft is a glider , yes - using a Laminar aerofoil, capable of gliding at a 27:1 ratio, which is outstanding.

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