Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mondial Paris : part 1

We will take more time tomorrow to present you some of the exhibitors in details. This edition shows real progress in cockpit developments, and low cost cockpits, especially. Today, a few cockpits pictures.
7th edition

Saturday morning in Le Bourget, a few kilometers from Paris LFPG.
10 o'clock, People are waiting for entrance.
C as Cockpit

This is the A-320 cockpit from Didier Martias, who has a long experience in assembling cockpits. The last project targets low cost metal panels, that are giving a really nice sensation of quality. Didier uses its computers skills to develop the proper interface. The Airbus A-320 has been chosen because " a lot of people are developing B-737 already". Under its company, he wants to develop 3000 euros cockpits. Information :

Didier Martias
* *  * * * *

Another cockpit from the french Association, Horizons Artificiels.
This is a B-737 NG cockpit.

Ahh.. Renaud Emont A-320 legendary cockpit. Impossible to approach the beast this year. Too crowded inside the cockpit !

This one is new (i did not see it last year). It's a Boeing B-737 NG made from France Cockpit hardware and modules. I will take much more about this company tomorrow and will give some interesting details on their circuits cards.

Another thing i did not see last year, this one is a two-seats gliding simulator.

Car racing simulators are more and more present in these exhibitions. 40 % of cockpits in this exhibition are about virtual car racing.  So flight simulation simmers, companies, really need to promote their own passion. Otherwise...
Victor's Flights. This isnt an association, just some people very found of aviation and simulation.They are exhibiting their own cockpit made with Saitek and VRInsight modules.  
Second part tomorrow (much more pictures, more details).
All these pictures are free of right.
Airdailyx September 2012


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