Sunday, September 30, 2012

ADX on facebook

Don't forget to like us on Facebook! We regularly find and post news over there that we don't put up here on the blog. For example, is there a Katmandu coming for FSX? Is a new Spitfire coming from A2A? What's up with Blackbox? Like us for daily updates! We're on twitter too! Just look for these icons on the left! Log in and hit that like button! Show us your support!

-Team AirDailyX


Anonymous said...

Please don't is such a pain if you don't have an account to read and check info.
Several time company put information on it and when you try access by link, the login request comes and if you don't have an account mostly of the time, you can't read or get access to some content.
I find facebook a real threat in the philosophy of the information and also on freedom.
This blog is really an innovation on info for our hobby and can be access without login or password, with the ability to comment in absolute freedom.
Thank you

DAndre Newman said...

For the blog, we will always keep it this way. Free and open!

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